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Orochimaru sat at his desk looking at the letter a small brown owl dropped off. He knew only one person who would send him letters by owl. She had been his mission and that one night probably produced a child. Orochimaru was not worried. She had a husband and a perfectly good explanation for the child if things got out of hand. He almost put the letter to the side but something stopped him. He opened the letter and read;

Dear Orochimaru,

I do hope this letter has found you in good health. Though I'm afraid the same could not be said of me. Your cousin has decided to try and kill my child because of a prophecy. Normally I would not be writing to you as I do not wish to buy your services again. but I'm afraid I must. The reason I am writing is because you are my child's father and as such I ask you to care for him. His eyes are the same color as mine. Harry or Haru has your skin color and calm demeanor. While he has my grandfather's hair and lips. He may be able to open his eyes but I am not sure. As such I took the necessary precautions to insure that you will not take over our son's body. When you get this letter find the Dursleys. They will have him.

Lilly Potter nee Evens.

Orochimaru frowned thoughtfully, 'so he might gain his ancestors power.' Orochimaru smiled widely, 'his power will be mine. I will train him and use him to capture whichever Uchiha I decide on.' Orochimaru then laughed loud and hard before standing and leaving, after leaving a note to his old sensei.

Orochimaru soon found himself in front of a small house surrounded by other small houses looking exactly like it, down to the last flower. The only difference was the number four on the mail box. He walked up the pathway and knocked calmly on the door. The door opened to show a pale child that looked no older than two, one eye a swollen blackened blue, the other a brilliant emerald green that he remembered on his mission's face. The boy's single visible eye held a dark maturity that he never saw on any one but his own face. Orochimaru smile; the perfect heir.

"Where are your guardians boy?" Orochimaru asked the child before him. The boy waved him in and ran to get his relatives. Orochimaru could barley stop himself from gagging at the horse faced woman and her whale of a husband. The fat man raised his hand to hit the child, but Orochimaru stopped him.

"You will not lay a hand on my child." Orochimaru hissed lowly. The two of them looked at him like he had grown a second head.

"You're… You're the boy's father?" The woman asked her eyes wide as she remembered a note Lilly had left them. One line in particular came to mind, Petunia Orochimaru is a killer. Please don't get in the way… He will kill you…

He will kill you… Petunia thought in shock before looking at the child then back at the man. She composed herself and said, "You want him, take him. I dare say we don't have enough to feed him and our precious Dudderkins."

Orochimaru looked furious at her. 'Now it'll take even longer to get him to the muscle mass he'll need to begin training.' Orochimaru looked down at the child. "Haru-kun. Why don't you go outside while I take care of this filth?" The child nodded and went outside, ignoring the screams that came from the inside. A twisted smirk crossed his features for a moment before he schooled it into an innocent look. That did not stop Orochimaru from smirking. For he had seen the child's twisted smirk and he was glad for his little stop.

The next week a small newspaper rolled around in the wind before unrolling to show the headline of the main article, Innocent people tortured in home. The paper then rerolled into itself and blew past an empty house, Number four Private Drive, Surrey, England.

~Chapter one~

Oto village

The child slept most of the way to the village, more often than not jerking awake for a few minutes to find Orochimaru staring at him. He had called him Haru-kun and the small child wasn't sure if that was his name or not. He was almost positive, but he had heard his aunt introduce him as Harry on the few occasions that someone had asked his name.

"Sir?" He asked hesitantly.

Orochimaru looked down at the child and found one curious green eye staring back at him. "What is it?" He said harshly.

The child didn't even look too fazed at his tone. 'Good' Orochimaru thought, 'He can still be molded into a perfect heir' "I would like to know… My name please."

Orochimaru stared at him for a moment and answered, "Your name was originally Harry. You will be called Haru in my home village."

Haru just nodded and stared out the window calmly. Long fingers tapped a light cadence as he watched clouds go by. Orochimaru could only smirk at how easy it would be to turn the small child into his heir. He would be perfect, absolutely perfect.

~seven years later~

Haru sat patiently, watching kneeling Kabuto for any sign of disobedience. Kabuto was in charge of him, now that his cover was blown. Haru himself wasn't sure if the teen's loyalty was with his father or someone else.

