Title: Not What it Looks Like

Author: Trowa B

Rating: FRT

Notes: For havenward over at comment_fic

Notes: This isn't what it looks like.


When he comes across them, Sophie is leaning over a slightly stunned looking Nate, sat in his office. She looks up as she hears footsteps, a slight smile on her pretty face. She moves a little away from Nate, who takes the chance to get up and move away.

"Eliot," she says softly, then adds in a tone which contradicts her words, "This isn't what it looks like."

Eliot's gaze flicks to Nate – to Nate's almost pleading expression - and smirks. "Oh, I know that," he says as he steps closer to Nate. "But this is."

He puts a quelling hand on Nate's arm, raising up slightly on the balls of his feet to press his lips to Nate's . Nate inhales sharply in surprise before raising his free hand to tangle in Eliot's hair even as he parts his lips under Eliot's, allowing him access to do as he will.

When Eliot steps back, he just has chance to hear the rapid beat of Sophie's footsteps retreating down the corridor before Nate pulls him close again, crushing their mouths together with a relieved sigh.