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Chapter One: The Discovery

House walked into his office and found Cameron politely waiting for him.

"House, I need to talk to you about something," she said quietly, rubbing her auburn hair. House didn't really care, obviously, so he blew her off.

"Sorry, can't take right now. My favorite TV show is on," he said in a girly voice. Cameron didn't budge.

"It's important," she persisted. He rolled his eyes.

"Then go talk to Cuddy," he finished, pointing at the door with his cane.

"But House…"

"Bye," he said bluntly. She sighed and walked out. He didn't think he felt bad about it, but he had a twinge of guilt in his stomach. Cameron figured she'd go talk to Wilson, his door was always open.

"Wilson, can I talk to you?" Allison asked quietly, inviting herself inside. He looked at his watch.

"Sure, you've got two minutes, I have a meeting," Wilson said, trying not to be rude. Cameron sat down in the chair across from his desk.

"My ex, Joe Dillard is in the waiting room," she whispered. Wilson looked at her like she was some sort of nut.

"Ok, It might be awkward, but…" he paused.

"While we were dating he stalked me. He threatened that if I went to the police he'd hurt my sister Diane, so I didn't. Finally, I moved and have managed to avoid him for three years, my sister and I have been perfectly safe, but last month he called me and said that he'd tracked me down and was coming for me," Cameron stammered.

"The meeting can wait," Wilson said softly. He leaned in toward Cameron.

"Did he ever hurt you, Ally?" He asked softly. She nodded weakly, tears trickling down her cheeks. She pulled up her sleeves, revealing large cuts and burns up to her shoulder.

"He was so abusive-putting his cigarettes out on me," she said crying. Wilson put his arm around Allison. House burst through the door and saw Cameron's arms.

"What the hell?" He demanded angrily. He looked directly at Wilson. He nodded towards the door.

"Be right back sweetheart," he said to Cameron, and joined House outside.

"Her ex boyfriend is in the waiting room. He was physically abusive to her, and probably sexually abusive, too, with a person that violent," James said angrily. House felt the anger build up inside him. Cameron, so quiet and sensitive being hurt at her own home?

"That son of a…" House started. Wilson glanced worryingly at Cameron.

"I'll stay with her, you go talk to Cuddy," he instructed House. Greg nodded and rushed over to Cuddy's office.

"It's okay, Ally, we'll protect you," James said softly.

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