By The Whip

Notes: So this was my first Ace Attorney fic. When I first wrote the fic, I really got into Maya x Franziska and they are still my OTP. I only made two chapters of this story and I never really touched the story after that. Now I got new ideas, I decided to merge it all with this story. I also promised a friend I would make a Mia x Phoenix x Adrian fic that I never got round to doing, so that will be added to the fic too. Let's give this story some new life.

Vileplume or Bellossom

All who want to work in law must make a choice: which pokemon do they want to go for. vileplume or bellossom? Defense or prosecution? Their badges will represent the flower of the career they chose. The defense attorneys who seek the truth, regardless of it's beauty must chose the flower pokemon, vileplume. It's rafflesia flower serves as a hat. It's pollen will force liars to spill out the truth. The more they lie the greater the damage. The prosecutors must chose the flower pokemon bellossom. It's green body and floral body will lure the truth. If the gloomy crime stinks, then bellossom's justice will become more beautiful as it dances through the court.

Nobody has ever regretted their choice.

Vileplume found his trainer's love life to be outstanding. He believed that Phoenix Wright was the most outstanding lawyer in the world. There were many people composing rumours to suggest that he is having an affair with Miles Edgeworth, but none of them were true. At the moment he was dating a pleasant lady called Adrian Andrews. The pair of them met during one of his cases and he managed to release the social butterfly in her. At the same time, Phoenix sought advise from his late mentor, Mia Fey. It gave Vileplume the image of Phoenix having a threesome with Adrian and Mia. It was not an image that would leave his mind lightly, but it forced him to grin and wish he could be as lucky. Vileplume was in love with a bellossom that belonged to Miles Edgeworth. He would often sneak out just for a glimpse of her sensual dancing.

He hoped Phoenix's luck would rub on him.