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It was during Haru's first class that he noticed something wrong. Hermione had taken to avoiding him in his first class, something that she never did to his clones, or on any of the rare times he actually attended classes. It made no sense to Haru, he didn't remember a time that he could have insulted her or, Haru stopped the train of thought as he stared at her. Hermione noticed and turned pale before looking away.

She feared him.

Now normally that was a good thing. Haru was defiantly a person to fear. He wanted people to fear him. However, having Hermione fear him was not beneficial to his plans. Haru frowned and thought over his schedule and his past schedule. He had been ignoring the girl, had been avoiding her after class, spending more time working on the slytherins and studying. Maybe if he had spent the time with her she might not be this frightened, however, that was the past and the past cannot, and should not be changed.

Haru sighed, a breath on the wind and thought on the best way of eliminating the fear Hermione had of him. He would have to be slightly formal with the girl, but not to formal. He'd have to tell her the truth of his life, but not all of it. Not even close to all of it. She wouldn't understand what he would have to do. She was a civilian, however, some aspects she might, and he'd have to work with those. He'd have to be delicate with her, but firm. Show her that yes, he was mean to his enemies, but only to his enemies. He'd have to bloody her hands too at some point. Teach her to properly respect her kill. Something his father never would understand. Something that Manda and Hedeuigu were very sure to teach him about.

Haru sighed again, carefully planning out what information he would give to her and what he would hold back. He also planned ahead if the girl chose not to be his villager or if she chose to fight as a ninja, unlikely however not possible. He also had to plan out routes for Kabuto and the Aburame. He couldn't let Kabuto over hear what would be treason and perfect blackmail. Or if Kabuto did hear, he was going to make sure he had more blackmail or a nice accident prepared for him. If he was luck, he may even get a servant out of it. It would badly damage Kabuto's brain, but it would leave a very capable and loyal ninja in his hands.

The bell rang, disrupting him from his thoughts. With a sigh he motioned Kabuto to leave and approached Hermione. He couldn't leave this to go on anymore.

"Hermione, may I have a word with you?" He asked politely, much more politely than he normally would.

"I… uh… s…sure" Hermione stuttered, her face paling even more.

Haru led her away from the door, just out of hearing, but well within range of the teacher and other students. It was a planned move to give her comfort. It worked.

Hermione gained some of the color that she had lost and some of her mussels loosened. Not a lot, she was still terrified of him, but enough to make Haru smile a little.

"I'm sorry" Haru apologized, meaning it, but not in the way she would understand it.

"F…for what?" Hermione was surprised; she could hear the sincerity in Haru's voice and could see it in his eyes.

"For scaring you on Halloween. I'm not used to civilians like you." Haru admitted, carefully looking at the ground and not looking up.

Hermione shook and looked away from Haru.

"I'm not a nice person Hermione; I grew up a solider for my father. I've fought and killed when most children were learning what good and evil were. Before my father I lived with my abusive relative who beat me and kept me in a cupboard under the stairs." Haru looked up and into Hermione's eyes. "I enjoy it sometimes. It's wrong, I know." Haru shook; this was something he had never shared with anyone. "I'm not my father, Hermione. My father would have you working for him. I don't want you to fight for me; I just need someone to understand I'm not normal."

"I… Just let me think about it, please." Hermione shook a little less, but only because her face had a thoughtful look on it.

"Just one last thing" Hermione gave him her full attention "I'm on a mission, please don't make me have to do something I'd regret. I wish I could say I'd do anything for you, but I am my father's. I would have no choice."

"Kabuto?" Hermione asked

Haru smiled in relief. She understood, even if it was only a little, she understood. "Hai"

Hermione nodded in understanding. "Give me three days; I'll have it all thought out then."

Haru nodded and walked away with a slight wave. That was one problem out of the way. Now he had one other and that was a bug user.

The Aburame sat at a table in the library far enough from everyone where he couldn't be heard or seen. A good strategy if the Aburame had the upper hand, but since Haru could not see any way that the Aburame could, it was a useless strategy as Haru could kill him without a second thought. It was what Haru had been trained to do, unlike the weak Kohana shinobi who blanched at the thought of blood.

However, Haru would not act, at least not yet. He wanted the Aburame, and he would have the bug user as one of his own. Even if it meant breaking him, Haru would own him.

Haru walked over to the Aburame and sat down at the only other chair available. He could see the Aburame tense and watched the very subtle movements around his mouth and nose. Unlike what most of the villagers and ninja's thought; it was very hard for Haru to use his kekkei genkai. However, Haru knew the human mind inside and out. He was trained from a very young age how the muscles in the face could represent thoughts and how to compare them with the owners past life to give him a quick insight to his prey's mind. Once he understood the basics he could then work out exactly how they would respond by their movements and what they say after a brief introduction.

"Good afternoon Aburamesan" Haru said politely as he sat, carefully noting as Shino moved his hand in preparation of a jutsu.

"What do you want?" Shino spoke blandly, almost blankly, but Haru could hear the hidden fear in his voice.

"I want help" Haru said bluntly as he leaned forward. He figured it would be best to be blunt first with the bug user, then work on mentally wearing him down if being blunt didn't work.

Haru smirked slightly at the surprise on the Aburame's face. It was better that the denial that he had been expecting.


Haru leaned back, looking almost completely defenseless and completely in control of the conversation. "Because I want out." He said looking up at the ceiling and feeling for Kabuto's chakra, just in case. 'Good' Haru thought 'he doesn't know quite yet.' He turned his attention to Shino once more. "I do not wish to be my father's pawn, to be molded and manipulated at will. However, I'm not nearly as strong as him and have no army to back me up."

"How would I help, I am but one chunin. I do not have an army, and I will not go against Kohana" Shino stated also relaxing the slightest bit.

"I will not put you between your village." Haru stated "I am more than willing to buy your abilities as a spy again Kabuto."

Shino raised an eyebrow.

"All's I need you to do is alert me to his movements and I will pay you handsomely. You can also take any information you learn about Kabuto and my father to your Hokage." Haru finished and fished out a small bag of money and sat it on the table.

"What's the catch?" Shino stared hard at Haru.

"You tell your Hokage about me and my plans and I will kill you." There was death in his eyes and Shino knew that Haru would keep that promise.

"If it harms my village I will have to tell."

"Then I'll make sure that it will not come to that."

Shino paused to think about for a long moment then sighed, "deal." He took the bag of money, counted it out quickly and disappeared.

Haru followed.

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