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The Crossroads of Life

Chapter one

This is an idea that I wanted to get down on 'paper' before it disappeared totally from my mind.

Summary: Harry and Dylan Potter vanquished Voldemort together, but Dylan was thought to have done it by himself. They are separated, Dylan to the Dursleys and Harry to an orphanage. From the orphanage Harry's story started, from being adopted, to going to a whole other country. Sunnydale, California to be exact.


Harry Potter and Dylan Potter were twins. Dylan the eldest and Harry the youngest. Both were totally loved by and doted on by their parents, but they chose to trust the wrong person. But on that fateful Halloween night they were betrayed by their secret-keeper, and Voldemort attacked the house. But something terrible happened. When the Dark Lord turned his wand on the twins and spoke those words, the spell bounced off both of them and hit him. That destroyed his body and sent his spirit fleeing, making them the Children-Who-Lived. But only Dylan was left with a visible mark, however small it was on his forehead, while Harry's healed. So a mistake was made and Dylan was thought to have destroyed Voldemort. For the reason the Potters had been in hiding was because of a prophecy spoken to Dumbledore. But unknown to him and the spy who heard it, that particular one was fake, made up to get a job. The true prophecy had been spoken at the same time, far away in another country. These were the seer's exact words:

'The Ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches
Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies,
Only one will be marked, but difference it makes not. He will have powers the Dark Lord knows not
Beware, Lord of the Light. Beward thy choice
Beware the fake words. Do not head them. For great troubles will follow
The Ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches
Look for the missing half on top of the Mouth of Hell
Only together can they vanquish the Dark Lord
With the missing one will come the Angel of Darkness and the Blood Warrior
And the Dark tremble at their coming

The Ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...'

The comrades of the seer who had spoken knew of the mess in England, and so guessed just who the Dark Lord was. From then on, it was decided to watch and prepare. And the knowledge of the prophecy was kept to a few, in fear of the consequences of the wrong person hearing it.

At the ruins of the Potters house, a part of the real prophecy came true. The Lord of the Light, called Dumbledore, chose the wrong twin, not realizing both did it at the same time. Dylan was called the Boy-Who-Lived and Harry was forgotten. With their parents dead and their godfather thought to be a traitor (and later thought to be a murderer), Dylan was sent to the Dursleys and Harry was sent to an orphanage with no conscience. It was assumed that he would come back when he got his letter. But it was assumed wrong.

At the orphanage, Harry is adopted at the age of two by a young wizarding couple, June and Edward Harris. After his new parents were killed in a car accident four years later, while visiting Muggle London, Harry or Alexander as he is now called, is sent to his only known living relatives, Jessica and Tony Harris in Sunnydale, California. And there he would be thrown into a world that the Potters never expected him to face.

Harry's story begins at the orphanage, when he was two years old.

The St. Mary's orphanage in London was known throughout the world as one of the best orphanages in the world. Unlike many other orphanages, the owners of the orphanage cared about the children that they cared. Eddy and Martha Richards would never find it in their hearts to do anything less. They were both kind hearted people, who were the right people for the job.

One of the reasons was that Eddy had been orphaned at a young age and had been sent to live in an orphanage straight after. The orphanage he had grown up in wasn't the best place, and was not very kept up. Eddy, along with the other children, had grown up under the thumb of older and meaner children. In fact, one of the boys was part of the reason that Eddy had started an orphanage. That boy had been called Tom Riddle, and the way that he had terrorized the orphanage with his strange gifts and behavior was an inspiration to Eddy to try to catch any such behavior at a young age and to change it for the better.

Eddy had gotten out of the orphanage by attending college and from there had gone on to meet Martha Talwen. Martha Talwen had always wanted to watch and work with children. They had married, and two months later found out that Martha was unable to have any children. From there the idea was born. And the rest is history.

St. Mary's Orphanage was well kept, clean, and neat. The children were taught manners, and the proper way of acting toward others. Misbehavior and bullying was met with harsh punishments, which generally deterred most from acting out beyond the normal learning way that all kids have to do.

One another special thing about this particular orphanage was that it had both Muggle and Magical children. Martha was a half-blood witch that had been born to a wizard father and a Muggle mother. The Magical children were taught how to act with non-magical folk around, like the other children. Accidental magic was strangely uncommon, even though it was there. The Muggle children rarely noticed that anything out of the ordinary had happened.

Due to the strict teaching of tolerance by Martha and the other teachers, the Magical children did not have that attitude that many other magical children elsewhere had where Muggles were inferior or just strange or stupid. They were taught that all people, Muggle and Magical alike, was special and had many different talents and gifts. Muggles just didn't have magic and that didn't make them inferior. Just different.

One of the newest inhabitants of the orphanage was a little black haired and green eyes boy by the name of Harry Potter. He was the brother of the 'Boy-Who-Lived', who had been beside his brother on that fateful night when Voldemort had attacked. Together they were really the Children-Who-Lived, but that was a fact that no one else knew.

To the Richards and everyone else, Harry was just a sweet and intelligent little boy who was adored by all those around him. There was just an innocence around him that not many had. He had lots of playmates and friends, who were all fiercely protective of him. Whenever they would go to a park, he was surrounded by his bodyguards/playmates.

He had only been there about a year, after his parents had been killed. Martha and the others who could do magic knew who his parents had been and his brother was. Of course they did. They couldn't help it. But it didn't make them look at him in any different way.

It was in the middle of September when a couple came hand in hand through the front doors. They were June and Edward Harris, a newlywed couple who had just barely graduated from Hogwarts.

