Epilogue (Or something like one)

Wrestlemania 26

Shawn waved to the crowd one final time then slipped behind the curtain where he was greeted with whistles and a huge ovation from his fellow co-workers. Shawn beamed, running a hand through his untidy hair. "You guys give me way too much credit. What about Mark? He did most of the work with those ancient knees and bones of his," Shawn teased.

"Hey!" Mark pushed his way through the crowd grinning at Shawn. "Your bones are pretty ancient too pretty boy. Don't forget. You and I are the oldest Raw superstars in this room or did that slip your mind due to old age?"

Shawn pouted. "Mark!" He grinned. "I'm still prettier than you."

Mark laughed, shuffling through the bunch for a hug from his oldest friend. "God I'm gonna miss having you around Saint. You're always a breath of fresh air. Now I'm stuck with old big nose and you know how terribly boring he can be," Mark snickered.

"Hey! I'm not that boring," Hunter grinned. He pulled away from Jeff just long enough to give Shawn a quick kiss on the cheek. "My good bye will be tomorrow. Hope you're prepared to see me cry like a little punk."

"Aww…but Hunty you're my punk…and Jeff's," he added winking at the grinning red head.

"Now hold on a second fellas. Can the champ get one in?" Cena shoved Hunter out of the way grinning down at his former tag partner. "I don't think I can say nothing that hasn't already been said Shawny. I hate to see you go, but you gotta do what ya gotta do." He stuck out his hand for Shawn to shake but all the guys suddenly snorted or laughed.

"Okay. What's the inside joke fellas?" Shawn asked.

Adam popped his gum. "Oh everyone knows Cena's still smitten. Give the man a hug Wonder Boy so Randy and I don't have to watch you sulk about it for the next year."

"Sorry Shawn, but we're never gonna let this go," Dave snickered.

John's face colored at this, but Shawn spared him, pulling him into a hug. "Take care champ. You know you'll always be my favorite tag partner," he winked.

John pulled away with a smile. "Of course I will be. No one else carried your luggage and gave you free backrubs," he teased.

"Free backrubs? Is that all you gave him freely?" Rey teased.

John shot Rey a look. "You know, for a midget Mexican, you sure as hell talk a lot of trash."

"Oh come on John. You know Rey's always been a little monster," Shawn grinned.

"No more than you I would think," Chris said with a smirk.

Shawn frowned. "You know I'm still pissed you Chrissy Poo."

Chris poked out his lips in a pout. "Shawn, I've sent you no less than 100 tweets begging for forgiveness. I'm sure my followers are starting to wonder about us."

"Aww…poor Chrissy cry about his damn luck!" he grinned. "I forgive you…ish. Just know that I won't be doing anymore interviews with you…ever now…" He looked around the crowd eagerly. "Where's my baby?"

"Which one?" Dave asked. "The saintly one has many these days…or so I hear," he snickered.

"Very funny Dave, but I'm referring to the one that spits up milk on occasion and likes shiny things that are usually attached to my chest."

Someone jingled what sounded like a set of keys loudly then suddenly there was a small cough and a fit of giggles from one happy baby. Shawn's eyes lit up as the figure made his way through the crowd, holding his baby waving keys in front of her as she laughed hysterically. "You know Shawn. I don't know how you and John did it, but this baby is scary amusing." Bret smiled at Shawn, John standing behind him in the distance. "Fussy baby was fussy and after John told me about your special shiny things, I figured the keys would amuse her. I didn't figure she'd find them that amusing though." Bret cradled the baby in his arms, tickling her cheek. She giggled, sticking her hand to her mouth sucking on it. "She's beautiful. Looks just like mommy…which is also kinda scary," he teased before handing her over to Shawn, being sure to fix the tiny blanket back to cover most of her head.

Shawn rocked Arty, short for Artemis, never really noticing how everyone was crowded around him as if fascinated that he had an infant. "I don't really know why she kinda looks like me either, but I did have this freaky dream the night before we adopted her. I would tell you, but you wouldn't believe me if I did." Shawn handed the baby back over to Bret.

"Ooo I wanted to hold her," Chris sulked.

