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My head was pounding and I could hardly see straight. I wanted my friend, Jack Daniels, to make me feel better not worse, but who was I kidding? Why was I turning to alcohol when things got tough? I was becoming incredibly weak and I was acting like a complete idiot.

Sure, things were going a bit crazy lately, Vampire tried to kill me, Jake and his friends are werewolves and Bella knew the whole freaking time and never told me but I knew I needed to keep my head straight. I knew that their was always a light in the tunnel at the end but this sure was some long tunnel.

It was like ever since I came to Forks, my life was just waiting to spiral out of control. Back in L.A. I had the perfect life, great friends, great house, wonderful grandma and my life was always simple. I never thought in a million years that what had happened to me lately, would happen to me. Why me? I'm nothing special, I'm just a normal girl trying to get by in life, I didn't want anything else to fuck it up.

I still felt a little hurt about Bella, but I could also see her side of things. Bella and Jake were great friends, I could see that they would tell each other everything. I can see why Bella kept it from me, she didn't want to break her promise to him, she knew it was down to him to tell me. But a little warning would have been nice.

As much as I was still shocked about the fact Jake was a werewolf, I still loved him. I never thought I would ever say those three words to Jacob Black, my own worst enemy, the kid I hated the most, the one I wanted punch in the face several times. But ever since our date, I saw him in a completely different light, we had so much in common, more than we ever thought possible. He was sweet and kind and not to mention unbelievably gorgeous.

Still, I didn't think I was quite ready to have that life with him, to be the girl dating a mythical creature. It just sounded so crazy and I was still trying to understand about the imprinting part. So I was his perfect match? The person who was born to be only his? It amazed me to think of it that way.

Maybe that's why we were always fighting as kids, even if it wasn't quite love then, there was definitely something there. Something that was pulling us together, even if it was only hate for each other, it was still something that made us feel strongly about each other.

I began to think about our first kiss, how sweet it was. If it wasn't for Embry, I never would have shared it with Jake, I thought I was going to hate it but I knew I liked it. I wondered if he secretly liked it too, and if from that moment, like me, he started to really like me?

As I was deep in thought, a huge bump on the road made my head smack against the car window and I suddenly realized where I was. I was in Edward's Volvo, he must have carried me out of the bar when I fell of the chair and hit my head, how embarrassing.

The headlights from the cars passing by made me squint my eyes, I was feeling very fragile. I just wanted to go home and curl up in a ball and not wake up for hours, I didn't want to face reality.

"We're here." Edward said quietly.

I lifted my head off the window, my neck felt so stiff. As I went to open the car door I wanted to ask Edward something.

"How did you know where I was?" He took a deep breath and lifted his head to me.

"I... I just did..."

As I went to open my mouth to ask him the question I was dying to ask him, he suddenly spoke before me.

"I know what you're going to ask, and the answer.... Is yes."

I just stared at him, I knew there was something different about him. They were all like him, the Cullens, they had something about them that reminded me of the vampire that went to attack me. I knew there was something.

"And... Bella knows this?" I whispered.


I didn't know what else to say, the sense was just completely knocked out of me.

"Um, do you kill people?"

"No, my family and I only hunt on animals. That is why our eyes are topaz. I guess you can say we are vegetarian vampires." He said with a crooked smile.

I laughed back, I suppose I had to, I had to do something to make the situation lighter.

"So, you can read my mind? That's how you can answer my questions before I ask them?"

"Yeah, I can read everyone's mind. Except... Bella's."

"Wow, she must feel special." I joked.

There was one more question I needed to ask but I figured I might as well ask it in my head considering he could see it already.

"I found out on the night of your date, Emmett and I went looking for Jake and we found him in his wolf form, I knew it was him because of my ability to read minds. I told him to stay away from you..."

"You did?"

"Yes, but I knew it was impossible for him to do that. I could see in his mind how he already felt about you, how he had imprinted on you. I was scared for yours and Bella's safety. I was furious when I found out he snuck in Bella's room that night, but In the end I understood why he did what he did. I don't like the guy much, he is my mortal enemy after all, but I know what it's like having to keep a secret from the people you care about."

