A/N: I had a choice of either writing an angsty chapter of Till Death, especially when I'm not in a good mood, or write a story where it's a weird fantasy thing. I decided to go with the fantasy, just because I can't handle the drama- even fictional drama, right now. I've always wanted to do a fantasy story. A true fantasy story, not like what I attempted with Imagination Land (which I do like). After I finished Boy Meets Girl, I felt empty because I couldn't write about Jasper and Alice anymore. Then this idea came to mind. I found out that Tim Burton was doing a remake of Alice in Wonderland (which I have no idea what it's about, nor do I really care to read the book or watch any of the movies) and I just knew that I wanted to write a weird, dark, twisted tale of Alice in Wonderland and since I don't know the story, I could have complete creative control. So in short, it's Alice in Wonderland, without being Alice in Wonderland.

Summary: Alice falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in an alternative universe where she meets Jasper. A mix of popular fairytales set in an alternative universe. Alice/Jasper. Dark.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.

"Tut, tut, child! Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it."
-Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
The Rabbit Hole

My favorite fairytale was Alice in Wonderland, not because the main character and I both shared the same name, I loved the idea of a white rabbit, wearing a waistcoat, leading a small girl into a rabbit hole that took her to a different world.

After my mom read me the book, I spent hours with my little sister, Cynthia, looking for the white rabbit that would take us to his rabbit hole so we could go to Wonderland or at least so we could meet Bugs Bunny.

When I got older, I eventually grew out of the habit of looking for the rabbit, but I never forgot the feeling I had when I believed that I could find a hole that would take me to Wonderland. I had to share that feeling with others, so I started to write children stories. I was working on one right now, something similar to Alice in Wonderland, but more modern and not so much like an acid trip.

I was sitting under a tree in a meadow near my parent's house. I was over here for a family reunion and as much as I love my family, I wasn't interested in hearing them bicker with each other. Besides, I had to think about the setting that I was going to have my characters live in. I wanted something bright and colorful. I wanted it to be somewhere where children could escape to when they felt threatened or afraid. I wanted children to love my world like I loved Wonderland.

I closed my eyes and let my head hit the trunk behind me. A breeze blew the bangs out of my face. I sighed in content and stretched my arms over my head. I was going to fall asleep. I knew I was. I started to imagine what the world that I was creating would be like. The bright trees, the bright sky, the bright dresses, the bright everything. I wanted it to be beautiful and bright.

Something soft brushed against my leg. I opened an eye and looked at my feet. A white rabbit was eating a spear of grass next to me. I smiled as I picked it up and held it in my arms. It fought against me before it jumped out of my arms and started to hop away. I threw the spiral and color pencils sitting my lap onto the grass and followed after the rabbit.

I didn't know why I was following the rabbit. I guess it was my way of reliving my childhood. I had a flashback of Cynthia and me following after rabbits before we lost them when they slid under a bush.

The rabbit jumped into a hole under a hedge before I was able to grab it. I didn't go into the rabbit hole. There was really no point; the rabbit didn't want to be bothered and I had a story to write. I got to my feet, brushed the dirt off my knees, and walked back to my tree where I sat down and sketched what I imagined my Wonderland would look like.


I was sharing a bed with Cynthia tonight. There weren't enough beds in the house for everyone to have their own. It'd been awhile since we shared a bed and we weren't as close as we used to be, so it was awkward.

Cynthia was going to college in hopes of getting a law degree. I was writing children novels while I was taking courses at a community college. We were going two different directions with our lives. According to her, a children's author was one step below someone that acted on the Disney Channel.

"I saw a white rabbit earlier today," I told Cynthia as I stared at her reflection in the mirror. She rolled her eyes. I bit my lip, but didn't let the subject drop. "I'm thinking about writing my own version of Alice in Wonderland. It won't be like the original, but it will be similar. I drew a sketch of what I want it to look like." I grabbed the piece of notebook paper that I had ripped out of my spiral and handed it to her.