Shawn spun around bumping into half of the roster who were all craning their necks for a view of the happy baby. "Geez guys. You act like you've never seen an infant. You all can fight with Bret and John over her. I need to get a shower so I can get back home."

Shawn left the guys behind to grab a quick shower. By the time he was done, most of the guys were gone already. As he headed down the hall looking for John, he ran into Bret first who was now infant less. "Bret…where's Arty?"

"Oh don't worry," he smiled. "She's still surrounded by old people. Mainly a certain Vince McMahon who's wrapped up like a mummy."

Shawn giggled. "Well you sure hit him enough times to warrant the look," he pointed out.

"Yeah, I did, but some of those were on your behalf too ya know…Ms. Shiny Nipples." Bret reached out and with a smirk he tugged at one of Shawn's nipples.

"Hey!" Shawn smacked his hand away playfully then grabbed him for a big hug. "I hoped you would throw in a few licks for me and don't tug on my nipples. The baby does that enough." He pulled away beaming at his ex. "I see you dyed the gray. Tsk. Tsk," he teased, wagging his finger. "Gray or not, you're still gonna be wise old uncle Bret to Artemis…and possibly others if I keep having baby dreams."

Bret blinked. "Old? Oh come on," he pouted. "I'm not that old…am I? You're older than me ya know."

Shawn pecked his cheek. "Yeah, but only by a few years. Plus, I bet your bones creak just as loud as Mark's so that makes you old."

"Yeah, yeah," he laughed. "I'm actually having drinks with the crypt keeper in a few, but I wanted to get in one last hug before you left. I'm not scheduled to be on the show tomorrow night, but…I don't think I want to see you retire all over again. I might turn into a punk too. The wrestling world is losing a valuable commodity, but I'm sure Artemis and John aren't complaining all that much." Bret looked down at Shawn's finger noting how it was still void of a gold or silver band. "So when's the big date?"

"We haven't decided yet. There's one teeny little detail we need to work out first, but I suspect it'll be before the summer's out."

"I want an invite. Roddy too, who told me to apologize for not being here tonight, but he's filming a movie-at his age now-with some of Bruckheimer's folk so it should be a good one despite the tragic casting." He kissed Shawn's cheek. "Take care HBK. I enjoyed your final run. I'm glad we got a chance to do it together."

"Me too Bret. See you soon." They both waved goodbye before Shawn hurried off to find John and his baby. He poked his head in the break room grinning big when he spotted John, Vince, Pat and a few others lingering around. He ran into the room throwing his arms around John who was watching the old folks from afar.

"Kitten," John chuckled, kissing his temple. "I didn't get a chance to congratulate you. Great match as always," he dawled.

"Mmm…well I wanted to leave a lasting impression, but now that its over, I'm ready to focus on what matters the most-family." He drew John in for a kiss. "Oh and making you my wifey."

"You know Shawn, since you have the longer hair, wouldn't that make you the wifey?" John asked, tugging a strand of it for good measure.

Shawn shook his head. "You know why you're the wifey and until you do something about it, you'll always be wifey," he grinned. Shawn heard Arty's distinct laugh again, the cuteness of it making him and John both crack up. "I wish she'd stay this content at home," Shawn said making a face. "She's hardly content unless she's…well you know."

"Can you blame her though?" John teased, reaching down to rub one of the nipples.

Shawn smacked his hand away. "John!"

"Or," John laughed, "It could be all the potential grandfather and godfather material she's surrounded by," he said nodding towards the corner. Shawn pulled away and with a mischievous smirk, snuck over behind Vince, poking him in his side.

"OUCH! Dammit that isn't funny!" he howled, making a duck face.

Shawn giggled. "Aww Vinny don't take it to heart. I was only teasing." Shawn casually glanced around the group of men frowning when he still didn't actually see his baby. "I thought you had Artemis?"

