Summary: She lost her footing after a difficult year, but Julie finds comfort in an old enemy. Julie/Gunnar Stahl

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Frozen Heart

Chapter 1: First Night

"Iceland?" Carol Potter said. "Really? Not like London, or Paris or Rome like a normal human?"

"There's a hotel made entirely out of ice there," Julie said, "And once the entire population of Reykjavik went to go see an opera. The entire population! How cool is that?"

"Yeah, but its Iceland," Carol reiterated. Julie rolled her eyes. "You're doing your semester abroad in a frozen wasteland."

"It's not a frozen wasteland," She rolled her eyes. She'd been mildly obsessed with the country since she was thirteen. She was constantly researching it. "It'll be fun."

"It's stupid," Carol sighed, "The average temperature in January is 1.9 degrees." Julie slammed her suitcase shut.

"I'm from Maine," Julie said, "I can handle the cold."

"1.9!" Carol shouted.

"Celsius," Julie assured her. "Carol, I've always wanted to go."

"Why?" Carol asked.

"Because when I was thirteen I stopped a puck," She said softly, "And I never quite understood why it happened."

"So you have to go to Iceland?" Carol said.

"Yes," Julie nodded.

"Hm," Carol said, "You're a freak."

"You love me," Julie kissed her on the cheek.

"Sadly I do," Carol sighed. "What does Scooter think of it?"

"He can think whatever he wants," Julie sighed, "His new girlfriend is right here."

"I don't think he's happy about it," Carol shook her head.

"He should have thought of that before then," Julie exhaled. "I mean, I transferred to be near him, because he asked me to!"

"Julie, I know," Carol said, "Just, go to Iceland, and get over him, I guess."

"That was the plan." Julie said, "Am I an idiot?"

"No," Carol hugged her, "Well, sort of, but you're my idiot."

"That's reassuring." Julie laughed.

A week later Julie shuddered through her coat on the way back to her small University assigned flat. Carol had been right, it was cold. Colder than she'd been used to in Maine or Minnesota. She pulled out her key and went to open the door and dropped it.

"Damn," She mumbled. Iceland was supposed to be this amazing new start. She leaned down in the snow and picked it up, her hand meeting an obviously male counterpart. She looked up and made eye contact with the stranger, "Scooter?" She squeaked.

"What?" He said and looked at her, "Oh my God!" She looked at him. "It's you!"

"Do I know you?" She said. It was clear that it wasn't Scooter, obviously, but damn did it look like him! The guy frowned.

"Funny how you don't remember people who's lives you send off track," He spit out venomously. She cocked her head to the side. "Forget it." He stalked off.

"Oh my God!" She said and ran after him. "Stahl!" She shouted he kept walking. She chased after him. This was why she'd always wanted to come here. Sort of.

"What?" He turned around.

"Seven years and I get what?" She crossed her arms, "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you right away. It's just you look sort of like this guy I just broke up with,"

"That's incredibly interesting," He said. She scowled at him. "It's been seven years, I don't know why I expected," He sighed, "You haven't changed."

"I can still throw a good punch," She said huffily and turned around walking back towards the building. Once she got upstairs, she sat down at her computer. She started writing an email.

Subject: You'll never guess!


Gunnar Stahl lives in my building. And by the way, he's like a total a-hole! And did you ever notice that he and Scooter look remarkably alike? Anyway, I dropped my key, he picked it up and when seven years later when I didn't recognize him, he gets all pissy and stomps away. How weird is that? Anyway, hope all is well in VA, send me some warm, it's fucking freezing up here. Miss you love you, blah blah blah.


She closed down the laptop and then went over to the bed still angry. She lay down and waiting for something in her to snap. She wanted to cry, she hadn't been able to, it had been six months and she still couldn't. She rolled over and hugged the pillow. And then there was a knock on the outside door, she crossed from the bedroom across the living room/kitchen and opened it.

"What?" She crossed her arms.

"I realized," Gunnar Stahl looked down, "You probably don't have many friends yet, the semester just started." She nodded, "Would you like to get a drink?"

"Seriously?" She said. He nodded. "But you hate me."

"I often drink with people I hate," He smiled. He smiled like Scooter.

"Fine," She said grabbing her coat. "But you're paying."

"Of course I am," He said with a groan as they walked.

"What is this?" She asked as he handed her a clear drink.

"Just drink it," He said. "Trust me." She looked at him. "It'll make you feel better."

"I don't feel bad," She said.

"You're a twenty year old American girl who chose to do her year abroad in Iceland by herself," He said, "You feel bad." She nodded. She took a sip of the drink. It was sweet, but she felt it go right to her head.

"You said I threw your life off track," She said softly. He looked down, "Is that true?"

"Not really," He said, "I did have a whole speech planned in my head if I ever saw you again." She laughed.

"I want to hear it," She said sipping on her drink again.

"No," He smirked, "Just be satisfied in knowing that we all called you 'The American Bitch' for the past seven years."

"That's flattering," She said, "We don't talk about you." She stirred her drink with her finger. "Well, Charlie Conway does, but really only to gloat." She stared at him, "You really look just like him."

"This person you just broke up with?" He said. She nodded. "Did you love him?"

"Very much," She sighed. "I still do. And I think he still loves me but," She looked down. "I'm sorry, you don't care."

"Please," He said.

"He got another girl pregnant," She sighed, "She's didn't keep it, but still. They're together now. I um, haven't been able to cry about it, and that was six months ago. That's the unnerving part."

"So you ran away?" He said. She nodded. "Why Iceland?"

"You're going to think I'm crazy," She laughed. He shook his head. "You are."

"I promise, I won't," He said.

"Ever since I went home, after The Goodwill Games," She laughed, "I've been obsessed, I read magazine articles and books, did internet searches. I listened to a lot of Bjork." He smiled. "What?"

"We interested you," He said.

"Yes I wanted to know if everyone in the country was as much of a sexist asshole as you and your friends were," She smiled sarcastically. "And I always wanted to come here."

"So American boys weren't sexist when they were 13?" He said defensively.

"Not like you were," She said.

"I wondered if all American girls were as violent as you," He smirked, "And your friend."

"Connie," She said, "Yeah, we did a lot of punching, we had to."

"You didn't have to walk me home," Julie said slurring, three hours later.

"I live here too," He reminded her, "And even if I didn't you are way too drunk to be walking home in a strange city by yourself."

"Iceland is one of the safest places in the world," She said, repeating one of her Iceland stats, "It has a very low crime rate."

"I know," He said, "I'm from here." They got to her door.

"I'm here now," She said. He nodded. "So you can go."

"This ex boyfriend of yours," He whispered, "Is an idiot."

"He's very smart," She said, "He's a Fulbright scholar."

"I meant for leaving you," He said pressing her against the door frame, "You're incredibly attractive."

"For an American Bitch?" She whispered nervously, his hands planting above her head after guiding her arms up.

"For anyone," He kissed her. If she'd been less drunk she would have pushed him away. If he'd looked and acted less like her ex-boyfriend who she still loved she definitely wouldn't have kissed him back.

"Mm," She whimpered, "Come inside." He pushed the door open. She groaned as he pushed her onto the couch. She slid her legs open and wrapped them around him. He kissed her neck as he slid his hand up her shirt. She moaned.

"Are we going too fast?" He said. She shook her head and kissed him. He nodded and they kissed, "The bed?"

"The bed's so small," She whispered.

"We'll make it work," He nodded, picking her up, she kept her legs wrapped around him. She landed on her butt on the bed, when he dropped her and giggled. He crawled on top. "Tell me when to stop."

"Don't," She groaned, "Don't stop."

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