Me: Well here's the 17th chapter!

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Me: I'm not done with you!

Konan: you're not going to win.

Me: Oh really? (Pulls out two giant swords about the size of the executioners blade) I've been practicing with Kisame and Suigetsu.

Konan: O.O Shit…

Me: Run bitch run…!

Konan: (Runs to Pein and Sasori who are sun bathing) WAAH! Pein-kun!

Pein: (Sighs) What is it Konan?

Sasori: I can guess.

Me: Now what are you doi- O.o (drops jaw.)

Pein: What's wrong with you?

Me: (Blushes. Rigth now Sasori and Pein were sun bathing…no shirts!!! XD)

Sasori: (Sighs) Who's going to fix her?

Me: (snaps back to reality.) Well, um Konan, I'll give you Pein for now. As long as I get Sasori!! (Grabs the red-head and runs away)

Pein / Konan: O.o

Sasori: O_O help…


Sasori: No wait! Some one Please!!!


"Sakura. Like the tree, yeah. I like it! 'Sakura-chan'! Very cute." He said, "We're going to be great friends, I can feel it, yeah!" He seemed to quote.

My eyes grew wider. Now…oh my God. That Deidara!

He looked a bit happier. I could tell he wanted to explode with happiness, but was keeping it back so that he couldn't get his hopes up. I slowly looked into his eyes. He looked so happy.

"Deidara…" I whispered as my hand unconsciously, made its way up to hold his face. He leaned into my hand and sighed.

"Finally." He whispered. I started leaning towards him.

"Deidara, I-I'm sor-" I was cut off.

Someone came up from behind and pulled me up.

"Sakura Haruno! What do you think you're doing out of your room!!" Temari yelled from behind me. I turned to look at who had grabbed me.

Gaara had my right arm while Sasuke had my left, holding me up together. Finally they lifted me and started walking towards my room.

"W-wait second!" I yelled trying to break free.

They continued to walk forward until they found my room. Temari opened the door for them and they all walked inside. Gaara and Sasuke dropped me on my bed and Temari tucked me in.

Sakura POV

One week later- School

I walked into the front of the school to be tackled by Tenten and Naruto.

"Sakura!! How are you?? Do you feel any better??" Naruto bombarded me with questions, gripping my shoulders ad shaking me.

Tenten then grabbed Naruto's hand and threw him on the ground and sighed before pulling me into a tight hug.

"Sakura I'm so glad your ok!" She sighed before pulling back to show me a giant smile. I smiled back.

"Thanks Tenten, Naruto you too. But, I'm just so surprised that all this could have happened in just a matter of 3 days!" I sighed walking on.

"Yeah, you didn't even miss any school! Oh, well." Naruto said. At that second the bell rang and we all headed off for class.

Kakashi's Class

As Kakashi, uncharacteristically, lectured the class my head was propped up on my hand and I sighed waiting. I looked down at the desk for the fourth time and drew and O on the piece of paper Gaara and I were playing tick-tack-toe on. He put his final X and put a slash through three of them.

"Drat!" I muttered and he smirked.

Just then an announcement came over the loud speaker.

'Attention! Starting tomorrow all third year students must meet in the auditorium for graduation rehearsals. Thank-you!'

"Oh that's right, the third years only have a week left before they leave, huh?" Kakashi said in a bored tone.

'Oh, yeah. Big brother did say something about graduation didn't he?' I thought to myself.

Flash Back

As I woke from my nap I looked around. No one was there but I could hear footsteps coming from down the hall. He opened the door and in walked Sasori, he smiled as he saw me staring at him.

"Oh good, you're awake." He said as he came closer to me and put a hand on my forehead.


"Sasuke said that you weren't feeling well earlier, how are you now?" He said sounding a little concerned.

"I'm fine. Sasuke just made up and excuse to get me to go to sleep." I said sighing.

"Well I'm glad to hear that." He said smiling. "Well, since your fine now, the nurse said that you are able to leave now. Isn't that great?" He said stroking my cheek.