I started to think that if Bella could except her love for what he is, then there shouldn't be a reason why I couldn't except mine, even if he had left me horrible scars on my arm.

"I know what he did is hard to get your head around, but at least he didn't mean to harm you. When I first saw Bella, did you know that I wanted to kill her?"

"What?" I gasped.

"Yeah, it took all the power in me to stop myself from drinking her sweet blood. But then I started to realize how much of an amazing human being she really is, and instead of having a delicious meal, I found love instead. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Wow, I was learning something knew every minute. Edward told me about the near fatal attack Bella had by another Vampire, she had been through so much already. They both had had many obstacles in their way and if they can get through something as brutal as that, then I needed to be strong and get over what happened to me.

"I'm sorry about before Edward, I don't know what came over me."

"Don't worry about it, people handle situations differently but I can already tell you are a strong person so you will over come all this eventually. I'm also sorry about what I said about you're mother, that was out of line."

"No, you were right. I just thought that drinking away my problems would help me, like my mom thought it would. Turns out I was wrong."

"How the hell did you get in their anyway?"

"Fake I.D. You can get them everywhere in L.A."

Edward laughed when I shown it him, it really didn't look anything like me but somehow it always worked. I wished him goodnight as we both got out the car. He went next door to Bella and I went home. I told him that I would make it up with Bella, I didn't want to spend another day not being with her, she was my best friend after all.

When I got in, dad was asleep on the couch. I pulled a blanket over him and dashed upstairs into bed.

The next day, while I was having my breakfast, the phone rang and I couldn't believe who it was.


"Hi Mia it's Emily, do you remember me?"

"Oh my god, of course I do, how are you?"

"I'm good, I just wondered if you would like to come round to mine for lunch today?"

"Of course."

"Cool, come by about 11:30 OK?"

"OK, see you then!"

I ran up the stairs and took a quick shower and through on any clothes that faced me in my wardrobe. I wanted to see Bella today and apologize but I would do that later. I hadn't seen Emily since I came back to Forks, she was such a good friend when we were kids.

I asked my dad if I could borrow is car for an hour or two and dashed out the door. As I drove past Jacob's house in La Push, I quickly looked out the window to see if I could see him. He was in his garage working on his car with no top on, it took all the strength I had to carry on down that road, I knew there were still some things we needed to talk about but I was still acting like a big coward.

I pulled up at Emily's and knocked on the door. I heard her say come in so I opened the door and walked right in. The house was so cute, it had beautiful furniture and the walls were filled with bright warm colors.

I saw Emily in the kitchen with her back to me, it looked like she was baking something in the oven.

"Hey Mia, take a seat at the table. Would you like a cup cake?" She said warmly.

"I would love one thanks."

She opened her fridge and pulled out a tray of cup cakes with yellow icing, they looked so delicious. I remember when we were little how much she loved to help Sue Clearwater with her cooking. I helped once, but I completely messed it up and it was Leah's birthday cake, oops.

She walked over to me by the table and handed me a cup cake, it tasted delicious. I smiled at her but I could see that she wasn't making eye contact with me. Her hair was also covering the right side of her face.

She sat opposite me on the table and it looked like she was trying her best to act normal, something was definitely up.

"Everything OK Em?" I asked.

"Yeah sure, why wouldn't their be?"

"I don't know, you just seem different some how. Maybe it's just me..." I shrugged it off and carried on eating the cake.

Her hand came across the table and gently lifted up the sleeve of my black shirt revealing my marred flesh. What was she doing?

"It looks like it's healed pretty well, you got lucky." She said with a smile.

I started feeling really confused,had Jacob told her about what happened to me?

"Yeah I guess so, but how did you-"

"How did I know? I heard about what happened with you and Jake. It was really unfortunate huh? One minute you were fine the next minute you getting clawed by a giant wolf."

She knew so much, I figured she already knew about the boys phasing into wolves considering she's engaged to one. But then I started to see what she was getting at.

"Emily, has what happened to me... happened to you too?" I asked quietly.

