Summary-Sasuke and Naruto have finally decided to get married, but little did the couple know a big surprise would take place on their special day.


The special day had finally arrived, the biggest day in Sasuke Uchiha's life. The day he married the man he had been in love with, for as long as he could remember. Sasuke and Naruto had decided to get married and become a real family. The wedding was to be small, they didn't want a big ceremony, just something with family and friends.

Sasuke's mother had wanted to go all out, but they had refused, but they wouldn't have won, if his father hadn't agreed with them.

They were now all getting ready and preparing for today's big ceremony. Naruto was with Sasuke's mother who had insisted that she be the one to dress him. Naruto hadn't wanted to wear anything fancy, with him being pregnant and all. So he had just wore his nice shirt, with the trimming and a white silk cape, along with a veil, he wasn't to particular about it, but Sasuke's mother had wanted him to wear it, saying it gave a sense of who was bride and who was groom. So now Naruto was all dressed up and holding his white clad baby in his arms, who was sucking on a pacifier. He smiled down at Koyuki as he played with his mother's veil.

"You like that don't you" Naruto said

"Naruto...oh honey no don't play with that" Mikoto said taking Koyuki from Naruto


"I'll hold Koyuki during the ceremony" she said smiling

"Thank you" Naruto said

"Your welcome, oh come on dear it's time for you to get married" she said excitedly

Koyuki made a small sound as he was carried from the room and into a room full of people, sitting at tables in nicely decorated chairs. His big blue eyes stared around the room, spotting his father, his grandfather and his uncle up at the front, he reached forward, in that direction. Mikoto smiled down at him.

"Sorry honey you can't be with daddy until after the wedding" she said

As the music started, Mikoto motioned to the servants behind the curtains, cutting the main room off from the hall.

"Mr. Uzamaki, it's time" they said

Naruto nodded and took the flowers he was handed before taking three deep breaths, before starting his way down the isle. Everyone stood up and smiled as they watched him.

Sasuke smiled as he watched his bride walk down the isle towards him, stomach bulging with their second child, and his cheeks deep red. It just made him all the more cuter. As he reached the front, he took a hold of one of Sasuke's hand and they stood before the pasture.

"Dearly beloved's were all gathered here today to partake in the binding of these two souls, Naruto Uzamaki and Sasuke Uchiha" he said

Naruto stood there, watching the man's mouth move, but not really hearing him for the pain he was having in his stomach.

"So, Sasuke Uchiha, do you take Naruto Uzamaki to be your wailfully wedded husband" he said

He knew it was a contraction, but he was sure it would be a while longer before his next one.

"I do" Sasuke said

"Naruto Uzamaki do you take Sasuke Uchiha to be your wailfully wedded husband?"

"I d-..."

Everyone watched as Naruto put a hand on his stomach, dropping his flowers and clenched Sasuke's hand tightly with the other.


"Oh god" Naruto said falling back on his bottom, making everyone gasp

They all got up and rushed to see if he was okay.

"Naruto are you alright?"

"N-no my water broke" Naruto said

"What!" Sasuke exclaimed feeling nervousness take over his body

"Get out of the way" Fugaku said as Itachi scooped him up and carried him out of the room, leaving Sasuke there staring numbly at the ground

"..Sasuke honey come on" Mikoto said



She walked back over to him as quickly as she could in heels.

"Sasuke come on Naruto's having the baby" she said smiling

"I-I know" he said

"What's wrong?"

"...I don't know if I can handle this" Sasuke said

"Not again" she said

"i-I just don't know if I can do it" Sasuke said

"Sasuke you listen to me, you have worked to hard for to damn long to chicken out now" Mikoto said


"I know it's scarey, but Naruto's needs you and it's a lot more scarey for him, I mean he's the one who has to push the baby out" she said



He got up and left the room, she had no idea where he was going, but she knew it wasn't to be with Naruto.


She looked down at Koyuki who had screamed to get her attention.

"I know honey, I know"

She then left the room.

Sasuke didn't know what had come over him, he was just so afraid. He felt as if something was chasing him.

He dragged himself along the walls in the hall away from what at this moment, seemed to be the most horrible place on earth. He was sweating and much paler then usual. The walls were closing in on him, he was going to be crushed. On that note, Sasuke fell to the ground and laid there, panting as if he had just ran a marathon.

"Where are you going?"

Sasuke stopped and looked up at the wavering figure.

"W-who is that?"


Sasuke's eyes widened, and when everything finally came into focus, he was able to see a brown headed man wearing a brown suit and black bow tie.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked

"...why are you leaving him?"


"Why are you running away like a scared little rat!"

Sasuke flinched at his voice.

"Listen to me, Naruto hated you because you ran out on him, do you want to go threw it again?" Iruka said


"Do you!"


"Then get your ass up, and go be with him, he needs you" Iruka said

Sasuke laid there, not really making much of an effort.

"I can't" he said looking like he was gonna lose what ever he had eaten last night

"Why not?"

