Summery: (This is my baby) The Weasleys want to adopt Harry as one of their own but what they don't know is that Harry already sports the name Weasley and a certain brother will always be in his heart, MPreg,

The Weasleys, with the exception of the two oldest were sat on one side of the table in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. Mrs Weasley sat in the middle with her husband stood behind her. The twins sat on either side of their parents. Then came Ron next to Fred and Ginny next to George. Percy was sat on Ginny's side, still not able to face Ron after the letter in fifth year. Molly tilted her head to Arthur only to receive an encouraging smile. The redhead matriarch smiled at Harry who was sat by himself on one side of the table. She slid forward a thin booklet of papers. The Weasleys gave the brunette a minute to look over the text. Harry looked up in horror.

"We would like to adopt you."

Harry stood up quickly his chair falling backwards.

"No...No." And the Hero rushed out of the room, leaving the door to slam shut behind him. The Weasleys looked at each other in shock, and Molly was being cradled in Arthur's arms heartbroken at the attitude of the young man.


Days passed. Harry stayed in his rooms. Remus brought food to him everyday and tried to question him on the dismissal of the Weasleys acceptance. Harry just ignored the questions or waved them away. Exactly three days after the event there was a knock on his door. Thinking it was Remus with some dinner Harry opened the door and stood aside. That was before he noticed the head of red hair, and a smiling face.

"Hey you."

"Charlie!" Harry launched himself into those strong arms, "I missed you." The Dragon Tamer lifted the smaller male and carried him into the room, "It's been hell around here."

"Yeah, my family told me when I arrived a few minutes ago."

"Oh." Harry wriggled out of his grasp and set his feet on the floor, "I bet they hate me. I'd hate me if I didn't know about us."

"They don't hate you, lovely, they are worried and they need an explanation." Charlie kissed Harry on the forehead, smoothing the palms of his hands over his soft skin, "We should tell them."


"Haven't we said that we always would when the war was over? That was over a month ago, I think they need to know." Harry sighed and nodded.

"Okay. But I want to keep you to myself for now. I've been without you for far too long." Charlie chuckled and stopped Harry's wandering hands with a grin.

"Calm down dear husband of mine." Then he leaned in for a kiss.


"Need to move." Harry stated from his lethargic position. He was lying on top of Charlie with his chin resting on his linked hands. Charlie laughed and the soft rumble made Harry smile fondly, "I really did miss you, you know?" The arms around his waist tightened as Charlie looked up at him.

"I know, lovely. I missed you too. It's been hell without you." They shared a sweet kiss before Charlie decided to roll them over.

"Hey!" Harry giggled.

"Need to move, my legs were going dead."

"Are you calling me fat?"

"You sound like a girl." Charlie changed the subject quickly.

"Hush." The Dragon Tamer laughed and stood up, smacking the hands away that tried to cop a feel.

"Get dressed, lazy."

"Make your mind up am I lazy or lovely? You can't keep changing."

"You're my lovely."

"Good." Harry smiled cheekily at his husband before sliding out of the bed and quickly pulling on some boxers.

"I've seen it all before."

"I don't care. It makes me feel uncomfortable when you look at me when we're not having sex or getting 'washed'." Harry pulled on some jeans and a white t-shirt.

"You shouldn't wear white," Charlie said gazing at his love, "You look far too good in it." Harry blushed and leaned in for a quick kiss.

After the kiss they made it down the stairs in record time. They entered the kitchen and was pleased to see that, with the exception of Bill, all the Weasleys and Remus were in there.

"Harry's decided to tell you why he refused your offer." Charlie said to his mother. The Weasleys all turned to Harry with a hurt looks on their faces.

"You better have a good reason Harry James Potter." Ginny snapped coming close to crying.

"You see..." Harry began to fiddle with his sleeves, "I can't become a Weasley because...I am already a Weasley."

"How is that Harry?" Arthur asked.

"Two months ago, two weeks before the final Battle...Charlie and I...eloped."

The outburst at his news was amazing.

"But why? You barely know each other." Ginny pointed out.

