author note: Just a friendly warning story is au/ooc and grammar sucks some time. If you have a problem with any of the three please feel free to read another story. Otherwise enjoy

Lucius had no idea what he was doing and he knew it could be his life and the life of his son but he had to do it. The boy was barely holding on, the wand was wavering and though the souls of those who Voldemort had killed had started to appear from the connection of the wands but Harry would soon weaken. Lucius wished that he could say it was simply to save the world from the Dark lord rising but he couldn't. He had been a spy since a week after he had been forced to take the mark and had been working to bring down the dark lord with his lover, Severus, but right now it was about the child. He felt the boy's magic calling out to him and he knew he needed to save him, protect him.

Reminding himself that his son was safe at the school where neither his wife nor any of the Death Eaters could get at him. Lucius took the portkey and put attached it with a spell to Cedric's body, everyone's eyes on the two duellers, and sent him back to school. Now to worry about the boy and how to get him out of here.

Harry's attention had been drawn to where his mum and dad had come out. Lily touched her son. "It's okay sweet heart, we're here. We'll help you get away."

James nodded. "Let go of the connection and we can hold them off for a moment but you need to get the portkey and get out of here."

Lucius prepared himself and the moment that Harry let the connection go the spirits were able to hold Voldemort back but Lucius watched as stunners and other hexes were being sent at him but just before a cruciatus thrown at him from Rodolphus hit Harry in the chest Lucius tackled him to the ground and before anyone could react he forced Harry into side by side apparition with him landing outside of the gates of the school.

Harry turned to look at him in fear and he realized he was still wearing his robes and mask but Lucius needed to get Harry within the wards of the school before anyone could follow them. He sent a patronus off to Severus warning him about Moody and then grabbed Harry by the arm.

Harry struggled and fought him. "No. I am not going any where with you. I don't know why you took me but I am....."

Lucius removed his mask. "I saved your life but it will not be worth it if I do not get you in the wards now. Cedric has already been sent back."

The boy was reeling with the news that he had saved Harry from the graveyard and that Cedric's body had been sent back. He barely got back through the gates before he felt Harry slipping and realized he was injured. He had been so anxious to get Harry out of there that he had not realized that Harry had been hit by a severing curse and he had blood soaking through the front of his shirts. Lucius knew he needed to get Harry to the infirmary and scooped him up of the ground and hurried as quick as he could. He could tell the spectators from the task had left the stands and he hoped Moody had been apprehended when he got within the doors.

Remus Lupin was one of the first to spot him when he got within the doors and he could see that the man was ready to rip him apart. But everyone noticed an unconscious Harry in his arms. He motioned for his son who he spotted to follow them and took them to the infirmary.

Lucius explained what happened in the graveyard when Poppy was looking at Harry. "He would have been killed if I had not blown my cover. Voldemort is back."

Severus had come in the doorway. "You were right about Moody; he was actually Crouch's son. The real one has been found in his trunk."

They all looked down at the boy who was lying in the bed and what the graveyard had meant. Draco came to his dad's side shaking for they both knew with his dad's actions that night their entire lives had turned up side down. Most of Draco's friends he could still trust but there would still be dangers for him, including his mother who would likely volunteer to kill her own husband and son when she found out they were traitors.

Severus came to Lucius' side and kissed him. "I have been feeling the draw to the boy as well but are you sure we did the right thing? You risked a lot out there."

Lucius sighed and shook his head. "I knew you and Draco were safe here ad if I had not acted Harry would be dead. We both know what the draw means, what he is."

Even Draco knew what they were speaking of and as they watched Harry slowly starting to come around with Remus and Sirius who had come to the school, by his side, they had no idea what they would tell Harry for they knew he would have a number of questions about what had happened. The questions when he first came awake were about what happened and those near him explained about Moody, Cedric coming back and from what they knew about the graveyard as well.

Harry's eyes wandered to Lucius finally and asked. "Why did you save me in the graveyard? I thought you were one of them."