Title: An Angel's Job is Never Done.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own the boys, I just like to play with them.

Challenge Phrase: Fade

Word Count: 174

Other Participants: Too numerous to mention.



As Sam sat on his bed after watching Dean storm out, he wished he could just fade into the woodwork never to be seen again. Dean was well and truly pissed with him after asking for Ruby's help in saving him. Reaching his hand up, he rubbed his aching jaw where Dean had solidly punched him. He didn't have to see it to know that it was bruised.

Suddenly a blinding light encompassed the room and he shielded his eyes to protect them. Upon opening them, he was surprised to see Castiel standing there before him.

"Dean's not here." he said before picking up the bucket to go get some ice for his aching jaw.

"It's not Dean, I'm here to see." Castiel stated simply as he reached out and placed a hand on Sam's bruise.

Sam felt heat radiating in his jaw and suddenly the ache was gone.

"He loves you Sam and needs you around, he just has trouble controlling his anger." Castiel stated before disappearing from view. "Just keep believing in him."