"We were dating for just over two years before we married." Charlie said stepping in to help his husband, "And why? Well Harry knew that if he died in the battle then there would be a question to where all of his Potter inheritance would go. He wanted to make it official and I loved him enough to do it even though I knew all along that he would survive."

"Why did you keep it from us?" Molly asked while sinking into a chair with a small smile on her face.

"It was my fault-" Harry spoke up, "I knew that none of you would tell the wrong people but I also know that conversations how ever quiet they are can be overheard, I didn't want any of the wrong people finding out and hurting Charlie."

"We understand Harry." Arthur smiled at his son and shook Harry's hand vigorously.

"Yes we do. Even if we didn't adopt you you're still a Weasley anyway." Molly gave him and Charlie a massive motherly hug.

"Yeah mate, we understand. Congratulations." Ron slapped him on the back causing Harry to stumble back into Charlie's hard chest. Strong arms came up instinctively, to wrap around his waist.

"I love you." Charlie whispered in Harry's ear.

"I know, I love you too." the taller male kissed his love on the temple and they went back to receiving congratulations.

Remus approached the couple.

"Congratulations, on the marriage as well as...well you know." The pair looked confused.

"Remy what are you talking about?" Harry asked.

"Oh! You don't know." Harry shook his head, "Come with me."

"Be right back Hun." Harry kissed Charlie's cheek and followed the friendly werewolf from the room.

"Harry, you're pregnant!"

"What?!" Harry exclaimed.

"You and Charlie are having a baby. I sensed it in your magical scent right away."

"I-I didn't even know..."

"Charlie never told you males could get pregnant?"

"No, he probably figured I that's why he keeps using those protection charms?"


"Oh my...I'm having a baby."

"My advice is to go to St. Mungos straight away to get scanned and checked out male pregnancies are a bit harder on the body then females...That is if you are going to keep it. I'm behind you whatever you wish to do Harry."

"Yes I want to keep it, even if Charlie doesn't want a child I'm not killing this tiny little life." Remus went to walk back into the kitchen but Harry stopped him with a hand on his arm, "Thank you Remus."

"Anytime Cub."

Harry stood against the wall his hands covering his flat stomach. A baby...inside of him. Oh Merlin.

"Lovely?" Charlie appeared from the doorway, "Are you okay? Remus sent me out."

"I...Oh Merlin Charlie. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what Harry? What's wrong?" Harry shook his Head and unable to form words he grabbed Charlie's hand and placed it on his stomach.

"You never told me Males could get just imagine my shock when Remus pulled me out here and told me..."

"Told you what?"

"Merlin Charlie you can be so dense...Remus told me I was Pregnant, with your baby."

"P-pregnant? But I was so careful...Oh Merlin."

"I don't know you must have forgotten sometime but I'm pregnant and you better explain why you didn't tell me before."

"I don't know the subject just never came up and I never realised you wanted a family so badly."

"Don't knew I wanted a large family...with lots of kids and you knew I wanted that with you."

"I'm sorry Harry please don't be angry with me."

"I'm not angry...just annoyed." Harry took a few breaths, "Jeez Charlie we're having a child." He then smiled up at his husband, "A little baby."

Charlie laughed at his lovely and dragged the male forward for a hard kiss. Harry moaned against Charlie's tongue and allowed his husband to pull him closer. Charlie's hand plunged down to caress Harry's firm thigh. The stronger male dragged Harry's knee up to his hip so that he could move a large hand in order to cup Harry's pert bottom. Harry moaned again into his husband's mouth and allowed his love to pull their bodies even closer; Charlie moved his left hand down Harry's back and up his shirt. All the while Harry's hands were moving into his hair and around his neck pushing their mouths together. The Dragon Tamer lifted his Harry by the thigh and waist and, while Harry ripped their mouths apart to let out a squeak of protest, he still wrapped his legs tightly around the redhead. Charlie then returned to those plump lips with extra vigour.

"Gross!" Someone who had just emerged from the kitchen exclaimed, "Not something I want to see!"

