Miss Meow: Meow-e-ow-e-ow Meow Meow

Emmett: Very…Melodic?

Speaker Voice: You must now resist the Sharpies.

(A 24 pack of Sharpies lay on a stack of paper on the table behind Contestant 72)

Emmett: It's like the challenges are just becoming easier and easier!

Speaker Voice: Phase two: Protect the Sharpies.

Emmett: …From?...

Miss Meow: Meow Meow (Hypnotic stare in her eyes, staring at Sharpies)

Emmett: Ummm…Miss Meow? Stay. You don't me to lose the challenge, do you?

Miss Meow: Meow (Turns away from Sharpies and lies down)

Emmett: *Phew* Thank goodness.

Speaker Voice: Would you like a log?

Emmett: Of wood?

Speaker Voice: Yes…

Emmett: Should I?

Speaker Voice: There's a surplus of them even after we gave them away as door prizes at the Christmas party, and put the legal maximum amount in the food we've been-

Miss Meow: (Quickly gets up and jumps at the Sharpies, opens the package, and draws (HOW!?!?!?) three pictures of artichokes.)

Speaker Voice: Oh my.

Emmett: I-Wha-Mi-WHY ARTICHOKES?!?

Miss Meow: Meow

Speaker Voice: Oh, by the way; two-three weeks.

Emmett: What? You can't decide.

Speaker Voice: Five then?

Emmett: Damn it.

Miss Meow: Meow. (Jumps up on Emmett, knocks him over, and cuddles in his lap.)

Emmett: Hey! You said you weren't going to use the Sharpies!...Or, at least, I think that's what you said.

Miss Meow: Meow (Draws (STILL HOW!?!?!?) an artichoke on Emmett's forehead)

Emmett: (Sarcastically) Thank you. That's- yes. That's exactly what I wanted from this experience.

Speaker Voice: Oh my God Miss Meow! You ruined his life FOREVER! Those are PERMENANT markers. He's going to have to live with an artichoke on his forehead for the rest of his life!

Emmett: What?!?!? No, even permanent marker comes off if you use the right cleaning solution.

Speaker Voice: It's not called 'An Almost Permanent Marker'.

Emmett: But paint stripper gets rid of everything!!!

Speaker Voice: Including flesh.

Emmett: But I don-

Miss Meow: Meow

Speaker Voice: You're correct Miss Meow, this argument won't make good TV.

Emmett: Am I on TV? (Looks around for camera and smoothes shirt.)

(Out of the ceiling, a bucket dumps green goo on Contestant 72.)

Emmett: (Insanely hopeful) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So I've been "Punk'd"? And that's it? (Chuckles nervously) I can like, go home now and stuff?

Speaker Voice: The end is near.

Miss Meow: Meow.

Speaker Voice: I know; I've used that line before. Oh, by the way Contestant 72; No you can't. Two weeks.

Emmett: *Sob*