"Sodapop Patrick Curtis! You get in this house right now!" Darrel Curtis bellowed for the doorway.

'Shit,' Soda thought, 'I knew I shouldn't have gone to that party, why? Why did I do this'

Soda was having a war in his head. You see, there was a party at Bucks and Sandy was gonna be there, she wanted him to come so he asked Darry and he said... no. He kept buggin' so he got grounded so he snuck out and took the truck to Buck's house, he was there for an hour and that's when Steve showed tellin' him to go home because Darry was gonna kill him... Then he was here, in the house, with the word 'DEATH' plain across his face. Darry looked at him and glared.

"Sodapop! I don't know why you are acting like this but you better stop. I don't need you or Pony going into the state. Pony's to young and he hasn't done anything yet!" Darry exclaimed, Soda looked away, he was mad. He was old enough to say, I am going to a party, you can't stop me and before he knew it he started yelling:

"Hey! I am almost seventeenI I am fucking sure that I can take care of myself! So save you words for someone who cares, I'm going back to that party and there is nothing you can do about it." Soda looked more shocked then Darry did.

He just said that.... well yelled it. Him, Sodapop just yelled at his older brother... He was gonna get it now. It was as clear as day, Soda was gonna be grounded till him is 62.

"You better watch your mouth or I will wash it out, boy." And with that, Darry grabbed him by the ear dragging him into his room.

Darry does not do well with someone yelling at his and disobeying them, especially his kid brother, no way was this going to happen.

"Da-r-ry What are you d-d-doing?" Soda studdered as his brother sat down on his bed.

"Doing what Mama and Daddy would have done if I had done and said what you just did." He explained then he pulling Sodapop onto his lap, taking down his boxers and jeans and starting swatting the pale backside before him.

Soda nearly jumped in shock when that first swat came down on him. Darry's hand was hard from working all the time so he knew it was gonna hurt, made even more then when he broke his arm when he was seven.

Soda tried to keep from crying out but soon every swat made him want to cry scream and beg forgiveness but he was trying not to... To take it like a man.

"You SWAT! Will SWAT! Listen SWAT! When SWAT! I Tell SWAT! You SWAT Something SWAT! I Am Your SWAT Guardain SWAT! And Say Things SWAT! That Are Good SWAT! For You! SWAT! Not To Be SWAT! MEAN!" Darry lectured turning Soda's bottom to a tomato, "IS SWAT! That SWAT! Understood? SWAT!" That's when Soda's dam broke.

"YES DARRY!" Soda wailed, "I Understand! Just Stop!" Darry landed more swats to the undercurve of Soda's bottom before ending the spanking and hugging his little brother. He knew his brother needed comfort atfer his ordeal and he gave it to him. He didn't want to do this, he justed wanted Soda to learn a lesson.

Soon, Soda went to bed, Pony was sitting there, looking at him.

"You okay?" Pony asked, Soda didn't realize Pony heard what happened in the other room, so he just nodded.

"Yeah." He muttered then Darry walked into the room.

"Soda you learn your lesson, what was it?" Darry asked, Soda blushed.

He was about to anwser when he was cut of by Ponyboy.

"I know! When you go to a party don't, wait till your brother is out of town then have it at your house." With a smile and a couple laughs, the boys hugged happy to be a family again.

"Oh and Soa, " Darry remarked, "You grounded for the next week."

Soda rolled his eyes and hugged his brother.

This is gonna be a long week.