I smiled back as I pulled the covers off. I remembered the robe I had been wearing earlier and looked down, blushing ahead of time. I looked down and saw I was still wearing my green Hollister shirt and jeans from yesterday. I sighed in relief as Sasori chuckled. He grabbed my hand and we headed out of the room. We checked out of the hospital and walked out the automatic door. As we walked, I suddenly felt a pull on some of my hair. I looked at Sasori to see that he was trying to get the brush out of my hair.

"Wow, imouto, your hair is…difficult." He grunted the last word as he yanked the brush out.

"Finally! Thank you!" I laughed holding the back of my head where it was throbbing. I looked ahead and noticed that this was defiantly not the way to my house; it was so much nicer than where I was living.

"Where are we going? My house is that way." I said pointing in the opposite direction. He chuckled.

"I know that. We aren't going to your house, because, well, it isn't yours anymore." I said as if it were nothing.

"What?!?!?" I screamed. He quickly clamped over my mouth as I continued to thrash around.

"You'll be living with me for now on, since we're family." He smiled at me. "All your stuff is at my house now, and that's where we are going." He finished, continuing our walk.

I caught up quickly. "But, isn't it illegal? I mean, you're not even old enough to take care of another person." I said walking next to him.

"Technically yes, but they agreed since graduation is this week." He said smiling and putting his arm over my shoulder and pulling me closer." He said as I laughed and we continued to walk.

"Wait! This week is graduation?!?!" I yelled again as he laughed even louder than before.

End Flash Back

The bell rang and everyone jumped up and left.

I was the last one to stand and gather my things. I walked to wards the front of the class and slid the door open. I walked forward and immediately smashed into something.

"Oh! Um, sorry." I said as I looked up. I saw Hidan, Itachi, and Sasori sanding right in front of me chuckling.

"Hey Pinky, how was class?" Hidan asked as he let me pass him.

I walked up to Sasori and one-arm-hugged him. "Fine, all he did was lecture us though." I said.

"Really? Kakashi? That's not like him at all." Sasori said as we walked to the lunch room.

"Yeah. The only thing I've learned in that I'm never playing tick-tack-toe with Gaara again! It's like he can read my mind!" I said.

They chuckled as we approached the lunch table. They had brought me over to their table to day. I looked over and gave an apologetic look to Tenten and Temari, as they gave me a thumbs up and a huge smile.

"Hey, how did I just learned that you were all leaving this week?!" I asked, quite pissed.

"Well, I did tell you yesterday, didn't I?" Sasori said taking a sip of his water.

Don't worry Saku-chan~! We'll all stay in touch!" Konan replied pulling me into a hug.

"Well, over the phone at least…" Sasori mumbled. Everyone stared at him.

"What?" Hidan, Deidara, Pein, Konan, Itachi, Kakuzu, Tobi, Zetsu, Pein and Kisame all said at the same time. I just stared at him.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Yeah, Sasori-danna. You said we'd all go to Tokyo U, yeah." He said a little confused.

"Yeah, well. I actually got excepted to Harvard in America" He mumbled the last part.

"WHAT?!?!" Everyone yelled including me. Everybody at the table was now standing up and everyone else in the room was quiet and staring. Even Itachi was standing.

"We're moving in two weeks Sakura-chan…" He sighed as he pulled me to sit down.

"What?!?! I'm going to have to leave?! I haven't even been here a whole year yet!" I shouted.

"I know. I'm sorry, but this is a big opportunity! Think about it! At Harvard I could get an amazing job and…you'll meet new friends! Americans are supposed to be very kind!" He trued to calm me down.

"But, I just made new friends! And I want to keep them!!" I shouted, beginning to cry.

"Oh, Imouto…" I said soothingly, reaching towards me. He touched my hands but I swat it away.

"No…NO!!" I yelled as I ran off.

"Sakura-chan!!" Sasori yelled as he stood up reaching in front of him; he looked really sad.

