Phoenix didn't know what to say when he found out that Fantina, the gym leader of Hearthome City was in fact the mother of Franziska Von Karma. Speechless wasn't even the right word for it. The Von Karma family were perfectionists to the extreme and often would have a temper. Fantina on the other hand was actually a nice person. Just by listening to her, he could tell that she was french.

He was with Adrian. The pair of them had gotten together through very rushed circumstances. The pair of them wanted to know each other a little more. They saw Franziska walking past the hotel. They both said hi and gave them a wave. Franziska's bellossom, who she nicknamed Blue waved back as if her name was Franziska. The real Franziska picked the bellossom of from the ground and carried the grass pokemon into her arms. Her whip was in her free hand.

"Good morning Adrian," Franziska replied with a smile on her face. She glared at Phoenix and said, "Good morning foolish fool."

Vileplume growled.

"I'm going to have a battle with Edgeworth in a bit," Phoenix announced. "Would you like to see it?"

"I have no time for pointless battles," Franziska admitted. "I save them for the courtroom."

"That's a shame," Adrian admitted. "I'll see you later then. Oh by the way before you go who do you think is going to win?"

"I'd say my little brother," Franziska replied bluntly.

"OBJECTION!" Phoenix roared at the top of his voice with his index finger in the air. Adrian giggled. "Vileplume can scamble Egdeworth's bellossom by a simple sludge bomb. His special ability is effect spore."

"But you're forgetting a few things," Franziska reminded him. "His Eureka has chlorophyll which doubles speed in the sun and it will also make her hidden power more powerful."

"Damn," Phoenix muttered.

"Type match-ups are so first gen," Adrian admitted. "It's all about strategy nowadays."

"Well cheerio," Franziska said. "I'll be looking forward to hearing about this battle."

"I'm going to win!" Phoenix said in pride. "Edgeworth won't see whats coming."

Franziska now felt she could go back to what she was doing. Another guilty verdict made Franziska satisfied that she proven herself worthy of perfection. Walking into her hotel, she was greeted by polite stewards passing by. Everything about the hotel was perfect for her; the crystal chandelier, the beautiful portraits, and the settings. Just how she wanted it. She had no man with her this time.

But lately, the annoying Fey girl wouldn't stop pestering her. She must have had enough of Phoenix and decided to bother her instead. Maya copied Franziska's foot steps with her lips curled to a smile. If Maya carried on like this, she was going to turn as psycho as her late cousin, Dahlia Hawthorne. Once the words slip out her mouth, there was no stop. Franziska tried it hard to avoid Maya but it was to much for her perfect prosecutor ego to handle. It was just ridiculous though; a spirit medium paired with a prosecutor was total nonsense. Franziska did not know why she got random thoughts of being paired with Maya; she would never date that fool.

Not even Blue's sleeping powder did the trick. Sometimes in court she would go for her whip, but sometimes she asked Blue to shake her sleep powder all across the court so she could whip them awake. She found it amusing to see everyone's reactions to it, especially Phoenix Wright's melting face.

"Hi Franziska," Maya said as she scurried over holding Pearl's hand. "So you're staying here too?"

"Yes, I'm staying for the night."

"Me too."

"Why are you talking to her Mystic Maya?" Pearl asked in disdain. Pearl couldn't even bear to look at Franziska. "She was mean to you." Maya's younger cousin, Pearl Fey despised her. Understandably since she was the prosecutor who tried to get Maya convicted for the murder. That was a quite a while ago, but it still seemed to have left an effect in the young girl's head. Maya must have been talking about her and that was why Pearl would come snapping at her.

"Don't worry Pearl," Maya replied. She went over and whispered in Pearl's ear: "She's pretty cool. Maybe we can prank her room." Just what was the woman playing at? She was staying in the same hotel as her. She would feel foolish to react to such foolishness. Franziska had no idea where she got such money to even afford to stay in this place. Franziska didn't like how long they were whispering to each other for. She felt a wave of paranoia take over like a tsunami.

"Just what are you playing at Maya Fey?" Franziska asked, pointing at Maya in one hand, and other other with a wild whip.