"Bugger off Little Brother." Charlie said before going back to his husband's lips. Harry pushed him away by the shoulders and dropped to the floor.

"Sorry Ron, Charlie's just being an idiot."

"Hey! I'll get you for that Harry James Potter!"

"That's Potter-Weasley!" Harry exclaimed back his eyes widened as he ran down into the kitchen with a yelp once Charlie lunged at him.

"No! Leave me alone!" Harry yelled as they burst into the kitchen frightening most of the people in there.

"I don't think so." Charlie grabbed him by the waist and tickled him causing Harry's legs to give out and both of them crashing to the floor. Charlie seized his chance and straddled Harry's waist, his hands returning to tickle his stomach.

"Charlie! Stop!" Harry managed to yell through the bursts of laughter, "C-Can't breathe! S-Stop!" He was letting out silent laughter and couldn't stop, "U-Uncle! Uncle!" Charlie sat back on his haunches and caught his breath watching Harry gather himself together.

"You're going to pay for that!"

"Really? What exactly are you going to do to me, lovely?"

"Just watch your back Weasley."

"I'm not scared of such a small person Potter-Weasley." Charlie grinned devilishly as Harry glared at the male and tried to push him off with his hips.

"Er...Harry you might want to...ah...stop..." Charlie's breath deepened as Harry rubbed his body against his groin. The brunette stopped his movements and the redhead stood up trying to will away his forming erection.

Remus was chuckling as the couple sat down, with Harry sitting on his husbands lap in a chair.

"What was that about?" He asked with a laugh.

"He called me an idiot." Charlie pointed at his husband. Harry went to bite the finger but he moved it away, "Viper."

"It's rude to point." Harry said with a shrug.

"Harry called you an idiot so you tickled him?" Molly asked.

"Yes, it was the only way I could get back at him, everything else is useless and plus I know his weak spot."

"Where's that?" Fred and George replied in unison hoping for a way to get back at their brother-in-law because he always managed to avoid their pranks.

"Right here." Charlie bent his head and lightly bit the back of Harry's neck right at the base. Harry squeaked then shuddered in pleasure as Charlie smoothed over the sting with the tip of his tongue.

"Ouch Charlie, that hurt." Just then Ron came back into the room, "Charlie bit me!"

"Okay mate, I don't mind that you two are together and married but keep the sordid details to yourself."

"Fine then but I don't want to hear Hermione's bra size either Ron!" Harry stuck his tongue out which was soon caught in Charlie's mouth as he dragged their lips together. Ron blushed a deep red and the twins burst out laughing. The embarrassed redhead swung on his heel and left the room quickly.

Harry smiled down at his love and dipped his hand down Charlie's neckline of his shirt. The Weasley matriarch's eyes widened, wondering what they were doing. But Harry just pulled out a long chain and pulled it over his head. A ring rested in the middle of the chain, silver and emerald. Harry unclasped the chain and pulled the ring off then with soft movements Harry picked up Charlie's left hand and slid the wedding ring onto his ring finger. Charlie smiled and framed Harry's face with his hands.

"I love you." the redhead male whispered.

"I know." Harry answered and allowed Charlie to pull his own wedding band from around his neck and slip it onto his finger.


Charlie and Harry were laid together on the bed, their legs were entwined intimately and their were having a whispered conversation. One of Harry's hands was flat against Charlie's breastbone while the other was around the Dragon Tamers waist. Charlie held Harry's slim hips and every now and then would run his hand over the curve in Harry's waist before travelling back.

"One more year Harry," Charlie murmured.

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." Charlie answered as he dragged Harry's body closer so he could press a kiss to Harry's temple.

"You'll come visit me right? On Hogsmeade weekends?"

"Every time." Harry smiled and kissed his husbands soft cheek.

"Charlie!" someone knocked on the door, "Mum says Dumbledore wants to see you and Harry downstairs."


"You wanted to see us sir?" Harry asked as the couple took two seats in the empty living room which was far from live-able.

"Ah yes my boys, I feel a congratulations is in order."

"Thank you sir." Charlie said with a smile as he took Harry's hand in his.

