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Summary: When a Siren looking for revenge on the Winchester Boys gets Dean under her spell, she manages to hurt both Sam and Dean in the worst ways possible. Sort-of Tag to 4.14 (Sex and Violence).

On With The Story....!

It's Just How You Look At It...

"Never! No! Not in a million years!" Dean Winchester scoffed as he turned his attention back to the road. He skillfully made the purring '67 Impala speed up. "I can't believe it, Sam. You really expect my baby…" He gently patted the dashboard. "… To play that?" With horror, the older hunter pointed with a gasp to the CD his younger brother Sam held in his hand.

"What?" Sam said with innocent hazel eyes. "I'd bet you anything that you haven't heard of anything by Miranda Lambert, Dean."

"Doesn't matter," Dean immediately replied back. "It's country music. Country, Sammy!" he laughed, using his little brother's nickname. "Do you really think she wants to play some singing hick-chick with a banjo?"

Sam bit his lip in frustration, but no anger was found in either Winchester. "What does it matter? This chick rocks, Dean." Sam put the CD back into the glove compartment. "Mark my words, if you listen to this, you'll love it."

Dean reached over to shut the compartment with a slam. "I'll told you once, Sam, and I'll tell you again. I don't do Country!"

Giving up for now, Sam, leaned back against the passenger seat. "Fine. Whatever, dude," he sneered. After a few moments of comfortable silence, Sam started to talk again. "So, where are we headed anyway? You seemed really anxious to get out of Yorkton."

"Oh, well, you know how it is…" Dean replied in an effort to try to brush off his brother's concern.

Once Dean had been rescued from Hell, he'd become extremely restless. This wasn't the first time he'd left a town out of haste when a hunt was finished. For decades, Dean had been complete restrained, not to mention tortured. Restrain was one of the worst things in Hell for Dean. He always was a free spirit.

Sam didn't verbally respond to Dean. All he did was look down at the car floor. He wanted to understand what Dean went through down in the Pit, but knowing and understanding were two different things. Although it was Dean who was in Hell, Sam suffered greatly, too. What could be worse than having to live, day after day, knowing that your brother was burning and rotting in Hell for you, and there wasn't a damn thing you could do about it?

With the laughter and banter that was gone from before, the two hunters continued to drive to the town of Byhill, Arizona in silence.


"This place isn't half bad…" Dean admired while nodding his head and looking around the motel.

"Oh yeah," Sam said with disgust. "It's Caesar's Palace." He sat of the bed with a thump and dust particles came flying up into the air from the impact. Sam expelled an exaggerated cough as he started to unpack.

"You hungry?" asked Dean, although he didn't partically care what Sam;s answer was. He was hungry, and even if Sam didn't want any, Dean was going to get some food.

"Uh, yeah," Sam said after a moment.

"I'm going to grab us something to eat," the older of the brothers announced as he shoved some cash into his wallet. "Any preferences, Sam? A medium-rare filet-mignon, perhaps?" The only answer to Dean's tease was Sam throwing a shoe at him. Dean skillfully dodged out of the way. "If you want to hit me, you're going to have to do a lot better than that!"

"Jerk!" Sam smiled back with an edge.

"Bitch!" Dean winked, slamming the door on his way out.


As Dean entered the fast-food restaurant, he quickly stepped up to the counter to order his and Sam's food. Casually, he leaned over the counter and started to order. "Lemme get four burgers, two with extra onions, and a side of large fries, sweetheart. To-go," he coyly smiled with a trademark glint in his eyes.

"Sure thing," the female cashier sweetly nodded, punching numbers in the register. "You like onions?" she innocently asked Dean.

"Well, let's just say I like a little kick in my life. You know, a little spice." Dean always was the flirt in the family. "I'm just that kind of guy."

"The blond cashier started to twirl her pin-straight hair in a desperate attempt to give it a hint of volume, without success. "Oh, I'm sure you are," she smiled between popping her gum. "It comes to $6. 78. Will that be cash or credit?"

"Cash," he quickly informed, placing the money on the counter.

"I'll have that order out for you in just a minute," she assured Dean. She reached into her back pocket, and showed the card to Dean. "My number'll be in the bag, too. Give me a call," she encouraged, then walked into kitchen.

"You like a little kick, do you, Dean Winchester?" she wickedly grinned in a soft voice so none of the other workers heard her. The girl rifled through the to-go bag and unwrapped the bag with onion on it. With a quick glance to make sure no one was watching her, she lifted her tongue and sprayed venom onto both burgers with onions.

"Well here's a little kick in the pants," she hissed, wrapping the burgers back up.

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