This is the first in a series of (currently) forty-nine snapshots I wrote about a role-play I am involved in, one that has gone on for over three years. I will not post them all, but there is the possibility that the DM and I will write the whole story (in book format) and post that. The game is set in 1500 AD and takes place mostly in London. Most of the active vampires in this region are either Gangrels or Malkavians, although there are others. The Prince is a Gangrel. The local Malkavians harbor more than a few dark secrets. If more background information is needed, I will post it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire: the Masquerade. I do own the story.

"A Twisted Fairy Tale"
by: Dreamwraith

Once upon a time, there was a Momma Malkie and a Daddy Gangrel. Momma Malkie and Daddy Gangrel were very good friends. Daddy Gangrel watched over Momma Malkie, seeing as how she was a bit eccentric and prone to some very odd activities, and Momma Malkie had him almost wrapped around her fingers. Daddy Gangrel even introduced Momma Malkie to Baby Gangrel, his intimidating, creepy, and imposing childe, and they made for one happy family in The Big City.

Now by then, Momma Malkie had a few kids from a previous life, and most of them were all grown up. She even had grandkids, she was so old (even if she didn't look a day over forty!). Well, one day, Momma Malkie learned that her little baby girl had a little girl and she was a Gramma Malkie again. But the new baby granddaughter was in the clutches of an evil man, so Momma Malkie figured she'd wait until the baby was a bit older, and then she would stop by and rescue her little baby girl and her little baby girl's baby girl. Or maybe she'd ask Daddy Gangrel to send Baby Gangrel out, seeing as how they were such good friends and all.

And, oh! was she sad when she learned she had waited too long! For her little baby girl had died, taking another (unborn) child with her, and her granddaughter was trapped with an evil more evil than the man she had escaped. Momma Malkie was furious. The Big City felt her rage for days and weeks and months and years, and possibly longer, depending on where her eccentricities took her. It took years for Daddy Gangrel to calm her down. As consolation, Daddy Gangrel told Baby Gangrel to keep an eye on the little girl.

And so Baby Gangrel did.

But Baby Gangrel missed something. Something important, which the little girl – by now almost of age and a little girl no longer – would realize was a catalyst. The evil acted a most unspeakable act because she had been defending a potential child for so long, and the once-little girl was forced to attack it and flee.

The eyes and ears of Momma Malkie's family missed that, too, though they would have dearly loved to hear the story. So Momma Malkie asked Daddy Gangrel if Baby Gangrel could keep an eye on her poor once-little girl in her flight, and Baby Gangrel agreed. He followed her and even slept under her bed. Then the once-little girl mustered her courage and took a friend to The Big City, following rumors of her mother's family.

And what a surprise awaited her when she found them!

Or rather… when they found her

What she did in the aftermath of the catalyst was a catalyst itself, and the once-little girl found herself with an interesting proposition. But did she want revenge badly enough to follow through with this irreversible decision?

And under the watchful eyes of generations of her family, Momma Malkie (and perhaps Daddy and Baby Gangrel), and a very interesting stranger with a very interesting intent, the once-little girl made her choice.

Thanks for reading! Did you figure out what happened? If not, that's fine. You'll find out in future tales...