I ran far away out of the school grounds and towards my house. I was now panting and sobbing at the same time so I stopped running. My back hit a wall and I slid down the wall so my knees were in front of my face. I held myself and cried. I was already in the northern part of Konoha and I didn't feel like moving when a group of scary looking men came over.

"Hey, cutie! Wanna hang with us?" A big black haired guy with red highlights asked.

"N-No thank you." I said continuing to cry.

"Aww, hey why are you crying sweetie?" A guy with brown hair kneeled down and moved my hand away from my eyes to look at him, I started trembling, he looked like him.

"Hey, you scared her Rem!" He even has a similar name!

"Come on baby, come hang out with us! We'll show you a good time!" The guy with red highlights said grabbing my arm and pulling me upward.

"N-No! S-Stop it!! Let me go!!" I yelled loudly.

"Hey! Leave her alone!!"

They all turned to see Deidara running towards us. My watery eyes widened.

"D-Deidara…?" I whispered in awe.

He ran over and started pushing all of the guys away from me. The man holding my arm dropped me and I fell back to the ground. They focused on Deidara and I became scared for him. I watched as they punched him and kicked him, and as he punched back. Finally, reinforcements arrived.

"Deidara!! Sakura!! Hold on!" Sasori yelled as he, Itachi, Hidan, and Pein ran towards us.

"Ah fuck! Grab her, let's go!!" Another man yelled as he and one other guy with green hair grabbed me and flung me over his shoulder.

"Drop her douchebag!!!" Hidan yelled as he jump kicked him forward. I flew up and he grabbed me.

"You alright?" he asked. I nodded as I watched the rest of the guys fight.

Now that it was an even number everyone had somebody. Deidara was still fighting the guy with black hair and red highlights, Sasori was now fighting 'Rem', Itachi was fighting a blonde man, and Pein was fighting with a man who had long brown hair. I turned around to see the man with green hair start to stand back up. Hidan put me down and shoved me behid his back.

"Run!" He commanded. I nodded and started running for the school.

"Wait!" The guy with green hair yelled running after me.

"Oh no you don't you bastard!!" Hidan yelled as he grabbed him and starting beating on him.

I ran as fast as I could and hid in an alley panting. A minute later and I could hear somebody running towards me. I took a deep breath and stuck my foot out of the alley, tripping the man. I instantly jumped on him and held his hands behind his back.

"Why won't you just leave me alone?!" I yelled at him.

"Whoa, whoa! Sakura-chan it's me, yeah! Deidara, yeah!" He yelled. I gasped and got off of him immediately.

"Deidara!" I yelled as I pulled him into a tight hug.

"Yeah…are you alright?" He asked holding me.

I nodded. "W-why aren't you still fighting? He was bigger then you." I asked.

"Yeah, well, Itachi finished early and told me to go find you, yeah. Such a show off, un." He muttered the last part being sarcastic.

"Deidara, I'm sorry." I said hanging my head.

"Why, yeah?" He asked, not understanding.

"You always have to come to my rescue…I can't do anything right." I said wallowing in self pity.

He pulled me into a tight hug, again. "That doesn't matter, yeah. I like protecting you, it's better that I protect you instead of the other way around, yeah!" He said jokingly. "Besides, no matter what trouble you get into, I'll always come to your rescue, no matter what, yeah." He said trying to calm me down.

I shook my head, letting tears fall. "No, no you won't." I said. pushing him away.


"You won't! I'm leaving! I'm going to America with Sasori! You'll be here in Japan! How can you promise me something like that, when you won't be able to keep it?!" I yelled sobbing.

He stared at me before holding me again.

"I'm sorry…" He said quietly. "But, no matter what I want to be with you. When you left, we started talking and…we're all going to apply for Harvard, yeah." He half smiled at me.


Wow…! Haha this is what Sakura looked like when he told her --- O__O

Deidara: So we're going to America?!


Sasori: How did it turn out like this?

Me: I thought it would be fun! ^_^

Itachi: This'll be interesting…