April 1998

Even after 6 months the condition of Calleigh´s father had not changed yet. She got thinner and thinner and was almost only skin and boney ba now. Horatio was really really worried by now. He almost could not bear seeing her like that. He knew that she was fragile. She looked so breakable. He really feared for her health. He did not know how to give her back the ability of being cheerful and happy again and how to give her back her strenth. He did everything he could and it helped during the first few weeks but it stopped showing effect the longer her father was in the coma and the more unrealistic it became for him to wake up again. He just hoped that she would have the strenth to endure everything that might happen. Good or bad. And that she knows that he would always be at her side.

Ater word that day Horatio was on his way to the breakroom looking for Calleigh, after he had not found her in her lab. When he came to the breakroom he could see her inside sitting at the table her head in her hands. He softly walked in and stopped infront of her. "Calleigh!" he said softly. She looked up at him slowly and he could see the hurt and pain in her eyes. She looked weak. "Calleigh you look exhausted. Why don´t we go home and get some rest." "I cannot go home." "Why not?" "I just cannot. I have to do something to stay busy.. "Honey…." "Horatio no! I am staying here. There is enough of work to do." "Calleigh I do not want to hurt you. I want to help you. How about we go home and see from there." She nodded and he led her out of the lab to his car. On the way home Calleigh was holding Horatio´s hand as if she was looking for someone to hold on to, someone to give her strength.

At their house he carried her to bed and went back to the livingroom after that. It was still early in the evening but he hoped that she would sleep until morning.

He wishes turned out to be wrong about five hours later when he heard Calleigh throwing herself back and forth in the bed.

When he came into the bedroom he rushed to her side. "Calleigh, honey wake up. It is just a bad dream." She seemed to relax a little when he said that and held her hand. After a little while she stirred a little and slowly wakes up. "Horatio you are here." "I am here honey. Calm down it is OK." She sits up a little against the headboard. "It was an awful dream." She looked down. "What happened?" Horatio asked carefully?" "I was at the hospital visiting my dad. He died while I was holding his hand. I called you and you died in a car accident on the way to the hospital. I was alone and had to bury my father and you Horatio." He could see the tears shimmering in her eyes and pulled her into a hug. "Sweetheart I am right here." He could not imagine how awful she must have felt while she dreamed seeing him dead and her father dead too.

She wrapped her arms around him and he pulled her close to him trying to assure her that she is not alone and that he is not dead. She seemed totally lost. "Horatio what do we do now?" "What do you mean?" "My father is in a come and needs to wake up on his own. They cannot do anything for him at the hospital anymore. They are going to release him next week." He pushed her back a little and looked into her eyes.

"Where do you want him to be?" "Close by." "How about we bring him here?" "That would be wonderful. Thank you." "You are more than welcome." She leaned up and kissed him passionately. When they broke the kiss she spoke up. "Horatio I need to talk to you." "What is it?" "About a month a go I went to my GYN/OB and she told me that I was 9 weeks pregnant. I am 13 weeks pregnant by now." "Why didn´t you tell me earlier?" "I did not know how. I wanted to make sure it would stay with my father and everything going on." "It is OK Calleigh. I am not mad. I am happy. It is your choice when you tell me about the baby." She looked up and gave him an appreciating smile. He knew how hard the last months have been on her. He could not be mad with her. "How about we go to bed." He said after a while. She just nodded.

The next morning Calleigh came into the kitchen and Horatio saw her worried look. "What is it?" "I do not want to tell the team that I am pregnant yet." " No one said that we have to tell them." She just smiled. He walked to her and pulled her into a hug. "You tell them when you are ready Ok?" "Yeah. Horatio?" "Yeah." "I fell like staying at home and visiting my father." He was surprised. The normal Calleigh would not take a day off from work. But nothing was normal right now.

At the lab Horatio told the team to respect Calleigh´s wish that they do not contact or visit them without calling before and that he will only work a few hours in the next weeks. The team agreed. Calleigh suddenly walked into his office and he joined her and they drove to the hospital. On the way to the hospital she told Horatio at a park where they stopped, that her great-grandfather Patric died this morning. After visiting her father they went home.

The next morning the doorbell rang and Calleigh answered it and saw the team standing in the door. "Horatio!" He came and Calleigh sat down on a couch without a word. "What do you want?" Horatio asked the team. "We want to be there for you. We want to help you." Eric said. "I asked you not to bother us and give Calleigh time. You would help us the most by respecting that." Calleigh walked back to Horatio when she saw the ambulance pull up the drive way. Her father was comeing home. Horatio saw it too and asked the team inside. Horatio had on arm around Calleighs back and the other hand was holding her hadn. It was hard for her to see her father like that.

Horatio brings Calleigh to bed for a nap. She was a little exhausted. "How is she?" "Guys you saw her. Please respect her wish that you do not come here without her authorization." "Ok." "Thank you." At that moment Ray and Yelina arrive. "Horatio how is she?" "She is in the bedroom waiting for both of you." They go upstairs and Horatio turns back to the team.

About half an hour later they come back down and sit down in the livingroom. Calleigh told them about the baby and has asked them not to tell anyone. They agreed not to tell anyone.

After the team left the men are in the livingroom and the ladies are in the room of Calleigh´s father. "Horatio how are you holding up?" "I am alright? Calleigh is worrying me. She is so thin now, fragile and she is pregnant. I want to get her through this Ray. The thing with her father is really hard on her. I do not knowif she will ever recover." "She will. Yelina and I are here for both of you." "I know Ray. Thank you."

Meanwhile in Kenwall Dquesne´s room. "Calleigh is there anything I can do to help you?" "You are doing it. You are the friend I need right now." "Ok." They hug each other. Calleigh starts to cry. "Hey it is alright. You are not alone. Ray and I are here for both of you." Yelina said trying to soothe her. "Thank you Yelina." They walk back into the livingroom. Calleigh walks up to Horatio and lays her head against his chest and wraps her arms around his waist. He wrapped his arms around her too. She was looking for confort and strength.