Vince nodded towards Pat and Arn, both men stepping aside. There sitting in a chair cradling baby Artemis was Ric Flair who was in his own little world it seemed. Ric held up his Rolex waving it in front of the baby as she made grabby hands for it, every now and then giggling. Shawn shot both Pat and Vince dirty looks, but they both feigned dumb expressions as if they had no idea why he wasn't thrilled about this. Clearly annoyed Shawn made ready to snatch up Arty, but then she suddenly yawned turning into Ric making soft sounds as she nuzzled his chest. Ric fixed the blanket rocking her a bit more before he finally looked up locking eyes with Shawn. Both Vince and Pat braced themselves for the inevitable explosion sure to come, but it never happened. Instead, they watched as a nervous Flair stood carefully handing over the little one to mommy. "She's beautiful Shawn and I'm sure you're going to be a great mom…or dad in the long run."

"Yeah well at any rate, at least she won't have to worry about me choosing my career over her. I just retired and unlike some people, I have no intention of ever coming back to wrestle," he said coldly.

Shawn turned to leave happy that his baby was back in his arms. "Shawn, wait," Ric called out, but he was ignored. Shawn kept walking and talking to the sleepy baby pretending that Ric didn't exist. Ric was dead to him years ago and in his mind, Ric would always be dead to him.

"Please!" Ric said a little louder, his voice wavering. "Please Shawn…Please don't keep me from seeing my granddaughter. You don't ever have to see me but at least let me see her. Please?" he pleaded.

Shawn paused for a moment staring down at the infant. She curled into him, her bright blue eyes finally closing. He walked a little more wishing he could ignore Ric's voice like he's done so many times before, but something about it this time actually made him stop and take notice. John joined his fiance, putting an arm around him lovingly. Shawn looked to him for help, but through his eyes, John let him know that this was something else he had to decide on his own. After a long fight within himself, Shawn spun around piercing Ric with cold, dark eyes that made him cringe. "Fine. You can see her once a week. I'll make sure I'm elsewhere whenever the great Ric Flair decides to grace us with his presence."

Ric smiled humbly, knowing deep down that this was more than he could ever ask for. "Alright son," he nodded, speaking quietly. "I'll take what I can get."

"Don't…call me that," Shawn snapped. "I'm not your son."

John put his arm around Shawn leading them out of the room while Ric looked on, watching the three of them leave with a sad smile on his face. At least he got to hold the baby he thought, but deep down, he really wish he could have made peace with Shawn. Still, he had no intention of ever giving up. He still had hope in his heart that someday they would all be a real family, but until then, he would just have to keep praying that before his time is up, he would be able to get through to the son he left behind so many years ago and be head of the family he longed to have…

The End

AN: As of Friday January 15, 2011 at 7:15 am I have completed this crazy headache of a fic and have absolutely no regrets about anything that happened. I do sometimes wish I'd have left well enough alone, but if you're going to do BHBK, you gotta do it right. So now I better get to explaining a few things. Unless you're one of my roleplaying partners, you might not understand a few things.

-In a majority of our RP universes for wrestling, HBK is the son of Ric Flair. My friends and I concluded this sometime after Mania 24. The two look an awful lot alike and seriously. If you do a bit of research, it IS realistically possible that this is the case. In other RP verses, Jeff Jarrett is Ric's son. Either one works. If you want to know where some friends of mine were going with this, look up a fanfic titled "Sins of the Father".

-The name Artemis…you really don't want to know. But as an inside joke, tis funny as hell.

-The big one: How come BHBK didn't hook up? Because my Shawn muse…or the one who used to run my head, is old and content with his life post "The Deal". He had absolutely no desire to be Mr. or Mrs. Bret Hart because he's pretty much convinced that it's not meant to be. Plus, he was really happy with John and if you understand why his relationship with JBL works, you'll understand why he wasn't so quick to throw it all away. He also gave you an array of other reasons why it wasn't gonna be BHBK and realistically speaking, it just ain't happening. (But this is fan fiction so if you want BHBK to happen, have at it.)

-Is this my original ending? Nope. Ending kept changing due to the way my musi told the story. I originally planned to have Shawn end up alone with John showing up at the end to congratulate him on a happy retirement. He'd see both Bret and John, but would leave for coffee with John hinting at a possible reuniting while Bret showed little Jackie off to uncle Vince. I think in another ending, I had the BHBK reunion in mind but since Bret's married in this one, it would have taken this to dnw territory and lazy writer is lazy. Besides, I have other BHBK stories with happy-ish endings and if you haven't read them, I'll list them at the end of this ridiculously long author's note.

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