Summer arrived, the wizarding world in the UK having slowly put itself back together and move on. Harry and his mates would return to school in the fall, and Draco, Luna having stayed with them as well. Sirius had a pardon months before, and he would be returning as an auror in the fall, and talking marriage with Remus who turned down DADA, allowing Lucius to be at school with his mates, so he could take a job offer with the department of mysteries, which excited him The twins were back to their shops and the Weasleys were recovering from the betrayal of Ron. Harry was happy Hermione and Percy were dating officially now, and Percy would be remaining at school as he was offered the position of transfiguration teacher as Minerva could not handle both any more.

Corsica kept her word to Luna, and had helped locate Cassiopeia's clan, and Luna headed off for Southern Ireland in July, for a few weeks before his wedding. Harry went to France, first to the Delacaur home for the wedding of Bill and Fleur but finally he was taken to the lands in the Alps, to see his clan. Only his mates and Draco came with him and his family, but the others would join them for the bonding

Veela lands were a beautiful sanctuary of several villages in the valleys, and had natural wards like nothing else. It was the main village he was brought to. Corsica lived there since Apoline wed, in her family home but it was the home of Stephan he went to.

An old man who he realized had his mother's eyes came out, well his features were timeless. He looked at Corsica. "Daughter it has been too long."

Corsica kissed his cheek. "It has Stephen. I have brought your great grandson for you to meet, as well as his mates."

She had not told the old man Harry was coming, and for a moment there was disbelief, but when he turned to look at Harry, he smiled Harry of course looked like his father, but he had Artemisia and Sebastian's eyes, and there was no doubt this was his great grandson.

Harry bowed his head a bit. "I have been anxious to meet you my lord. I hope you do not mind I brought my mates and their son."

The old man kissed his cheek. "None of this lord crap, we are not humans, you will call me Grandsire. Oh how I wished for years for such a day."

Ushered into the house, Harry was remained veelas were very clan oriented, and it was why Lily was born, her mother had such a longing for her people. The old man welcomed Lucius, Severus and Draco and was happy to hear his great grandson was following custom and marrying his mates. He told Harry he was his heir, and the money and estate he had, were Harry's on death. Harry already had the massive Potter fortune, but it seemed he would be even richer.

Stephen handed him a pendant. "It belonged to my son and I know he would have wanted you to have it. He was a very good man."

Harry shared a look with Corsica and turned back. "Grandmum told me. She said they were not in love, but he was a great man who loved my mum so much"

He was shown a picture taken the day before Stephen and the baby left for the UK, the last Stephen thought he would have of his family. He would never have his son back or know Artemisia/Lily truly but he had Harry and he was so happy he had come. He was even happier when asked if he could bond here, explaining his human guests. Corsica offered her home, but she had said it would be custom for Stephen to host it, if he would be willing.

Stephen kissed his head. "My son would have been so honoured, as I am. I will happily bond you with your mats."


Harry had the most untraditional sixteenth birthday, prepared by his dads for marriage. They swore they were happy, especially since he would wait on kids till he graduated, and so were his other loved ones. The Weasleys, his old quidditch friends, Neville and Luna, with Augusta and Xeno, the Delacaurs including his uncle, and cousin's kids, and his dads were all there, and Hermione of course, and Stephen performed the bond.

In a beautiful glade like garden, presented by Sirius and Corsica, for he had to have one veela, he was to bond with those he loved. Draco stood for Lucius, and Remus for Severus, and Harry had asked Fred to do the honours for him

Stephen finished the ancient ceremony. "It is my truest honour as a patriarch, to announce these three bonded for eternity. You may seal it with a kiss."

Harry was breathless after passionate kissed from both and he hugged Draco as soon as the other two kissed. "I guess this makes me your stepfather."

Draco laughed but Stephen actually informed him there was no adoption needed, in their world Harry was legally Draco's dad. Draco said he would have to call him Papa now, since he had a dad and father, but all joking aside they were already family. When he ha kids with his mates in a few years they would be genetically as well as legally all their kids as well, and Harry looked forward to the day

As a reception followed Stephen made a toast. "To my newly found great grandson and his mates, may you have decades of years and many children together"

Author note: so I hope you liked this and I will likely have a new story in a day or two when I come with an idea