Sailor Moon Winx Club Crossover

Sailor Winx Club

Chapter 1 A New Enemy

Summary: The Sailor Scouts find themselves in a strange new world while battling an unknown enemy. They meet Bloom who ends up helping them.

~Sailor Scouts~

"Serina watch out" a girl with long black hair yelled at the girl with long blond pigtail that was rounded into a bun at the top of her head. Lightning came from the sky trying to hit the girl. Another girl with long blonde hair partly tied back with a hair ribbon pushed her friend out of the way.

"Thanks Mina". Serina said.

"No problem," Mina answered.

"Lita, Amy" Reye called seeing two more of their friends coming One had brunette hair that was shoulder length tied back into a ponytail with a strand of hair on each side of her face hanging own The other girl have short straight blue hair.

"Hey we saw the lightning. What happened?" Lita asked who was the girl with the hair pulled back in the ponytail.

"I don't know it just came out of no where and tried to hit me." Serina answered.

"Look up there." Amy, the girl with blue hair said pointing to the sky. A weird V shaped symbol was in the sky (Valtor's Symbol).

"What is that?" Reye asked. No one answered.

"Luna do you know what it is?" Mina asked a black cat with a crescent moon curving upward on her forhead.

"Nothing." Luna answered

"Girls transform." Artimus, a white cat with a crescent moon facing upward on his forehead. yelled. The girls nodded.

"Mercury Star Power"

"Jupiter Star power"

"Mars Star Power"

"Venus Star Power"

"Moon prism power"

Transformation happens and the girls are now in white dresses have mini skirts each having a different color skirts and sailor collars around their necks.

"Ok ugly time to send you back to where ever you came from" Serina yelled.

"Nicely said" Reye told her friend. "Thanks." Serina answered.

"Everyone prepare to attack." Lita yelled watching Valtorv open a hole in the sky.

"What is he doing?" Mina asked.

"Who knows." Reye answered. "It looks like he's opening a hole to another world or something but where?" Amy told the group.

"I suggest we go follow it." Lita said.

"Good Idea." Serina said and lead the girls to the hole. They went through the hole and found themselves in a new world.

"Where are we?" Mina asked.

" don't know" Amy said looking around.

"I have a better question where did that guy go." Lita asked.

"Who knows." Mina said.

"Say how do we get home?" Reye asked.

"I don't know." Amy said.

"Where are we?" The five girls heard another voice. They turned around and saw three more scouts standing in uniform. The voice came from the girl with long black hair with part of it pulled back into a bun.

"How did you guys get here?" Serina asked.

"We followed you." Said the girl with short blonde hair.

"Do you guys know how to get back?" Rae asked quickly.

"Unfortunately not." The girl with crystal blue hair said.

"Well that's great how do we get out of here now?" Serina asked.

"Look over there lightning." Lita said seeing a bolt hit the ground.

"It doesn't look far from here we can run." Amy said. The girls ran towards the direction. They found Valtor shooting lightning into the sky.

"What is he doing?" Amara, the girl with short blonde hair asked.

"I don't know I think we should stop him before he hurts anyone with that kind of power." Michelle, the girl with long blue hair, said.


Bloom sat on the balcony of her dorm looking out towards the woods, when she saw lightning striking a part of the woods. She noticed some fire explosions and water balls and other things happening as well.

"What's happening?" she asked herself and quickly ran out of the dorm.

"Bloom where are you going?" Stella asked.

"I need to do something." Bloom answered.

"Be quick the guys are coming over soon." Stella answered back. Bloom ignored her friend and ran out of the building towards the woods where she saw explosion.

~Sailor Moon~

The sailor scouts fell to the ground after the explosion.

"Nothing is bringing him down." Mina yelled to the group.

"Serena" Reye yelled.

"Oh know she's hurt." Amy said.

"Great anyone know how to heal her?" Lita asked.

"I'm afraid not." Mina sighed.

"I can." a voice said in the distance. The group turned around to see a girl with wings. She had long flowing red hair pulled back with several heart shaped clips and wore a blue layered dress with sandals. (feel free to help me fix the description)

"Who are you?" Reye asked.

"I'm Bloom." The fairy answered. She looked over at Serina who was lying on the ground. She had a scratch along her leg.

"Looks bad." Bloom told them.

"We know." Mina answered.

"How did she get hit?" Bloom kneeling down by Serina's leg.

"She was attacked, I'm not sure how one minute she was standing the next minute she was on the ground crying in pain." Lita answered.

"So looks like you girls want to tell me something that I don't know." A voice said behind them. They turned around and saw the same man that had attacked Japan.

"Valtor" Bloom called.

"What are you saying we don't know." Lita explained. "

I think you do and I'll find it." Valtor said and disappeared.

"What does he want?" Bloom asked.

"We don't know." Trista answered.

"Look I'm going to take you to some one who might know the answer." Bloom said. She took out her fairy dust and sprinkled it over the cut on Serina's leg. Serina woke up to see the cut on her leg gone.

"What happened?" She asked.

"You were hit by dark magic but don't worry fairy dust gets rid of it." The girl with long flowing red hair said. She no longer was a fairy but was wearing jeans, a tank top and ankle boots. Her hair was pulled back by a headband.

"I'm Bloom and who would you guys be?" Bloom asked.

"I'm Serena and these are my friends, Reye, Lita, Mina, Amy, Amara, Trista and Michelle." Serena said pointing to each of her friends as she listed their names. The girls transformed back into their school uniform.

"You don't have any wings I thought fairies always had wings." Lita said confused seeing Bloom in her regular clothes.

"That's only in books and fairy tales on Earth." Bloom answered.

"How do you know we're from there?" Reye asked.

"I used to live there and I use to believe fairies were like that as well." Bloom answered.

"Cool where are you from?" Mina asked.

"Gardenia, it's in the U.S." Bloom answered.

"Cool we're from Japan." Amy said.

"Come on I'm going take you back to my school so we can talk about this some more." Bloom said.

"That sounds like a good idea." Serena said.

"One thing there's this m

agical barrier around the school that I'm not sure you girls can get into, it's supposed to keep the non-magical being out like people from Earth." Bloom said. "Well we have sailor power we can get in no problem." Serena said.

"Yah when we're in Sailor Scout form not like this." Reye said.

What do you think? Can the Sailor Scouts get through the magical barrier?

Note: I'm making Gardenia a city in the U.S. since I don't know where it really is located in the story.