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Isabella Swan pushed her way through the crowd of stragglers hanging around the garage hoping for a glimpse of their favorite driver. She glanced at the women surrounding her, wondering how they'd managed to get garage access with shorts up to their asses and halter tops. She knew for a fact no open toed shoes, long pants and sleeves required was on the credentials checklist.


She turned to find whoever was calling her name, only to see Edward Cullen, the bronze haired, green-eyed heartthrob of NASCAR, being ambushed as he cast a pleading glance. "Ugh." She marched up to him with purpose, easily pushing the women out of the way. "Hey baby…" she said softly, tossing her chocolate tresses over her shoulder before pressing her lips to his, doing her best to withhold her groan of disgust when he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Tearing her mouth from his after hearing the disappointing and derogatory statements made by the women surrounding them, she found them alone and quickly turned to walk away from him, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand on the way. "Don't do that again. We made a deal last time. No tongue."

Edward chuckled and threw an arm around her shoulder. "Sorry. I just couldn't stop myself. It's that strawberry lip gloss you're wearing… just makes me wanna eat you up."

She stopped and crossed her arms over her stomach, raising an eyebrow and narrowing her brown eyes at him. "Did you need something?"

"Oh yeah. I need to you find James." He looked towards the cloudy sky obviously seeing a silver lining that she'd somehow missed when he said, "it looks like it's clearing up so they should be practicing soon. He needs to get ready."

"Have you watched the weather channel recently? I'll be surprised if they don't postpone this race to another year."

"I don't do negative young lady…" he sang back.

"Kiss my ass Edward."

"Gladly," he smiled, stepping behind her and bending down before she jumped out of the way, realizing that's exactly what he was about to do. "Look just find James for me please."


"Thanks babe." He popped her sharply on the ass as she walked away, watching the sway of her hips as she disappeared towards the Nationwide garage. "Mmmmm…"

"What are you doin, Edward?" a jovial voice called from behind him.

"Just checking out your baby sister's ass, Em. You got a problem with that?"

Emmett Swan chuckled as he looked down at the smaller man and shook his head.

"Nope but she might.""James!" she called when she approached his garage stall only to have his crew chief look at her and shrug. She wandered over to his hauler and found it empty as well before making the long trek to the drivers' lot. Not sure where his coach was she followed the twists and turns of the lot before finding his in the last slot of the last row.

Bella knocked on the door and waited before trying and finding it unlocked. "James?"

She stepped inside and walked the length of the coach finding it empty as well before finally digging out her cell and dialing the number of his personal assistant, the person that should actually be hunting him down instead of her, Laurent Olivier.


"Ho bait… where's your driver?"

Laurent cleared his throat. "Ho who?"

"Shut up… Where's James? Edward's trying to find him."

"Haven't seen him since I left him at the credentials trailer earlier."

"Son of a whore! Alright… Let me know if you see him." She hung up without waiting for a response and started towards the tunnel that the drivers used to walk from the outside of the track to the infield.

Halfway through her cell phone began to ring only to find she had no signal when she went to answer it and continued on her way.

The late afternoon hour made the tunnel dark and the halogen lamps that lined either side blinked on and off as the weather outside grew worse. "How the hell Edward thinks they're gonna run is completely beyond me… Fuck…"

The tunnel suddenly went dark and all she could see on either side was a small slip of light.

"Talkin to yourself?"

"Shit! James? Is that you?"

He chuckled and followed her voice. "Were you expecting someone else?"

"Like who?"

He shrugged and pulled his lighter out of his pocket, quickly igniting the flame. "I don't know. Maybe you and Edward were gonna have a secret rendezvous or something."

She squinted her eyes and glared at him. "Exactly what kind of shit is he feeding into that absorbent little brain of yours? Come on, he wants you back at the garage."

Bella turned and started back towards the way she'd come only to have him grab her arm and pull her back against him, extinguishing the lighter as his arm slipped around her waist. "I'm not ready to go back there just yet."

"What are you doing?"

He turned her around so that she faced him and dropped his mouth to hers as he backed her against the railing the split the tunnel into two directions.

She pulled away. "Stop… you shouldn't do that…"


"Because I said so… Now let's go…"

James chuckled and stepped around her blocking her way, making out only vague features of her face due to the near absence of light. "I'm not going anywhere until you give me what I want."

"Your ass kicked?"

He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him once more, lowering his head to scatter kisses along her jaw and down her neck, stopping at the collar of her shirt. "What do you say we take this off?" he whispered as he easily pulled her simple black t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the ground at their feet.



