Title: Gotham City's Darkest Prince - Chapter 1: My Decision

Author: Jezebel Jai-Braxlin

Summary: Jezebel, though a good person, is fanatic about the "genius" work of the Joker. She wants to study his work, with an almost sick hero worship. Much to her friend and co-worker -Jaimie's-dismay, Jez is set to find him. The Joker has never been faced with a fan. How will he react? NOT ROMANCE!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Joker, Batman, or Heath Ledger

This is my first fan fiction posted HERE. I have written before.

Chapter 1: My Decision

"Ha ha haha HA ha ha ho HA HA h-nggnnn"

The Joker's laugh turned into a grunt as he noticed the 4 or 5 sniper rifles pointed at his dangling body. The snipers stared at him, unsure how to proceed.

"Have you ever felt like you've been left hanging? Ha ha ha Ha!" The Joker chortled, looking at the ground far beneath him.

He reached into his pants pocket. They all flinched as he pulled out a cigarette shaped cylinder.

"I don't suppose any of you have a light?"

No one moved. It clearly wasn't a real cigarette. The Joker gave an upside down shrug and put the "cigarette" to his lips. Instead of inhaling, he blew on the filter, releasing a thick purple smoke. After one shocked whimper and a round of coughs, the gunmen fell unconscious.

"Now… getting down…. Hahahaha!"

Jezebel sat with her co-worker Jaimie at their shared mirror at "The Tub".

"The Joker's escaped?" Jez gasped, pausing in applying her lipstick

"SHHH! Do you wanna scare the customers?" Growled Jaimie in return.

Jezebel turned back to the mirror to finish applying her makeup. Her show was starting very soon.

The Joker…. I have to meet him! I have to learn all about him! I'm going to find him.

She'd glanced at Jaimie sideways. "Jaimie... I'm gonna do it!"

"Do wha-" Jaimie did a double take as she realized the only thing her friend could mean "…No… No you absolutely are not!"

"Yes, I am…. I'm gonna find him…" Jez said stubbornly.

"Do you have a death wish?"

Jez leaned close to the mirror and ran her finger carefully along her eye line. "I've always had an eye for danger." She smiled.

Jezebel stood and began to shrug into her tiny green ballgown, the type that are like the slutty version Halloween costumes. She specialized in "elegant dances". Jaimie watched her carefully, deep in thought, before folding her arms.

"How do you plan to find him?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"One of the mob bosses is out there… they're bound to know where to meet him, at least."

Jaimie already had her eyebrow raised. "and they're just going to tell you? Jut because you ask?"

"I have cash. They like cash!"

"What are you going to do when you meet him?"

"Well… I'll figure that out later."

Jaimie sighed and rolled her eyes again as your manager entered.

"Jezebel, you're on! Get moving."

"Good luck…." Jaimie whispered, a worried expression meeting Jez's stubborn one.

Jezebel smiled before slinking through the door and on the stage. The lights dimmed as she rolled her hips slowly, causing the emerald dress to roll in the rhythm. She slid off one of her evening gloves, slowly scanning the crowd before her eyes came to rest on the king pin himself.

It was meant to be obviously, she thought as she smiled.

She pulled the glove tight across her busting bosom before letting it trail out of her fingers to the side; eyes locked on the Kingpin's table. She sauntered, one foot gracefully in front of the other, straight to his table's edge of the stage. She put her foot, dainty and pointed, on his table and slowly lifted up her dress to reveal her richly endowed garter. His eyes tailed the dress all the way up, squinting greedily. He looked up expectantly and she nodded. He leaned forward and, gracefully gripped her calf, lowering his mouth to the garter. Jez leaned over his head, trailing her arms up his back.

"Back room? I need info…" She whispered.

He tilted his head sideways, and from what she could tell, smiled. "Usual fee."

"I'm aware…" She leaned back and placed her hands on his shoulders.

He pulled the garter down to the floor, and then flicked it up in the air. Jez grabbed his hand and pulled him rhythmically to the back. As soon as the door closed she rounded on him.

"I need to know-"

"Ah-ah!" He wiggled his finger and gave her the biggest, toothiest grin he could manage.

She sighed and grabbed a hundred dollar bill from her dress top, throwing it carelessly in his direction. "Here. Now, where is the Joker?" She couldn't hide her eagerness.

He stared at her for what felt like forever before erupting into laughter.

"And what would a girl like you want with him?" He continued to chuckle.

"So you do know!" She said, unabashed.

"And why should I tell you?" He smirked, crossing his arms.

She took a subconscious step back, her arms falling to her sides. "I… I just paid you for this information!"

"The Joker's whereabouts are worth way more…." He eyed her slowly. "But maybe we could cut a deal?"

Jezebel sneered. "Yeah, I'm sure commissioner Gordon would love to have a chat!"

He stared again, but this time in anger. "You little bitch! You think you can manipulate me?"

She crossed her arms and gave him as derisive a look as she could manage. "You think you can control me?"

He glared at her as though evaluating his options. Finally, he pulled out an envelope and jotted something down on the corner before tossing it in her general direction. He started for the door before the envelope had hit the floor. She leapt forward and picked it up.

"What is this?"

It was the address to an abandoned business district.

"That's where we meet him… Next meetings tomorrow…"

She felt the cool jolt of anxiety. "S…So soon?"

He stopped walking and turned to smile at her. "Why? Nervous?" His smile fell into a blank look. "You should be. You'll most likely die. What are your plans?" He asked, narrowing his eyes.

"None of your business…" Jez snapped, shoving the envelope in the top of her dress.

He shrugged and gave her a nasty smile before finally leaving the room.

Jezebel could hardly feel her fingertips as she turned down the final hallway, bringing the old, rusted metal door with the hardly discernible address printed on her precious envelope into sight.

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