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Chapter Four: Stranded

House watched, terrified as Cameron dangled off the ten story building, surely to fall to her death. The two evil men smiled. House couldn't move, and prepared for the worst. He was about the words "I love you" slip through his lips as Wilson came out onto the balcony holding a revolver.

"Found it," he said, answering House's mental question. He looked around and saw Cameron dangling.

"Ok, pull her up or you both die," Wilson said in a cold voice. It was the only solution he could think of. Luckily, he and Chase had been held hostage in the same building, on which the police hadn't searched. Nobody on the streets below noticed the young woman hanging off the balcony. Chase joined Wilson on the balcony, but he was without a gun. His heart stopped temporarily when he saw Allison.

"What is your goal here?" He demanded. The two men looked at him.

"Dillard wants revenge for her leaving him," the redhead said angrily. Cameron whimpered. Chase rushed over and grabbed Cameron's arm just as they dropped her. He tried pulling the woman up.
"Help me a little, Allison," he begged in a strained voice. Cameron gasped, looking down.

"Muscles won't help if you are stranded in mid air!" She yelled. House helped pull her up while Wilson made sure neither of the henchmen moved. He was going to kill them for what they did, when he realized the gun wasn't loaded.

"Damn it," he yelled, and the two men moved in. Chase and House pulled Allison up all the way and comforted her gently, stoking he hair. The redhead knocked Wilson hard in the jaw, which sent him flying against the ground, and the two men slammed the balcony doors shut, leaving the colleagues tired, confused, and terrified.

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