"Because im scared, im a horrible father, my own son hates my guts and no matter what I do he'll always like someone better then me, like you" Sasuke said

"That's not true" Iruka said


"Koyuki was afraid of you because you made yourself a bad man in his eyes" Iruka said

"I am a bad man, I go around kidnapping people and their babies and tearing their blankets off don't know!" Sasuke said feeling like the world was spinning

"So you ran because you don't want to be a bad father?" Iruka asked

"I ran because I can't handle not suit to be a father" Sasuke said

"Why are you thinking this now?" Iruka asked

"I don't know...I've always thought it, I left Naruto the first time because I thought he could raise the baby better without me and he can, I don't even know why I brought him so stupid" Sasuke said

"It's to late to go back, so you have no where to go but forward" Iruka said pulling him off the ground


Sasuke stood there processing what Iruka had just said, and came to the conclusion that he was right. He wanted Naruto back, and he was happy about having another what had made him run? Sasuke was afraid, afraid this baby would hate him just like their first one, and they both hated him, then...then he didn't know he would do. Sasuke felt his stomach lurch at the thought of his only two children calling someone else father, instead of him.

"I...I don't want them to hate me" Sasuke said looking up at Iruka

"They won't, if you go" Iruka said pointing down the hall



Sasuke stood up and straightened himself out, before running down the hall. Iruka smiled.

"I knew he would"

Meanwhile, Naruto was in his bed room, squeezing the living day lights out of Itachi's hand.

"Mother, he's killing me, where's Sasuke" Itachi asked on the floor, holding his arm

"I don't know" she sighed

Koyuki was sitting outside, with Fugaku who hadn't wanted to be in the room during the birthing.

"Where's your stupid dad" he said looking down at Koyuki who was sucking on his hand



He turned his head to the left, spotting Sasuke.

"Where have you been?" Fugaku asked frowning

"Sorry, I needed to take in what was happening, is he in here?" Sasuke asked


Sasuke patted Koyuki on the head before opening the door. Itachi and his mother turned their eyes to him.

"Finally" Itachi said wrenching his hand out of Naruto's

Sasuke then took his place, holding his beloved's hand, while Kabuto, their doctor was down at the end of the bed, head under the blanket.

"Sasuke" Naruto said

"Yes Naruto"

"Im going to kill you" he said pulling him closer to him


"You did this to me" Naruto said threw clenched teeth as his chest heaved


"No you're not" Naruto said pushing squeezing his hand really hard

"A-" Sasuke said grasping his arm

"Okay Naruto, push" Kabuto said

Naruto gripped Sasuke's hand so tightly there was an audible crack, which made Sasuke's eyes widened.

"Mommy" he said

"Okay, give me a really big push" Kabuto said

Naruto did as he was instructed, practically killing Sasuke's hand in the process.


"Ah!" Sasuke groaned in pain as his hand turned purple

From the outside of the room, crying could he heard, making Fugaku's ears perk up and Koyuki look around trying to find the source of the sound.

With a snip here and a wash, the baby was now ready to be handed over to the parents.

"Congratulations Naruto, Sasuke it's a baby girl" Kabuto said handing the baby to Naruto

Naruto stared down at his little girl, noticing she had hair, just like Koyuki had.

Her skin tone matched her mother's and so did her hair, but he eyes were black just like her fathers. She stared up and Sasuke and Naruto threw half lidded eyes.

"Oh she's beautiful" Naruto said

"She looks just like you" Sasuke said

Naruto smiled at his husband as he sat down next to him on the bed and stared at their new born child. Sasuke giving her a finger to hold onto, he smiled. Being here for the birth of his child was the most amazing feeling he had ever had.

"Fugaku, you can come in now" Mikoto said poking her head out the door

He stood up, Koyuki in one arm, and went into the room. He walked over to the bed and handed Koyuki over to Naruto. Naruto held them, so they were facing each other. Koyuki's big blue eyes stared at her as she stared back at him with equal curiosity.

"Koyu-chan this is your sister" Naruto said


"What should we name her?" Naruto asked


Naruto watched as the two babies, interacted, Koyuki and her playing footsie.

"I know"


"Koyuki and Rikka" Naruto said smiling as they kicked at each other, Rikka smiling

"Say cheese"

They all looked at Itachi as he snapped a picture of Naruto and Sasuke with the babies, the whole family together and then the two babies who were smiling at each other.

~three months later

"Sasuke Uchiha, do you take Naruto Uzamaki to be your wailfully wedded husband to hold and to cherish for the rest of your life?"

"I do"

"Do you Naruto Uzamaki take Sasuke Uchiha to be your wailfully wedded husband to hold and to cherish for the rest of your life?"

"I do"

"I now pronounce you husband and husband" he said smiling as the two of them leaned in and kissed each other


They looked down at the two babies who were sitting on the floor on a blanket, staring up at them. Naruto smiled and leaned down, scooping his daughter up, Sasuke picking Koyuki up. They kissed their cheeks and held the two infants up, who clapped as everyone else did.



"I love you" Naruto said

"I love you too" Sasuke said smiling

The two held the babies as they walked down the isle again, everyone screaming and clapping for the newly wedded couple.

~Later that day

It was now late and Naruto and Sasuke were putting the babies to bed. As Naruto tucked both of them in, he smiled. They had, had a lovely wedding, the babies were adored by everyone and Iruka had shown up. Naruto had happily said hello to him, as did Koyuki, even Sasuke welcomed him in. The two looked forward to their new life together along with their children. But now that they both were looking down at the two of them, the realized something.

"They're not going to be this little for ever" Sasuke said

"I know" Naruto replied


"But no matter how big they get, they'll always be my babies"


Sorry for the lame last chapter, but I've been piled up wit homework and after the second baby was born I just can't think of any thing else that could possibly happen, anyways, thanks for reading. ^^ bye