The Beginning of a Wonderful Life

A/N: This story mainly revolves around Eric Camden, and his future wife, Annie Jackson-Camden. This takes place before any of the kids are born, even before Eric and Annie are married. They are currently in college.

The bell rang, meaning it was time for class to start. "Okay, everyone. Take out your books and turn to page 17," Professor Watkins announced. 23-year-old Eric Camden sighed as he pulled out the book from under his desk and turned to the correct page. "Man, this class is so boring," He murmured to himself.

"Mr. Camden, would you like to teach this class?" Professor Watkins asked.

"No sir," Eric replied. He face turned red from embarrassment. He had been trying for weeks to get on all of his professors' good sides, but he hasn't had much success. The only professor that seemed to like him was Professor Helmey, and he didn't have her until the end of the day. He tried to listen to everything that Professor Watkins was saying, and tried his best to copy down all of the notes, but he couldn't concentrate. He just wanted to get to his last class so he can hang out with his friends afterwards.

At last the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Eric collected his things and rushed out of the door. He was in such a hurry that on his way out he ran into a girl, knocking all of her things to the floor. "Sorry, I just had to get out of there. That class is so boring," Eric said, helping her pick up her books. "No problem, I hate that class, too," The girl replied, "Oh, and by the way, I'm Annie. Annie Jackson."

"Hi, I'm Eric Camden. I'm sorry, wish I could stay and chat, but if I'm late to my next class again my professor will kill me," Eric said. "I'll see you later, then," Annie called as Eric waved goodbye on his way to his next class.

Hmm..... I hope I see that guy again. He seems nice, and he's really cute. Annie thought to herself as she walked to her next class. It turns out that she has her next class with Eric, and the rest of her classes as well, except her first class, though.

Eric had gotten to his desk early. "Well, Mr. Camden, it's nice to see you here early for a change," Mr. Floyd commented. "Yeah, I didn't want to be late for class today," Eric replied.

A few minutes later, Annie walks in, and sees an empty desk next to Eric. "Is this seat taken?" She asked.

"No, you can sit here," Eric said. "Thanks," Annie said.

"Hey, aren't you that girl that I ran into the hall a little while ago?" Eric asked her.

"Yes, I am," Annie replied. "Well, hello again," Eric said. Annie wanted to continue talking but Mr. Floyd was about to start taking role.

"Okay everyone. Please take out your books and turn to the page number written on the board," Mr. Floyd said after he finished role call.

A few minutes later when Mr. Floyd has his back turned writing on the chalk board, Annie quickly handed Eric a folded up piece of paper.

The note read:

Meet me at lunch this afternoon. We can talk then.

Eric nodded his head, saying that he understood. He quickly refolded the paper and put it in his pocket.

Later that afternoon, Eric had gotten a tray for his lunch and starting filling it with food. After he went through the line, he looked around until he spotted Annie. She was sitting with a group of friends, and he decided that it would be best if they were alone, even though the rumors would probably spread either way.