Summary-Naruto is a young mother who got pregnant and the father of his child left him, leaving Naruto on his own to take care of the baby. Months later, the king sends for people and starts turning them into slaves and taking women, men and their babies to a separate camp to be looked over for appearance.

Chapter1-Being taken

In the village of Konoha, people and their families were happy, smiling and doing things that every normal person would. It was a strange time, men were now able to have babies and one particular special man, had just had a baby a year ago, and his name was Koyuki. Koyuki was his mother's one and only, he loved him with all his heart. It was his sworn duty to take care of the infant as long as he needed him. His mother's name was Naruto Uzamaki and for the past few months they had been living with Iruka Umino who was helping take care of the baby, and maybe steal Naruto's heart away.

At this particular time Naruto was feeding Koyuki his bottle in a rocking chair while humming softly. The baby was sucking on the bottle greedily, Iruka walked in and smiled.

"How sweet" Iruka said

Naruto smiled up at him and then back at Koyuki, who had let go of the bottle, with milk dripping down the side of his mouth. Naruto took his bib and wiped it away, and Koyuki turned his head stubbornly. Naruto put him against him and rested the baby's head on his shoulder and patted his back slightly, so he would burp. Once Koyuki let out the small noise, Naruto smiled and kissed his slightly red cheek.

"Your so cute" Naruto said

Koyuki made a small noise and Naruto laughed, making him smile and lay his head on Naruto's shoulder.

"Come on baby let's go play" Naruto said taking him to his bedroom and laying him on his bed, on his back

Naruto picked up the small blue rabbit and shook it in Koyuki's face. Koyuki bounced slightly and blew a spit bubble of happiness. Koyuki reached for the rabbit as Naruto dangled it above him.

"He's adorable" Iruka said

Naruto looked to the door.

"Isn't he" Naruto said smiling

"You're a good mother Naruto" Iruka said

"Thank you" Naruto said as Koyuki held the rabbit

"He looks so much like his father, shame he's never gonna get to see him" Naruto said getting a angry look in his eye

"Oh Naruto forget about him, he doesn't know what he left behind" Iruka said putting an arm around Naruto's shoulders

"Thank you Iruka your very sweet" Naruto said kissing him on the cheek

"W-well t-thank you" Iruka said blushing and laughing nervously

Naruto leaned his head on Iruka's chest as he watched Koyuki play with the rabbit toy and move his legs around, like he always did.

"Iruka your right, he doesn't know what he left, but I know what I found" Naruto said

"Oh, and what is that?" Iruka asked

"A good father for Koyu-chan...will you Iruka?" Naruto said

"M-me" Iruka said

"Yes" Naruto said picking up Koyuki and cradling him in his arms

"W-well I don't know" Iruka said

"Please, look at this little face" Naruto said looking at Koyuki who looked at Naruto and then Iruka as he sucked his fingers

"'d be honored" Iruka said

"Thank you" Naruto said

Naruto hugged Iruka, with Koyuki between the two of them, but he wasn't being smashed he smiled and screamed happily.

"He seems delighted with the idea aren't you Koyu-chan" Naruto said

Koyuki smiled at Naruto and Naruto smiled back. For right now, they were a happily family, but tomorrow wasn't going to be the same, it was gonna be a day that changed everyone's lives.

The next day came, fire, screaming, terror and fear rang threw the village. In the home of Uzamkai Naruto, Iruka was sheilding Naruto and Koyuki, who was crying of fear in his mother's arms. Naruto was holding onto Koyuki tightly. Naruto had wrapped the baby in a blanket and was hunched over him, while Iruka was hunched over him. The door to their small home burst open and group of the kings men came in and grabbed Iruka and roughly threw him to the floor.

"This one has a baby"

Koyuki screamed loudly as his mother, was pulled up and dragged outside.

"Your coming with us" the men said

"Please I don't care about me, just don't hurt my baby" Naruto cried tears sliding down his face

"Relax we're not gonna hurt you or your baby, were taking you to the king to get your baby's and your appearance checked we're looking for someone, at the time and once they are found you and your baby will be brought back to your home" he said

"W-what about Iruka?" Naruto asked

"He'll stay he tries and stop us, we will kill him" he said

Naruto's eyes widened and he gasped. They were thrown into a carriage, with a lot of other women, who had babies. Right now, Naruto's was the only one who was crying.


They had been driving now for three hours and Koyuki had began to calm down, but was still whimpering as Naruto sung to him.

"Hush little baby don't you cry momma's gonna keep safe and dry if the bad men hurt a hair on your head momma's gonna break the fat king's neck" Naruto said

The women and few men who were there held onto their own infants. Koyuki finally stopped crying and Naruto kissed his cheek.

"That's my boy" Naruto said

After another hour they stopped and were all ushered out into a line. There was a huge castle standing in front of them, everything was covered in the family crest of the king, Naruto noticed he looked around as they were walked into the castle and down halls until they got to the throne room. Naruto and the others were stopped and now they were all waiting, for something.

"Stand here and wait, till the king and youngest prince arrive" the guard said

Naruto waited afraid of what was going to happen. The doors then burst open and what he thought to be the king and his son, walked in and started inspecting the women. Naruto watched as they began to take men and women away, whose baby they didn't want. Naruto was scared, there were only four people away from The prince pulled the blanket from Koyuki's little head and Koyuki looked up at him with a scared expression.

"This is him"

"It is?"

"Yes father I know those eyes any where....Naruto"

Naruto's eyes widened and he looked up angrily.

"Sasuke" Naruto said

"Naruto, I've been looking for you all over" Sasuke said

"You bastard" Naruto spat

"Not in front of our child" Sasuke said rubbing Koyuki's head

"Don't touch him" Naruto said slapping Sasuke's hand away

"You left me to fend for this baby on my own, I don't wanna have anything to do with you" Naruto said

"...we'll see about that" Sasuke said glaring at Naruto