A Castle for a King by AndromedaMarine

Successfully Annoying a Cop Brings Great Satisfaction

Rick Castle ran to catch up with Kate. "I wonder," he called out loudly, not caring that several New York City passersby craned their necks to watch him, "what it would be like to be a king." He felt a grin extend across his face as he watched Kate Beckett speed walk down the sidewalk.

Beckett groaned again, dodging another bike messenger, and continued on her quick pace to the crime scene. "Castle, it doesn't irk me to say I don't care."

Rick sprinted the last few feet and jumped in front of her like a little kid. "Oh, but you do care, because you have to put up with me until I feel that this next series is well-researched enough." He stopped walking backwards and she ran right into his chest.

"Castle! Move out of the way!" She sidestepped the author, but the feeling of him so close to her didn't leave. Just a few more blocks... There! In the distance she saw the yellow police tape blocking an entrance into Central Park, beyond which lay a DOA she could use as an excuse to ignore Rick.

The two ducked beneath the tape at the same instant, and Beckett let out another groan of exasperation when she saw the victim, a man who conveniently decided to die while looking like Ioan Gruffudd's body double in King Arthur. Quickly she added together the three things bothering her most – and all relatively had to do with the medieval times: Rick Castle, his subsequent fascination with the role of king, and the body decked out in full armour.

Yeah...Kate Beckett took the freaky cases.

"Liver temp suggests he died about six hours ago," the ME said to Beckett, glancing from the detective to the author. "And I'm fairly certain the sword severed the spinal column, causing instant death. But I'll have to do a full autopsy to know for sure."

Kate checked her watch: seven in the morning. She examined the very real, very sharp Excalibur replica jutting from the "knight's" body. "So we're looking for the owner of Excalibur here who had an issue with Lancelot around one this morning," she said evenly, not even daring to look over at Castle.

"Lancelot? You're really going to just call him that without knowing his name?" Castle commented, circling the body like a vulture, though not with the same intentions.

Beckett couldn't help but stare at him. "Seems fitting considering how much he looks like Lancelot."

Castle grudgingly fell silent, still inspecting the body. "What do you think of a king called Castle?" he asked Kate absently, though he glanced up to watch her reaction. "It'd be sort of ironic, right? King Castle's castle..." he quieted and stepped away from the body as the coroners began to move it.

"Careful with that sword," Kate ordered. "Castle, do I have to tell you again? I don't care. Let's figure out who had a swordfight with Lancelot and why."

Rick's face lit up. "Ha! That means you do care. You said it twice, so it must be important..." he trailed off and watched as Kate turned from him and began questioning the couple who found the "knight." He liked watching her work – exactly what he wanted for the Nikki Heat series. Kate Beckett was a good partner.

Annoying Kate seemed to be a specialty with bestselling author Richard Castle. As they walked back down the sidewalk to the NYPD he wondered how long he could keep asking Beckett what she thought of a Castle for a king.