He pressed her against the railing again releasing a groan of relief when she finally relented and slid her arms around his waist and met his hungry mouth with her own.

His tongue swept into her warm moist mouth, leaving no inch untouched as he hungrily plundered her mouth.

Bella wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as he slid his hands down her back and cupped her ass, lifting her so she wrapped her legs around his waist.

She moaned into his mouth at the hardness that pressed against her center. Her hand slipped between their bodies as he continued his assault on her neck and shoulder. She carefully unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans and slid her hand inside, biting her lip as her hand came in contact with his hardened cock.

"Mmmm… I wouldn't do that yet," he warned as he brought his hand up to cup her breast and bent to take her taut nipple into his mouth, suckling, licking and biting at the hardened peak eagerly before turning his attention to the other.

She lowered her feet to the ground and pushed him back against the wall, shivering as a cool breeze swept through the tunnel, howling lightly as it went. She pulled his shirt over his head and quickly attacked his nipples, nipping roughly at the sensitive flesh before kissing and biting her way down the smooth, muscled expanse of his stomach.

Lowering to her knees she pulled his pants down followed immediately by his boxers and took his hardness into her hand, gently stroking it before lifting it to her mouth and flicked her tongue over the tip, tasting his salty flavor as she did so.

James leaned his head back against the wall and buried his hands in her long russet waves, urging her to take him in completely and releasing a satisfied moan when she did so.

Bella rested one hand on his hip for balance and used the other to guide and stroke him as her tongue circled the head of his cock then took him deep in her mouth, meeting his thrusts as he tip brushed the back of her throat over and over again.

"Get up," he growled, roughly pulling her up his body before plundering her mouth again with his tongue. He took his time lowering her pants then ripped the fragile satin panties from her body before easing to the ground in front of her and lifting one of her legs to rest it carefully on his shoulder as he peppered kisses up the inside of her thigh and swiping the tip of his tongue, tautly over her swollen center.

She bucked against him, savoring the warmth of his breath against her sensitive flesh, releasing a cry of pleasure as he began a full assault on her most sensitive spot and lapped over her repeatedly before thrusting his tongue into her moist center.

"Oh fuck." She dug a hand into his short dirty blond hair, urging him on as he continued to fuck her with his tongue only to collapse in disappointment when he pulled away. "You stopped," she pouted, allowing James to suckle her bottom lip as he lifted her and easily slid his cock inside her wet body.

"Holy shit…" he moaned, allowing her to adjust to his size, surprised by the tight glove of her body.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and turned so that he was leaned against the wall and she grabbed onto one of the pipes that ran through the tunnel, using it to rise off of him before sinking onto him repeatedly. "God, you're so fucking tight," he groaned as she tightened her body even more around his thrusting member.

"That's it baby. Fuck me harder…"

He thrust roughly into her a few more times before lifting her off of him and turning her away to lean over the railing. Positioning himself for entry, he ran his hands up the length of her back before grabbing hold of her shoulders and thrusting roughly inside of her, smiling as she cried out in surprise and leaned back into him.

She pushed back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust as he pounded into her, then leaned back into him, pressing her back against his slick chest, allowing her head to fall back onto his shoulder as his hand slipped between her legs and flicked recklessly back and forth over her clit.

"You close baby?" he whispered, his hot breath making her shiver in excitement as her body tightened more, nearing her release.

"God, yes…" she moaned, screaming when he clamped his fingers over her clit and her body exploded with pleasure and waves rushed through her.

She body tightened around him, milking him to release as she shuddered in pleasure. A few quick thrusts followed by one excruciatingly long growl, he flooded her body with his release, thrusting over and over as he emptied himself inside of her.

Bella leaned forward, resting her head on her elbows in exhaustion, not surprised when James rested against her back before pulling out of her and getting dressed.

She slowly slipped on her jeans and fastened them then pulled on her shirt and waited for James as he looked for something.

"Are you ready?" he asked, igniting the lighter and taking her hand to lead her back towards the infield.

Five minutes later they emerged from the tunnel only to have the bottom fall out. They watched in amusement as the people in the garage hurried to close doors and fans scurried for cover.

"Where've you guys been?" Edward asked from behind them, quickly noticing something odd. "You had sex."

"What?!" they both cried. "No we didn't…"

"James? Did you realize your shirts a little too small for you?"

He looked down and hung his head. He'd picked up Bella's shirt by mistake. When he looked at her she was looking down laughing as well.

"So much for that being a secret," she laughed as she grabbed his hand to pull him back towards his coach.

"Where are you going?" Edward called.

"I'm going to get my shirt back!"