"I am glad you found each other and managed to stay together in such dark times." The old mans eyes twinkled at them, "Alas we must rush into business as always, it saddens me to say that Hagrid will not be returning next year as he has decided to retire from Hogwarts and go on a much needed scenic tour of the world with his wife Madame Maxime. So we will be needing a Care of Magical Creatures professor."

"Why does this concern us Professor?" Charlie asked politely.

"Why you must come to Hogwarts and teach it of course." Charlie's eyes widened at the jubilant tone in the Headmasters voice, "I believe you would make an excellent teacher, and with all your work with the Dragons and magical Creatures in Romania you are well qualified for the position. Also because you are married it will be perfectly acceptable for Harry to share your rooms within the castle."

"I-Well...we...erm-" Harry tugged Charlie's hand and answered for him.

"Thank you Professor, we will definitely think about it and give you an answer within a week."

"Take your time Harry." Harry smiled at the old man and managed to pull Charlie out of the room.

"Charlie...honey...are you okay?"

"Of course Lovely...just-Merlin-me a teacher!"

"I think you'll be perfect."

"You want me to take the job don't you?"

"I do...but I'm not pushing you into anything Hun, you chose what you want to do and I will respect your decision even if I don't like it."

"I knew I loved you for a reason." Charlie murmured as he kissed Harry's cheek.

"Will you think about it? And owl Dumbledore when you've made a decision?"

"I will lovely."


Charlie smiled down at his husband.


The couple were laid in bed. Tired out by the passionate activity they had just taken part in. Harry was held close to his husband's chest by Charlie's strong arms, his small puffs of breath whispered against Charlie's skin. The redhead was smiling to himself and watching the young man curl up against his side like a cat. A whole school year. Merlin, how could he leave such a beautiful person for a year? Charlie quickly calculated Harry's pregnancy; their baby will be born in March. He realised that he would miss out on the entire pregnancy. It would break his little lovely's heart if they couldn't see each other for so long. Charlie sighed and ran a hand through Harry's soft, messy hair.

"Harry..." Charlie whispered just in case his lovely was asleep.

"Hmmm." the younger male answered as he stretched up his husband's body to look him in the eyes.

"I'm gonna take the job Albus offered me." As soon as the words left his mouth he was almost blown away by the loving, devotional smile his little lovely gave him.

"Thank you." Harry answered simply; he leaned down and gave Charlie a soft open mouthed kiss, letting his tongue dart into that mouth for a few moments before pulling away, "I love you."

"I love you too." Charlie answered and stole a second kiss, "And I love your eyes," Harry's eyes fluttered closed as Charlie gave his eyelids butterfly kisses, "And your nose, and your lips." Charlie rolled them over so that he could slide himself down Harry's body.

"I love your body..." Charlie had reached Harry's belly and he stopped moving. He lifted his eyes to Harry's and while his fingers trailed over the soft skin he whispered softly, "But most of all I love our baby. I love how you've given me everything I've ever wanted or needed."

Harry put his hand under Charlie's chin and coaxed back up to the top of the bed.

"I've always said you were deluded. You are absolutely crazy."

"Crazy for you." Charlie said then burst out laughing at the cheesy line; Harry joined in a few seconds later and pressed his nose into the redhead's bared neck.

"You're going to be with me all year." Harry whispered and felt Charlie's arms to wrap around him again and hold him gently.

"I am and I'll love waking up with you by my side every morning, and holding you every night."

"Hopeless romantic."

"Of course, that's why you love me after all...isn't it?"

"One of the many reasons, yes."

"You have a lovely big-"


"What? I was going to say family!"

"I don't believe you."

"I was." Harry gave a small laugh at Charlie's disbelieving face, but it soon turned into a moan as Charlie caught him in a kiss.


"Harry where's Charlie?" Molly asked as she set the table for dinner and the young man was sat alone at the big table.

"He left this morning, said he had a big emergency in Romania and they needed him."

"Oh. When's he going to be getting back?"

"Sometime at the end of the week, at least that's what he told me," Molly patted Harry's arm in sympathy, "Do you need any hep?" He asked.