"Well?" Haru hissed at Kabuto.

"Orochimaru-sama has gone to find Tsunade and get her to heel his arms."

"And you did not go with him?" Haru asked, sounding more like Orochimaru than a small eleven year old.

"Your father did not wish it, Haru-sama."

Haru nodded and stood beckoning Kabuto to follow him. Haru was not stupid; he knew that Kabuto was much powerful than he was. So Haru would play nice, and make sure that Kabuto would care for him. He would keep Kabuto close.

"Your father has trained you well, Haru-sama." Kabuto said politely as they walked through Oto to Haru and Orochimaru's home.

Haru just looked at him and his look clearly said he is my father; of course he trained me well. Then Haru sighed, "My father may have trained me well but I am only at Chunin level. Not nearly powerful enough to help my father."

"You are still young yet, Haru-sama." Kabuto said politely wondering what game the child was playing.

Haru smirked inwardly and began to play his mask. "I know, Kabuto-san, but I want to help my father so much."

"Of course you do, Haru-sama." Kabuto said watching the small almost teen. "Any of Orochimaru-sama's ninjas would want to help him. He is after all our Otokage."

Haru nodded and turned to walk away, in a manner that was all too familiar to Kabuto. Kabuto shook his head and followed the child as he strutted through the halls. He did not walk through the halls as if he owned them, but Haru walked confidently, proud that he was Orochimaru's son.

Haru stopped at the corner of one of the hallways as an owl landed on his outstretched arm. The bird was a snowy white and was in fact a personal favorite of Haru's. The snow white owl had a few black markings around its eyes but other than that it was nearly forgettable. They stared at each other for a while before Haru swore lowly and immediately pulled a pen and paper from his pack at his side. He wrote a short message before sending it off with the white owl.

Kabuto looked between the bird and Haru for a few moments and Haru finally answered,

"She's my summon." Was all Haru would say before entering his room and closing the door on Kabuto's face. As soon as the door was closed Haru pulled out the letter he had placed in a side pouch and read it. A smirk lit his face as he wondered if his father would let him go to this 'Hogwarts.' He would need a body guard and would have preferred to have the Uchiha brat properly trained first before he took him… Well, he could cross that bridge when he got to it. He could even take Kabuto, dispitehis strong dislike for the teen. May be he could teach the teen a lesson while he was at this new school. He would need to talk to his father.

Orochimaru stood infront of Tsunade as she struggled to chose her destiny. The bait, her dead brother and boyfriend, were sure to get what he needed. Before she could answer, or the two familiar charkra's to arrive a beautiful white owl landed on Orochimaru's arm and hooted softly. It held out a clawed foot and let him undo the letter. Orochimaru read the letter twice before frowning.

"Well, It looks like I must be leaving. I'm sorry Tsunade-chan, but we must continue our chat another time. Hmmm? I'm sure you know how to find me… and my son." And Orochimaru walked away, leaving a very stuned Tsunade.

When Orochimaru arrived in Oto he imeadiatly walked into his son's room. He stood silently waiting for Haru to speak up.

"Father-sama," Harusaid with a bow, "I was recently delivered a letter to go to a school called Hogwarts. You told me to alert you immediately."

Orochimaru nodded, "You will need a body guard, Haru-kun. I do not want anyone to know of your power."

"Of corse, Father-sama. I was thinking of bringing Kabuto. This way I'll be able to keep an eye on him."


"Yes, Once a turn coat always a turn coat is the appropriate saying. He will do anything to survive and I do not trust him father than I can throw him." Haru smirked, "Besides he's more likely going to tell lil' ol' me he's spying on you than you."

"That is a good plan Haru-kun."

"Father-sama?" Haru asked.


"If he's a turn coat, can I play with him?"

Orochimaru laughed at his son who gave him a vicious and twisted smirk. "Go ahead, but Haru-kun… I want him alive and sane."

"Of course, father-sama. When have I not givin back someone in less than perfect condition?"

Orochimaru smirked at him, "Get ready. I do not want to be late to this meeting with McGonagel."