"Pretty," she said as she put it back on the desk to my vanity. "Very colorful."

I turned around. Cynthia was pulling her long hair up into a high ponytail. I ran my fingers awkwardly through my short black hair. I used to have long hair too, but I accidently burned it when I leaned over a gas stove and it caught on fire. The hair dresser that cut it saved as much as she could, which wasn't that much.

"Do you want to be a character?" I asked. "You really liked the Queen of Hearts; I can make you the King of Spades and change your name to Cody."

Cynthia didn't laugh. She didn't even crack a smile. She just let out an "humph" and crawled under the covers.

I rolled my eyes as I pushed myself away from the vanity desk. I turned off the lights and used the light from the moon that was shining in from the window to crawl back into bed with her. We were both lying as close to the edge as we could, an awkward silence filled the room as we waited to fall asleep.

"G'night," I said as I looked at her back.

"Night," Cynthia said in a monotone voice.

I was sad that we weren't closer. It's not like I didn't try, I called her on her cell phone (she doesn't have texting), I've e-mailed her, and I've invited her to my book signings, but she was always too busy to spend any time with me. It was depressing.

Cynthia's sleep medication must have kicked in because she was snoring. I rolled over onto my back and started at the ceiling. There were glow-in-the-dark stars staring back at me. Cynthia and I put them up there when we were little. Neither of us was tall enough to reach the ceiling, even with the step stool, so we jumped on the bed and hoped that the stars would stick when we bounced high enough to reach the ceiling.

I closed my eyes and cuddled closer to the bed. I thought about the plot to my story. I could see the rabbit hole that I wanted my character fall into, I saw the portal that took her to her new world, I saw all the colors, and the other characters.

I was about to play out one of the scenes in my head when I felt something brush against my leg.

I crossed my legs and tried to get back into the story that I was creating. The main character, Lindsey, was about to meet the rabbit that took her to the new world when I felt it again. My eyes shot open and I moved the blanket so I could see what was brushing against it.

A white rabbit was sitting next to my leg with a spear of grass in its mouth. I frowned at it. "What are you doing here?" I asked. I half expected it to scream "I'm late!" at the top of its lungs, but it just stared at me as it ate the grass.

I pushed Cynthia's shoulder. "Cynthia," I whispered loudly as I pushed her shoulder again. "Cynthia, do you see the rabbit next to me?"

She let out a loud snore and swatted my hand away.

I rolled my eyes and looked at the rabbit. It was still staring at me, his small mouth chewing on the same spear of grass. He jumped off of the bed and landed on the floor. He turned around so he could look at me. I got the hint.

I threw the covers on Cynthia and followed the rabbit.

As I ran down the stairs I started to think of all the stories I've read or heard where an animal leads a girl to a portal that leads to another world. I was so excited that I almost ran into the closed front door. In the stories I've read, there were no closed doors.

I opened the door and let the rabbit out. It shot across the field towards the meadow. The dry grass stuck at my feet as I ran after it. I didn't want to lose the only opportunity I would have to live out my fantasy, so I ignored it and ran faster.

It wasn't difficult to keep up with it. What was difficult was trying to keep up with it while weaving myself through the different trees that were scattered around. I thought about asking it to slow down, but if it didn't work in the books, I doubt it would work now.

The rabbit finally stopped in front of the rabbit hole under the hedge. It looked at me and then at the hedge.

"Am I supposed to go through that?" I asked.

It didn't say anything.

I measured the width of the hole with my eyes. I think this was the only moment that I was grateful to be so small.

I dropped to my knees, mentally thanked God that I was wearing pajama pants, and crawled through the hole into the darkness.

End Prologue.

A/N: Like the summaries says, this is a bunch of popular fairytales all rolled into one. It's rated T because I don't want people to think I'm going to write a lemon. Also, there is really no language. It is extremely dark though, this isn't like one of those fairytales that you'll see on Disney. I'm excited for this story and I would love to hear (POSITIVE) reviews about this story. :)

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