Upon arriving to the base, Theressa hurridly flew from the hanger bay to the med-lab and began hooking Static to the machines when his hand gently but weakly grabbed her arm. She looked at him and she could see that he was tell her there was no sense in doing what she was about to do. All his strength was gone and nothing could bring it back.

"This isn't fair." She said simply standing by Adam's bedside. He had become some what of a brother to her. He would tell her things about his life and she would tell him things about hers and when ever she needed help, he was the one she went to. This just wasn't fair at all.

"I know, T." He said, "But it had to be done."

"Should have been another way." She said as she tried to think of another way to defeat Galactus but of course she knew there wasn't. Surfer was the only one who had defeted him in the past and even the surfer alone couldn't do it this time.

"The only way….to….." Talking was even becoming hard for him and so Theressa saved him the trouble and made the conversation one of pure telepathic thought.

….defeat Galatus was with my help. You know that. He said, What would you do in my place?

The exact damn thing. she said as she took a deep breath hating it when Adam was right. But this isn't about me.

No, but you know that I would rather die in battle than on my back in a med-lab bed for the rest of my life. You of all people should know that. And she did. She felt the exact same way. All the times that she has come close to death, she wouldn't have had it any other way. She did the things that she had done in the past to protect the ones that she loved and cared for and if it meant taking her own life then so be it. It was the same damn principle with Static and she knew it.

Just then Zak, Blake, Tony and Archangel ran through the med bay door. Theressa and Static looked at them as they walked in and Static spoke, "Did we win?"

"Yea, Adam." Zak said, "We won. Thanks to you."

And just like that, Adam closed his eyes, took his last breath and was gone. Silence filled the room as Theressa's scar changed from an angry red to a sorrowful purple and tears wanted to run down her cheeks but as always she would never allow them to do such a thing. Warren stood by his wife and wrapped his arms around her as he attempted to comfort her.

"What now?" Blake asked looking at his onetime friend's body. At least, Blake thought, he died with his boots on.

"We rest. We'll bury him in the morning." Tony said as he simply walked out of the med-lab room leaving the original rogues, and Warren to morn over the death of one of their own.

That night while the Rogues attempted to sleep and decompose from the action of that day, Adam's body lay in the med-lab but it was not alone. Deep in the shadows of med-lab, stood a single figure simply watching the body of the young Rogue who had died in battle. The figure knew all too well as to who the man that laid before him was and he had amazing plans for the boy. Most believe that death is the end but not in this case. In fact in this young man's case, it was the start of something new. Something more that the life he had just left behind. Something that would give him not only more power but more of a purpose in life. After all wasn't that what all humans were looking for? A purpose in life? Well he had a purpose for the young man before him and it all started now. The figure, hidden in the shadows, lifted the dead man in the air and with a single thought, the red eyes that had been visible through the darkness, were gone and so was Adam.

a/n: That is the end of story one. Hope you enjoyed it and story two will be up soon.