"I'm gonna play Monopoly with Pearly in a bit." Maya giggled and froze for a few seconds, she then said, "want to play with us too?"

"No thank you." She had to escape. Franziska had no time to be playing foolish childish games with a fool like Maya. "I have to go now," she gasped. "But before I go, may I ask what room number are you in?"

"Room 69."

"How convenient," Franziska muttered as her whip bounced on the floor.

"Why is that?"

"I don't like the sound of this?" Pearl admitted.

"Cause I'm in room 70."

"Awesome," Maya exclaimed. "Our rooms are pretty close. I guess we can both have a fun sleep over then. I'll see ya later, bye Franzy."

"BELLOSSOM!" Blue cried. She clapped her hands and smiled.

"Aww aren't you adorable?" Pearl cried out. "I can't wait till I'm ten so I can finally get a pokemon of my own."

"Blue, why are you smiling like a foolish fool?" Franziska asked bitterly.

She was just curious, she had no intention of feeding Maya's imagination. Sleep overs were not Franziska's thing either. With no idea what was going to happen tonight, Franziska left the hotel for a brisk walk in the park. She didn't notice until later that she was actually running. She didn't know what come over her, it was just Maya was the last person she wanted to see right now. Because she was actually secretly fond of her. She would hate to admit though. She stopped. Thought a little and then decided, tonight she won't be doing any more running. With all these foolish thoughts in mind, she could at least try to experiment them with a girl... even if the results did turn out to be foolish.

And now for some reason, the spirit medium with black hair had gave it back to her. Maya Fey was practically foolish to the point she was adorable. Being a prosecutor, she always had to be on her highest alert. Every destination could be a working opportunity. Maya Fey had already been in trouble more than enough times. She couldn't believe she thought of her as a murderer when she first saw her, let alone believe they were the same age.

Franziska considered herself mature for her age and rather successful. Maya was childish and as far as Franziska knew, never received a proper education. Maybe being the master of Kurain will help her become mature, she will have to be. Hanging around with all those ghosts should toughen her up. Hazakura temple where there are plenty of ice pokemon that could be hazardous to her.

Part of Franziska couldn't help but feel that Maya needed to be protected. After all the times she had been a damsel in distress. Whilst Maya had plenty of pokemon by her side, she didn't really have a pokemon on her own. Maybe that could change.

Her feelings for Maya, she couldn't describe them without sounding foolish. She didn't want to describe it as love, lust, hate or obsession. Her heart was a brick of ice that was quickly melting for Maya. Nothing she could do to stop it, just a chemical action from human behavior. Franziska usually went with her head. She always went with her head apart from now. Since her head was messed up, she had no choice but to go with her heart. Maybe meeting up with Maya tonight wouldn't be such a bad idea. At least Pearl would know she's not a super bitch as she portrays herself. But Pearl seemed to have taken much more interest in Blue.

Blue wasn't like any other Bellossoms. Normally Bellossoms were green, and shiny bellossoms were purple. Blue on the other hand had red flowers on her hair, a red hula dress and a blue body. Bellossoms were the only pokemon to lose a type when evolving. The flawed poison type was knocked out of the way. Blue smelt repulsive when she was a gloom. Her father had explained that it would all be for the best. He said the more repulsive the smell, the more beautiful she will be as a Bellossom. Her father was right, Franziska considered Blue to be the most beautiful bellossom in the world. Blue was Franziska's pokemon and that made her perfect, and she thought to herself that she only deserved perfection.

Franziska was a lady of her word. By the whip she swore that she would protect Maya. Perfection was her middle name and she knew that she will succeed.

Author's note: Whilst most of this chapter was the first half of my oneshot Frustration Domination: Awkwardly Perfect. The one shot was composed of two separate fills I did for the kink meme and I was going to make the first half of the one shot into this chapter but since I forgot about this fic for a couple of years (bad me) I merged it with another fill. But now Frustration Domination has been placed where I originally wanted it to be in the first place. And this concludes By The Whip, I hope you enjoyed the story.