She lifted her hand to the side of her hair and pulled it to one side revealing her scars. One side of her face was marred and disfigured, part of her lip had gone, her right eye drooped a little and I could see that the scars came from her head all the way down her right arm.

I was lost for words, her once beautiful face was no only now half beautiful. Her left side was still intact, but the right side looked like a completely different person. Tears started falling down my cheeks, I realized I hadn't swallowed for more than a minute. I was just gaping at her and I suddenly stopped, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable. Her scars were much worse than mine, much worse.

"Emily I... I can't believe it...Sam did this to you?" I said as I stroked the scarred part of her face.

"It was an accident Mia, I was too close to him one night when he phased, like you with Jake. He was still getting used to being what he was, I don't blame him for this. You know about imprinting?

"Yeah, Jake told me about it but it's a little surreal to me."

"Sam imprinted on me, that's why we're together. I heard that you were pretty upset about it, you thought we betrayed Leah. But we never chose this, it's not something you can control. You can try you're hardest to stay away from Jacob Mia, but eventually you will start to feel that no matter what you do, nothing can stop you from wanting him. I know it was a shock to find out about them, but you will learn to accept it. It's just the way it's meant to be."

It felt completely impossible to be able to accept all of this, I could see in Emily's eyes how much she loved being with Sam and that she had no problem with what he had done to her. It was a lot to accept but I guess that's just the power of imprinting, you can easily forgive the man that imprinted on you. Could I forgive Jacob from keeping his secret from me for two weeks?

I left Emily's an hour later after a long chat. I got in dad's car and drove through La Push to get back to Forks. I should have gone and seen Jacob but I still felt completely cowardly. I knew I was going to be fine with him one day. But after seeing Emily, another worry crossed my mind, I didn't want to end up like her.

I got home and I saw dad sat at the dining table with his head in his eyes. I wondered what was wrong and quickly ran over to him.

"Dad, is everything alright?"

"Sit down Mia."

He was starting to make me worry, I hadn't seen my dad act this way before. He removed his hands and looked at me.

"It's your grandma, sweet. She passed away this morning, I'm so sorry honey I really am."

My world suddenly turned upside down, my amazing grandmother had now left this earth. I knew it would happen sooner or later but I still wasn't prepared for it. She was my mom's mother, she was more of a mom to me than her daughter.

I just felt so numb, I wanted to cry but it wouldn't come out, I knew that I must have cried out all the tears that I had already.

I got up from the table and grabbed my jacket and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" My dad asked.

"I just need a walk that's all. I'll be fine dad, promise. Love you."

I didn't really know where I was going, just anywhere to clear my head. I suddenly realized that I was walking into the woods and I was on my way to the clearing. I stood in the spot where Jake and I shared our kiss on our date. A few feet away, there was some shredded black material and I knew that it was Jakes old t-shirt.

I grabbed it and held it to me, I lay on the grass and started thinking about my date with Jacob. It was so perfect, the best night of my life, before the dreaded accident. I suddenly wanted Jacob by my side, I needed him to be with me.

It was getting pretty late and the sun had set, the stars filled the sky and their was a crescent moon above. I was still lay on the grass, I stared above me and I began to wonder if one of the stars was my grandma.

As my mind wondered, I heard someone coming towards me but I didn't budge. I was too weak to move and I couldn't be bothered to lift up my head and see who it was. I felt big strong arms lift me up and cuddle me, they were warm and soft.

I buried my head in his chest, he had sat down and put his long legs beside me so I was sat in between them. His hand stroked my hair, his touch gave me goosebumps yet again.

I couldn't hold it in anymore and I suddenly burst in to a loud cry. My tears soaked his chest and neck.

"That's it, just get it all out Mia." He told me.

I lifted my head off him and wiped away my tears off his chest. I tried to get myself together, I didn't want him to see my like this, I was sick of crying.

There was silence for awhile, he began to rock me and I just felt so comfortable. His breath tickled the back of my neck, I snuggled into him even more.

"I love you Jake."

"I love you too." He whispered back.