April 9, 2009

When Kyo picked up Lia at the salon, he didn't expect her to be so…beautiful.

Her dress was black and floor-length. She had long nails, and her hair was flipped out in some way. She looked gorgeous.

Lia looked at him. There was a pained expression on her face.

"What's wrong?" Kyo asked.

"I…can't tell you," Lia said. "Maybe someday. But not tonight. Tonight, let's have fun."

She took his hand and they went to the dance. It was in the school cafeteria, which had been decorated prettily.

"Y-You don't have to dance with me," Lia said. "I know you don't care for me that way."

She looked down. Something in Kyo snapped. He couldn't stand to see her this way. Was this why she seemed like she was hurting? He had to tell her how he felt…because he would lose her otherwise. No matter what Akito said, he couldn't lose her. Maybe…he would find the strength to protect her from Akito.

"I love you," he whispered involuntarily.


I fell back a step, releasing his hand. "Kyo…"

He looked as shocked as me. He was blushing. "Dance with me."

Kyo took my hand and led me on the dance floor. We got into the close position for slow-dancing. I had never danced with anyone before.

"Calm down, okay?" Kyo said gently. "You're shaking. Just relax and let me do the leading for a change."

He was smiling a little bit.

I felt something. Like we were on the edge of something.

I relaxed against him, and he held me. He was stronger than he looked. He led me, and I only stepped on his toes twice.

"Kyo…" I said. "I…have to tell you something."

"Alright," he sighed.

We stopped dancing, and he led me to one side.

"Kyo…you said that you love me and I want you to know that I have loved you since you asked me to join you in the dojo all those years ago," I said softly.

Kyo's eyes widened. He leaned downward a little, and cupped my chin in his hands, pulling my face to his, and he kissed me.


Riyu turned to Haru. "They're finally together."

She smiled, but her smile was sad as she saw all the couples dancing. She sighed.

"I wish we could dance," she said softly.

"Maybe we can," Haru said, taking her in his arms and pulling her out onto the dance floor.

"B-But how?" stammered Riyu.

Haru smiled. "Lia broke the curse."

A/N: Happy ending! I finally wrote a really good HAPPY ending! I'm so proud of it!! :) Thank you for reading, especially to LOSGAP for all her reviews!!