Haru nodded and put on his best outfit, which was the only outfit he had besides his training clothes. He slipped on a lose short sleeved shirt that covered the many scars he had criss-crossing his chest and back. It also his the numerous weapons on his upper body. He pulled on a pair of blue jeans, also hiding the many weapons and bandages wrapped around his legs. He slipped on a pair of shoes wincing at the uncomfortable feeling and walked out of the room after grabbing a small travel pack.

"I'm ready, Father-Sama." One transportation justu later and the two were on the out skirts of a Japanese wizerding town. Orochimaru grabbed a portkey and the two disappeared in a flash of white.

They landed in Hogsmed, a small wizering town located somewhere in Scotland. Haru looked at his father before scanning the village. Their wasn't much there.

(An from here on Japanese will be in itacis while English shall be in normal)

"This place is… rather pathetic, Father-sama." Haru said in disgust. It was a filthy place, much worse than Oto and Oto was a small ninja village.

Orochimaru frowned, "It isn't worth wondering about, this place could be like wave; over ruled by a ruthless tyrant."

"A ruthless tyrant that dosen't care about the state of his village, you mean." Haru sneered at the thought of Gatou's slow rise to power. "You need a strong base to hold a strong defence. Wave would never be able to defend in an attack."

"He only wants power, and that will be his downfall… Haru-kun. You must balance power and cunning, wisdom and your own greed. Remember that." Orochimaru told Haru, smiling at Haru's thoughtfull look.

"Your right as always, father-sama." Haru looked up and frowned, "That must be the teacher. She's as bad as some of Kohana's ninjas."

Minevera McGonagel briskly walked toward the two Oto ninjas with a slight frown on her face. Her hair was done up in an intagrint bun.

"You must be McGonagel-san." Orochimaru said with a frown, "You do know you are late?"

Minevera just stared at him at his slightly rude tone, not quite sure what to make of the tall pale man.

"father-sama, I will be fine by myself… for now. Though if Kabuto would come out of hiding it would be nice."

Kabuto sighed and moved out of the shadows he was hiding in and frowned at Haru. "How did you know I was there?"

"Father-sama told me that you are my body guard. It would only make sense that you would be hiding somewhere near here."

McGonagel looked back and forth between the two ninja and frowned. "You must be Haru, and you must be his father Orochinmaaru." McGonagel butchering Orochimaru's name. "But I do not know who you are."

"That is Kabuto. He will be Haru-kun's body guard until I deem Haru-kun able to completely protect himself. Even then he will still have a body guard somewhere nearby." Orochimaru said glancing at Kabuto quickly.

"Your son will be perfectly safe in Hogwarts." McGonagel said.

"Maybe from your own kind, but what of my enemies? I am an important person and there have been many attempts on my son's life."

"They never stay long though…" Haru frowned, "I never get to play with them."

"Haru-kun. What have I told you about speaking in other languages?"

"Never speak another language in front of a guest. It is rude and unbecoming."

Orochimaru nodded. "As I was saying, Haru-kun's life is constantly in danger so it is only an added safety measure to have a body guard, or two nearby. Now Haru-kun" Orochimaru directed the next part to Haru. "I expect you to behave and not to get into anything serious." And with that Orochimaru left in a flash of sound.

McGonagel looked shocked, "Your father's not going to stay?"

Haru shook his head, "Father-sama is a very important person. He the leader of Oto; a village in Japan. A war is also about to break out so father-sama is needed a lot. I'm glad he was able to take the time to see me here, though."

Kabuto took the time to intervene, "What are you saying, Haru-sama? I do not recognize this language."

Haru sighed, "Excuse me, McGonagel-sensei, Kabuto dose not know English very much so I need to take the time to translate for him."

"Kabuto-kun… There is a good reason why you don't know the language. Father-sama dose not trust you as much as you think he dose."The veiled threat was easily heard even though Kabuto did not know if Haru could carry out the threat.

"May we go and receive my school supplies, McGonagel-sensei? I already know plenty about the wizerding world, after all my father is important, and I only need you to find the entrance to Diagon Alley."

