As usual, Knight Rider does not belong to me. Only Carlee and Michaela belong to me.

A King's Ransom for a Knight

Chapter 1

Michaela hummed quietly along with the song that was playing on the radio. The school bus bumped along down the road, causing her to bounce up and down on the seat. Each time she bounced, her curly shoulder length brown hair seemed to become weightless, floating around her face and head. Her mom was always commenting about how much she looked like her dad, Michael Knight, who had died before she was born.

Some of the older kids were talking loudly, but she ignored them, concentrating instead on the picture she was trying to draw in her notebook. The bus's bouncing made it difficult to keep a steady hand. She smiled at the thought of what her teacher would say, if she saw what she was drawing. "Mrs. Knight, Michaela has a very vivid imagination," Mrs. Houston had told her mom several times.

She glanced up as the bus came to a stop. One of her classmates, Billy Smith, walked past her and got off when the driver opened the door. Four more stops, and she'd be getting off the bus, herself.

Michaela was excited to get home. Her mom and her best friend in the whole world, K.I.T.T., were due back from a case today.

She carefully began coloring the Trans Am she'd drawn, with the black crayon.

Just then, the bus driver slammed on the brakes, hollering, "Hold on!"

The brakes locked, causing the tires to shriek as they left rubber on the blacktop.

Michaela's crayons went flying, but she managed to hang on to her notebook, hugging it tightly to her chest with one hand and bracing herself on the seat in front of her with the other.

She tried to look around the high seat back in front of her, but being only six years old, she was just too short.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably less than a minute, the bus finally came to a stop. Still unable to see what was going on, Michaela heard the bus door open.

Her blood ran cold at what she heard next. "If you brats behave and do what you're told, you'll get to go home to your Mommies and Daddies!"