"Yes dear, just put these on the table please." And she passed him a handful of knives and forks.

The week went incredibly slowly to Harry's liking and now that they have shown their relationship to other people it was becoming increasingly hard to ignore the depressing weight on his shoulders. Charlie was still in Romania and the letter he promised to send still hadn't arrived, so Harry was becoming increasingly more worried as each day passed. The inhabitants of Grimmauld Place learned to stay clear of him when massive waves of anxiety came over him and as this could happen at any time Harry was usually alone. Each day that Charlie was gone Harry would help with breakfast, lunch and dinner; he would eat and then disappear either up to the library or to his bedroom. He didn't sleep because he didn't want to miss Charlie coming home to him.

It was Sunday morning. All the Weasleys including Harry and Remus were sitting at the large table in the dining room. The front door opened. Then closed. Two identical thuds landed on the floor. Footsteps. Then the dining room door opened and a figure stepped through.

Harry's fork made a loud clang on his plate as he dropped it. His chair fell backwards and the thud echoed through the silent room. Charlie caught the small figure in his arms and swung Harry around in the air.

"Hey lovely,"

"Charlie! I'm so glad you're back, I missed you so much!"

"Whoa, Harry! I missed you loads too."

"But I really, really, really missed you!"

"Oh Harry love, you did this last time..." Charlie sighed softly and ran a finger over the bags under Harry's eyes, "You need to sleep when I'm not here."

"I know but, what if you come back in the night and I miss you coming in." Harry whispered in a small voice.

"I don't care about that, I just want you to be healthy and not sleeping is not healthy."

"I know you've said."

"And I'm gonna keep on saying it until it gets through to your Gryffindor Hero brain that I will still love you even if you're not there to meet me at the door."

"I know...okay, next time I'll be fine I promise."

"Good." Charlie murmured as he wrapped Harry up in a strong embrace. Harry gripped Charlie's biceps and buried his head into his husband's neck.

"Why didn't you write?"

"I didn't have time I'm sorry love."

"Hmmm...Well come on sit down and eat something." Charlie took Harry's empty seat and welcomed the warmth and weight as his younger husband sat on his lap.
"Welcome back Charlie." Molly said as she placed an extra plate of sausages and eggs in front of the couple.

"I can't believe how lonely I've been without you."

"I know, was it just me or has it been worse than it usually is?"

"No it wasn't just you." Harry pressed an open mouth kiss to Charlie's neck, "I felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside, like if you never came back to me then I would die in despair."

"I know love, I know." Charlie cradled his younger husband and pressed soft kisses onto his head while still breathing the words 'I know'.

"Never leave me again, without contacting me, I couldn't live with it."

"Neither could I, and I promise that next time I will write and Floo call you as many times as humanly possible." Charlie's arm tightened.

"Good," Harry paused as he shifted position, "Lets finish eating, and them we can go to bed."



"How are you?"

"I'm fine now. I don't want you to ever leave me again"

"If I could help it I would never ever leave you."


"But life isn't that kind to us, I need to know that if we are ever separated over the years you will look after yourself."

"I can't promise you anything Charlie." The red-head just rolled his eyes and clutched his husband to his chest,"

"No-one will tear us apart I won't allow it and if you haven't noticed my name has a lot of sway in this world."

"How could I possibly forget that, my husband is the most influential person in the whole of the wizarding world...and I am so proud of what you have done."

Harry smiled shyly up at his love and buried his head in that long freckled neck to hide the blush that threatened to spread over his cheeks and down his neck. Charlie just chuckled and ran a finger across the redness.

"You're amazing love."

"So you've said." Harry shrugged non-commitedly.

"And I plan on repeating it for years to come because it's true."

"Yeah, yeah keep and talking and maybe I'll let you sleep in my bed tonight."

"I believe it was my bed first." Charlie trailed his fingers down Harry's arm lightly teasing the soft flesh that he found.

"You wouldn't leave your little husband to sleep on that old decrypted sofa in the sitting room would you?"

"If you say so babe."