"Would you just shut up already? We voted and we don't want you around anymore!" He yelled as he shoved her.

It didn't even register when she hit the ground as she stared up at him in shock. I don't understand… how could…I thought…they promised. Her mind rambled as she glanced at the others, they to bore cold looks as they gazed at her like she were a complete waste of time.

"But what about Naraku? And the jewel shards?" She whispered. "And the people-"

"Keh we'll take care of it, just go home. This isn't your world Kagome and its worse off with you in it." He spat as he glared at her with hateful eyes. "You're nothing but a worthless wench and we've had it. Your not worth the trouble of keeping around anymore. Kikyou can find the rest of the shards."

With that he spun on his heel and joined the others, she continued to sit there and stare at them. Its okay, any minute they'll turn around and tell me it was just a stupid joke, I'll be mad at them for awhile then I'll forgive them. She told herself as they continued to walk away.

But no matter how many times she tried to assure herself, they never once stopped to look back at her; not even Shippo turned back to look at her. It was then that it really and truly sank in that they didn't want her around anymore.

She gasped and clutched her shirt above her heart when she felt a stabbing, shattering pain. It left her wide-eyed and breathless as it began to slowly work its way out to the rest of her body, leaving an empty feeling in her chest as it moved to consume the rest of her.

To make matters worse, the crack of thunder that sounded above her head brought with it a torrential downpour; it was then the first sob escaped from her lips. How could they do this? They needed her to find the shards, to defeat Naraku.

No they don't you heard Inuyasha, they have Kikyou for that now.

Replaced by a clay pot, is everybody on crazy pills or have I finally lost my mind? I knew it, the strain has gotten to be to much, I've gone and fallen off my rocker.

The excuse didn't make her feel any better as the pain continued to tear her apart from the inside out, she pitched forward on her hands as she gasped for air between gut wrenching sobs, hot tears were quickly washed away by the rain, as if the rain were trying to wash away the pain for her.


She flinched then slowly looked up to find a man standing in front of her, he was tall with long blue hair, a yellow thunderbolt graced the center of his forehead, and he bore two blue stripes on either cheek. "W…who are you?" She croaked as her tears paused.

"I am the Storm."

"I don't understand."

"I come to those who have been broken past mending." He said. "And I've come to offer you what I've offered the others before you."

"What do you mean?"

"I will cry for you, I will take your pain away." He said. "I will shelter and protect you until the time comes that you can stand on your own."

She shook her head, still not understanding.

"Do you remember the night your father died? And the storm that raged that night?"

She frowned in thought for a moment before nodding slowly.

"That was me, I came to your mother that night to help her through her pain until she was able to bear it on her own." He said. "I can take your pain and sadness Kagome so that you might become strong once more."

She considered him a moment as she digested that. Anything has to be better than this. She thought dimly, knowing that if she didn't do something then she would die. Then who would protect the people? "What's in this for you?"

"I feed off of pain and sadness, they are my life essence." He said with a smile. "That is all, you survive and I continue to live."

Well that wasn't so bad. She thought. "Very well."

She sighed in relief as she felt the pain and sadness retreat behind an invisible wall within her soul, as soon as it was bottled up she felt the anger flood her until she had the strength to stand. She almost panicked for a moment when she felt it threaten to consume her until she realized she could control it, hold it back until it would need to be released.

"You are learning quickly." He said as he offered her a hand. "Come, I will take you to the well."

"But what about-"

"The people here are going to go through a very rough time Kagome, but if you remain behind you will be swept up in the catastrophe and then hope for the future will die."

"I can't just go home and do nothing."

"You won't do nothing." He said. "You will go home Kagome, and you will learn. Learn everything you can because a time will come that you must return to correct this error."

"Will you be able to come with me?" She asked.

"I am absolute my dear, time means nothing to me." He said with a smile as he reached for her hand again. "Now come."

"Can you seal the well so he can't follow?" She asked as she took it.

"Never fear, he won't be able to cross."

"How will I know when the time comes for me to return?" She asked.

"You will know."


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