Why Bikini?

I dedicated this fanfiction to my cousin who owns XBOX 360 and plays Oneechanbara Vortex. He says it's cool to wear only a bikini when you're in action, but he never truly understands why. So, after searching quiet comfortably, I finally found the reason. That's why I bring Aya for an interview on why....

AOC : Uh, hello ladies and gentlemen! We are here today to listen the reason why Aya or widely known as Oneechanbara always wears bikini whenever she goes on action. Welcome, Aya. How are you doing ?

Aya : {In her bikini, although this is an interview not an action) Fine, as you can see.

AOC : (Widened his eyes and take a good look for a while) Well, alright. Back to the topic, a lot of your fans are eager to know why you only wear bikini whenever you go into action, can you explain your reason to us?

Aya : Hm, this has been bothering me for quite a while too. A lot of women called me exhibitionist, but that's not true. I'm not. There's a logical reasons for this. The first reason is, it's my bloodline. My bloodline is a necromancer bloodline, we can get stronger if we are in a bloodbath condition. Somehow, my reaction to the bloodbath condition is weaker when I'm fully clothed. Since I don't want to seen naked in front of public, I wear bikini. That way, I'm only half-naked, not entirely naked.

AOC :What about your dignity, then?

Aya :Oh, please. Porn models shows their bodies without any piece of clothes and they didn't feel shameful at all. Why would I care? At least I covered myself in some degree.

AOC : Well, you're being reasonable. The other reasons ?

Aya : Because I can move freely in bikini. Wearing bikini will decrease my chance on getting caught in the clothes by the zombie. And not to mention, I can have a tan. And above all others, people will enjoy the game.

AOC : Don't you feel cold at all?

Aya : That's why I wear scarf.

AOC : Scarf? That is enough to keep you warm?

Aya : Yes.

AOC : …...Yeah, right. I guess an idiot can't get a cold, huh?

Aya : What?

AOC : You are just a mere exhibitionist!!!

Aya : (Pulled out her katana) No, I'm not!

AOC : Uh, oh....

That's why Ay6a wears bikini, fans!!!