TP fic! Hurrah. And Kel/Dom! Kel/Dom fluff is not only good for you, it's good for them too. (That made no sense.) Inspired by a thread on Goldenlake. This is more on the side of unrequited Dom/Kel, but in a good way. Because there are Dom-muscles.

He's a man. A man! He has a lot going for him. A sergeant. Strong. Brave. Heroic, even. He has pretty eyes, and he's taller than her.


She's…. gorgeous. A knight. Strong. Brave. Heroic. She has lovely eyes, and she's tall. And she's Kel.

He sees her every day. He jousts with her; takes the bruises like the man he is. He talks to her, jokes around with her, sits with her, eats with her, has comforted her. He's gone behind enemy lines for her.

And yet Dom can't tell her that he has a strong desire pull her close to him and kiss the living daylights out of her.

Despite his strength, his heroic almost-treason (done on orders!) that involved crossing enemy lines, despite his pretty blue eyes and his muscles

Dom's head smacks down onto the table.

"…Dom? Are you ok?" Kel looks over at him, giving him an opportunity-

He doesn't take it.