June was a short and stocky young woman with long blond hair and rosy cheeks. She always had a never-ending smile on her face, which was in full bloom today. Edward was almost her very opposite. He was tall, dark-haired, and quiet. He usually didn't smile, but his was almost always cheerful.

Both had just graduated from Hogwarts. June had been the Head Girl, one of the stars of the Hufflepuff House. She had a mastery in charms and was one of Professor Flitwick's favorite students. Edward was formerly of Ravenclaw and a popular student of his House. They had met in school, and had started to date in fifth year. By six year they had been steady, and was rarely away from each other whenever they could help it. They had married that summer after their seventh year.

June wanted a child right away. But when it was found out that there would be complications in birth, they had forgone the usual way of having kids a while, at least until that could be resolved. So June had suggested adopting and Edward had agreed, not being able to deny her anything. They had heard of this place from a friend.

When they were seen coming in the front door, Martha went to greet them right away. "Welcome to St. Mary's. Is there anything I could do for you?"

When they expressed interest in adopting one of children, Martha beamed and asked them to follow her. She took them to the large area in the back. The area consisted of little room that opened up to a playground. It was here that they were left, with instructions if they needed anything, just ask one of the older children to go get her.

Sometime later, Martha came back to check up on them. She found them near the sandbox, actually June in it playing with little Harry, and Edward talking to a slightly older boy nearby. She smiled when she saw Martha and Harry together, and knew automatically that they had found someone when she saw Martha's face when she looked at Harry.

Sure enough, they expressed interest in adopted little Harry. Martha arranged the papers and even the blood adoption potion when they asked. They wanted to make Harry theirs and their only.

When Harry was given the potion, only a few things changed. His facial structure changed a bit, but not that much. His messy black hair grew a bit longer but not very more manageable. His eye color changed to a brown. Then Harry did something that they did not expect. When he was shown a mirror to see how he looked, he took one look at his eye color and frowned. Then proceeded to change it back to green. Then he grinned at his new parents, and held out his hands to show that he wanted picked up. He was a Metamorphmage, able to change his appearance at will.

Sure enough, in the next few months, he would randomly change his eye color from green to brown and back again.

They had his name changed, because June really didn't like it. It was also to show a new start, a new life with his new parents. They named him Alexander after June's grandfather, and for his middle name they picked Lavelle. The name Lavelle had been in the family for centuries, and had once been the name of a high ranking family of noble birth whose exact origins were unknown. The Lavelles had appeared about 1000 AD in the land which would be called Britain later. It was unknown where they had come from.

A popular family story had been passed down, of a man and woman with a child had appeared next to a little hut in which a older man and his grandson lived. That was the story, them appearing out of nowhere right in front of the old man in the front of the house. The story went on to say that after the older man had died, his grandson had stayed with the mysterious family. They moved, eventually coming in contact with the then current wizarding world, which was just in its beginning stage. They had eventually become one of the richest and oldest families, if not the richest.

June had been the last direct descendant of the family, even though she had no clue to this fact. And now Alexander was the heir to the family, even though that wasn't known to him.

That was how Harry James Potter, youngest son of Lily and James Potter and twin to Dylan Sirius Potter, became officially be blood a Harris. He became Alexander Lavelle Harris, heir to the Lavelle Family and all which comes from it. He gained two parents, June and Edward Harris, who quickly had fallen in love with him at the orphanage and would grow to love him more in the next few years.

Time Skip (4 years later)

London News

London Times Newspaper (1)

Couple Killed in Car Crash! Young Son Orphaned!

By Allen Beatri

Last night, at about 7 p.m. an unfortunate tragedy occurred. While driving back to their hotel after visiting the London Museum, June and Edward Harris was hit by a drunk driver and instantly killed. Their young son, whose name has not been disclosed, survived the crash but obtained some very serious injuries. But his parents did not survive and were killed instantly on impact. The son was driven to the nearest hospital, where we have been told that he was stabilized and should have a full recovery.

The drunk driver of the other car also survived with only very minor injuries and was taken directly into custody after fleeing the scene. He is expected to face two counts of manslaughter and for driving under the influence.

We at the newspaper would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the young boy who is now orphaned.

In the busy American airport at the edges of a busy Californian city, a young stewardess waited, holding the hand of a young boy of about six, who looked like he was ready to start crying and with fresh tear tracks on his face. Noticing this, the young woman picked him up to hold him, all the while looking around for the boy's new guardians.

The stewardess's name was Cathy Johnson and she had been given the responsibility of seeing this boy off to his new guardian. Poor child had been orphaned and was being sent to his closest living relatives across the world and away from everything he knew. He had been crying a large part of the beginning parts of the flight and had only calmed down when he had cried himself to sleep. The woman next to him on the flight had taken it upon herself to help the crying six year old and had comforted him part of the flight, even though it didn't really do anything.

Looking over, Cathy saw a young dark haired woman coming toward them. She being the only person coming to this gate, she had to be Jessica Harris. She matched the picture that Cathy had been showed. The woman saw them and came over.

After checking ID, Cathy knelt down next to the boy. "Sweetie, this is your Aunt Jessica. She is going to take care of you now. Is there anything you need before I go?"

She asked softly.

Looking up through his bangs, the little boy shyly said that he didn't need anything and also asked if she was coming with him.

Cathy looked sad and said no. She had grown quite attached to Alexander during the trip, and was sad to see him go. She gave his hand over to his Aunt, who had gotten all of his stuff together. Leading him away, Cathy saw the little boy wave at her and she waved back.

Then he was gone, into his new life. And this life was not what anybody could of guessed could be.

(1) I am not British and am not at all familiar with any British names that their newspapers would be called. So shoot me.