A/N: chapter title taken from the song This Is How The Cowboy Rides Away, by George Strait.

6 this is how the cowboy rides away

"This is it, Dean?" Sam stands there on the passenger side of the Impala. He's broken, but patched up again. They both are. "After…after all we did…we just walk away like this?"

"So what d'ya want, Sammy?" Dean opens his door, stands there. "A lightning bolt from above? A tap on the head saying you were a very bad boy, and don't do that again?"

Sam wants more, but there isn't any.

Dean shrugs. "This is it, bro'. We live. Never thought we would, but we do, so it's a slow fade to the end credits, dude. Now get your ass in the car, Samantha."

Sam does.


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