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I packed the last bit of my clothes in my over packed suitcase and tried to zip it shut. I had everything but the kitchen sink in it.
It was back to normal once again, spending my summer in Forks, washington with my father. But not just the summer anymore, I was moving there permanently. I hadn't been there since the summer of 2000 when I was 11 years old. I was now 16 going on 17. I lived with my Grandma in Los Angeles for as long as I could remember.

I never knew my mother, apparently she loved the bottle more than she loved me and dad and decided to move out of our lives for good. Oh well, my father was all I needed.

My dad visted me frequently in Los Angeles but now that my grandma has Alzheimer's desease and doesn't know who the hell I am anymore, my dad decided that it was time for me to move back home.

I used to love my summers in Washington. Despite it not ever having the best of weather, I enjoyed being there very much. I had many childhood friends there that I had missed. I also had childhood enemies too. Jacob Black comes to mind. We absolutley hated each other, he would hang with the boys and I would hang with the girls.

We had our own little group of friends and we would play practical jokes on each other all the time. My group of friends included Emily, Leah, Bella and Rachel (Jacob's own sister). And he had Embry, Quil, Jared and Paul.

I looked over to my bed side cabinet and saw a very old picture that was taken 5 years ago. It was of me and my best friends and the anticaption of seeing them again made me feel sick. I was just too excited.

It was one of the hottest summers washington had ever seen and we were all on First Beach in La Push for a bonfire...

Flashback August 2000

"Throw me the damn ball butt munch!" Jacob shouted at me.

Him and the boys were playing Baseball on the beach, and no they weren't very good at it. The sun was blazing and we all had our shorts and T-shirts on.

"Only if you let me take a wack at it" I said smoothly at him. Jacob and I were so competitive, we never liked the other winning or the other one looking better than the other.

"Are you kidding me? Girls can't play Baseball!" The boys all started laughing at me and looked at me as if I was a joke.

"Are you scared Jake? Scared that you just might get your butt embarrassed by a girl?" The girls and I were sat on the high rocks swinging off the edge, we were told many times to stay away from the edge but we wanted to get a better look at the game.

"Scared? By you? Mia, you will never be better than me at Baseball". Jacob was acting so overly confident that I was so determined to wipe that smug smile off his face.

"I would'nt act so cocky Jake, I've seen Mia play and believe me when I say, this girl can run!" Bella and I played all the time with the kids from Forks in the clearing in the forest. I was the only one that could ever get a home run 5 times in a row.

Bella and her father Charlie lived next door to my dad. I always missed her when the summers were over and I had to go back to L.A, but she was always the first person I would knock on for when I came back again.

"Let's take a bet Jakey boy, If I don't bat this ball on to that rock furthest away, me and the girls get to be yours and the guys slaves for a whole day" Everyone gasped in unison.

"Um.... Mia? I think you may have gone over to the bad place. There is no way I am going to be their slave" Leah started shaking nervously.

"Relax Leah, Mia is a pro. She will definitley get it" Bella reassured her.

"And if you do get it?" Embry asked. I had thought long and hard for this pay back, the last time we lost a bet we all had to dress in bright pink clothing to one of the bonfires. Every single one of us was a Tom-boy and we hated anything girly. Now it was time for sweet revenge.

"You have to go skinny dipping in the sea.... Butt naked!" All the girls started laughing their heads off and Leah almost fell of the edge of the large rock. The guys looked worried but quickly covered it up by rolling their eyes.

"Get ready to start making us sandwhiches woman!" Quil shouted and I stuck my tongue out to him.

I jumped off the rock and slowly walked over to the base. The girls were cheering me and the guys were booing. As I picked up the bat, I began to realise that there was definitley a slight chance I could miss the rock. I couldn't bare the thought of looking like a complete loser in front of everyone. My palms began sweating.

Jacob made the pitch and it was like slow motion, the ball was coming at me and I had my eyes peeled. For a mini second, I had a vision of Jacob and his pals freezing their nuts off in the sea while the girls and I were laughing our heads off. That was enough to make me determined to get that rock. I raised the bat in the air then BAM!

The ball went flying in the air, past the bases, past the bonfire and past all the adults until finally it smacked off that one rock.

An eruption of cheers and applause filled the air, even the adults looked impressed. All the boys jaws dropped and they couldn't believe I made it to that rock.

"You gotta admit, that was one hell of a wack" Quil said to jacob. Jacob looked defeated and through off his baseball cap. I was smiling so much my jaw began to ache. I looked and saw that my dad was running over to me.

"That was amazing Mia. See, I knew you took after me the most!" My dad lifted me up in the air and started twirling around. It was one of the many great memories I had.

End of flashback.

I quickly got out of my trance and realised I had 20 minutes to get to the Airport. I was recently staying with a friend in L.A. She lived in a funeral home and I couldn't bare living there much longer. I had many restless nights knowing there were dead bodies beneath me. I couldn't wait to leave. I hugged my friend good bye and she said "Please come back here and visit me when you can".

"Yeah.... Um sure" I felt awful, I was very grateful to her for letting me live with her all these months but jeez! I was glad to get away from that morbid place.