McGonagel was shocked, the boy had spoken politely yet the words were rude and ungrateful. McGonagel did not know who taught him, but it was clear he needed lessons in manerisiums.

"I was taught my manners for many different culters, McGonagel, and if I do so recall; being late is something that is not done in any culter."

"yes… yes… well… come along then, you have much to do… I hope you have your school supplies list?" McGonagel asked clearly stunned by this old yet young child.

"When you live as I do, you learn fast… And become much more mature than others my age."

'Did he just read my mind?' McGonagel thought as Kabuto watched Haru's blood line work.

"I did not need to read your mind to know what you are thinking, McGonagel-san. Your face clearly shows what is going on in your brain." He spoke politely, yet something in his tone was too polite, a politeness that was rudeness in itself.

"Haru-sama, we should go now." Kabuto said as he inclined his head to Haru.

Haru nodded to McGonagel, who gathered herself before she took them to floo to the black cauldron. They ignored the customers in the Cauldron and walked into Diagon Alley.

"First we need to get your money exchanged into wizerding currency." McGonagel told them as Haru tapped his foot impatiently. It was the first time Kabuto had ever see Orochimaru's heir act impatient. It was also the first time Haru was ever talked down upon, those in Oto learned quick. Kabuto shuddered at the look Haru had once given him. Even if Haru was only at Chunin level the boy was a genius at torture and interrogation.

"And McGonagel please call me Haru-sama… Calling me otherwise is like calling a professor kitty or greasy bat." Haru's voice was again at that polite yet not polite tone.

"Why I Never… Look here young man. I am a teacher! You are to respect your teachers."

"You may be a teacher, McGonagel, but I am the son of the Otokage. I am in a much higher position than you. I am also ahead of your own schooling here. And as such I expect to be giving the respect that is due to one in my position. Do. You. Understand?" Haru spoke lowly and bits of killing intent leaked from him. McGonagel shivered in fear and nodded. "Good. Come along now, Kabuto."Haru walked away and ignored the techer's yelling. He stepped into Gringots and ignored McGonagel who had followed him inside. Haru walked to the nearest goblin and called him over.

"What do you want?" The goblin asked coldly.

"Is it unfair to assume that two warriors of blood and pain can not talk to one another as friends, Interrogator?" Haru asked.

The goblin looked at Haru for a long while as Kabuto stood uneasily beside Haru. "I have never seen one so young… yet so experienced."

"Why thank you. Now my father told me about some vaults that my mother and her husband left behind when they died. I was wondering if I would be able to accesses them even though I'm not my mother's husband's son."

"It depends, if you are the last remanding relative then yes you will inherit the family fortune. if not, you will need to come in contact with the heir and see if you are able to with draw a monthly strip end."

"And other relatives of the Potters?" Haru asked amused at the gasp behind him. "McGonagel it is very rude to listen in on other peoples conversations… unless you are a ninja, of course, then it is completely natural… Are you a ninja, McGonagel?"

McGonagel ignored him, "but… but… Lily only had one child…"

"I can assure you it was completely accidental. Father-sama did not want to have anything to do with Lily-san."

"Your… but you looked just like James."

"Lily was related to a powerful wizard with a unique ablity. The descendants who are able to use this ability have shaggy black hair that straightens out as they come into their abilities and killing curse green eyes. And I can assure you that I have both. Now if you will excuse me I have a vault to check on."

The goblin motioned Haru to follow while another goblin blocked McGonagel as she tried to follow the three of them. "I'm Harry's guide." McGonagel told the goblin.

"A warrior like them needs no guide witch." The goblin said as it turned to face the darkened entrance, leaving McGonagel once again stuned into silence.

Haru smiled as wind rushed past his face and turned to Kabuto. "Isn't this great Kabuto-san? I never was able to go this fast without running before." Haru yelled as the cart moved faster. Kabuto was not looking well. He was very pale and had a green tinge to his face that was undouptibly from the dragons that had flown by.

The cart finally slowed to a stop and Haru got out and opened to vault. He grabbed a few coins and hopped back into the cart as Kabuto pushed his glasses onto his face and latched onto the cart as it spead upward.