I slept through most of the flight and it was the best nap I had had in months. The food was disgusting and the flight movie was boring so I decided to put my head set on and listen to the Air radio. The first channel I switched to was playing a song that quickly made a memory spring to mind...

Flashback 2000

The girls and I rode our bikes round La Push. It was still abnormally warm there. Emily had taped a radio on to her handle bars and it was playing "You get what you give" By New Radicals. As we rode we all sang the lyrics to the chorus very loudly but I could hear some stifled laughter from the beach.

"Hmmm I wonder what those losers are up to today". We all rode towards the beach, still singing. When we got there we could see 5 figures in the sea.

The guys had lost the bet and they still had to do what we told them to do. But we all couldn't believe it, they had all actually stripped off and were playing around in the water.

"What the?!? they could have at least waited till there was another bonfire so everyone could see and laugh at them" Leah said in a huff.

"Well there goes the wasted bet" Bella said while kicking a rock on to the sand. I wasn't going to let them get away scot free, no I had another plan in mind.

The girls followed me down the beach towards them and I shouted "Hey losers, having fun?"

The guys quickly realised we were there and tried to cover their selves up with their hands.

"We were till you came along" Jacob said.

"Hey you know what else is fun? Us grabbing your clothes and running off with them" I said with an evil grin. They weren't so bothered about skinny dipping, but they would be if they had no clothes to put back on.

"YOU WOULDN'T DARE!" Jacob was getting scared now and it only made me feel more evil. We picked up their clothes and ran off. I looked back and could see they were running close behind us. We laughed at the fact that they were naked. We quickly got on our bikes and rode off. The boys stood shivering and they all looked like puppy dogs.

"Aww I feel so bad" Bella said and she made me feel guilty then too. Bella wasn't as evil as me, thank god she was around to stop me when I got too much.

"Aww now I do too!" We all started to ride slowly and we chucked each piece of their clothing behind us.

"If you want them, come and get them!" Bella shouted. The boys began running again and picked up there socks, underwear, pants and T-shirts. We finally got our revenge, and it was oh so sweet. We quickly rode off down the road with the song still blasting from the radio. I could have sworn I heard Jacob say "We will get them tonight" though.

End of flashback

The flight was finally over and when I looked out the window, it was absolutley pouring down with rain. But it didn't really bother me, I was so looking foward to seeing my dad. I collected my suitcase and went to meet my dad at the exit. I finally saw him, the one person I trusted in the whole world. I walked towards him but he wasn't looking at me at all, in fact he was looking right past me. Did he not recognise me? Then I suddenly realised he hadn't seen me since I dyed my hair a deep red. I was naturally a dull mousy brown but I like to change the colour of my hair on a monthly basis.

"Um, dad? It's me Mia!" My fathers eyes opened wide with shock.

"Mia! Jeez woman you changed your hair again? It'll fall out one day!" I rolled my eyes, and gave him a hug and a kiss.

My father was on the sick at the moment after he had an injury at work. He was a mechanic and apparently he dropped a heavy tool on his right knee. He was awaiting an operation and so he walked with a limp. He offered to carry my heavy suitcases but I said I was fine.

We were coming up to the entry of Forks in the car and my stomach did a flip. I was finally back home where I belonged. Everything we drove past had a memory. We finally got to our home and I unloaded my cases from my dads car. I heard a beep from next door but I couldn't recognise the truck, it looked really old. The door swung open and out popped my most missed friend. Bella.

"Oh my god!" We both squealed in unison and we both ran over to each other. Bella ended up falling on the grass, still her clumsy self I could see. When she finally got to me she hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe.

"It's good to see you Bells" I said as I hugged my friend.

"Your hair his crazy, when did you do this?" Bella said laughing.

"Awhile back, I just found a random bottle of it at my friends house and put it on" Bella laughed again

"You are so random with your hair, I can't even remember what colour it should be.
I unpacked my stuff in my room, Bella helped of course because I was so not as organised as her. When we finally had it done I went over to her house to greet Charlie.

My dad was already over there getting ready to watch a game. My dad and I are baseball freaks.

As Bella and I walked over to the lawn, a car pulled up outside. I didn't recognise who the people were but Bella seemed to. She was smiling and walking over to them.

A tall guy with long dark hair in a pony tail got out the car first and pulled out a wheel chair. The names that Bella called them had my jaw dropping to the ground.

"Hey Billy, Hey Jake"

Billy? Jake? No, that couldn't be Jake. He's huge! The Jake I knew was a little smaller than me with a baby face. But this guy didn't look like a kid at all, but a man!

"Hey Bells" he said as he helped his dad into the wheel chair. He looked over to me and it looked like he was trying to figure out who I was. Maybe the hair wasn't helping.

"Jake, Billy you remember Mia Aspinall don't you?" They both looked at me as if I was an alien and they both had the same look my dad had when he finally recognised me.

"How could I forget" Jake said smugly. He finally remembered.

I was the one that beat his ass at baseball that one time, the one that nicked his and his friends clothes, the one that through cold buckets of water over him while he was laying on the sand. But he did plenty to me too. And there was one thing that I would never forget that he did to me. But that's another memory.

"Hey" I said awkwardly and I shook Billy's hand.