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Footsteps pounded down long-deserted alleys, searching for sanctuary, finding none. The figure never paused, never saw the obstacles, only saw ways to escape and to its immense frustration, could not enact those escapes. A distant scream only quickened its pace as it rushed toward the sound. Shaking off the shadows chasing him, it hastened to reach something…or was it someone rather than something…precious to him.

"You just wait right there…I'm coming."

A brown-haired girl awoke to a loud thump. Rubbing sleep out of her eyes, she turned to see of her companions, a black-haired boy, currently sprawled awkwardly on the floor. Getting out of bed to help him up, she sighed as he grumbled loudly.

"Shu, what's wrong with you? You've been doing this for a week now."

The boy looked up from his position on the floor and groaned.

"I've told you a few times already, Kluke. All I know is that I'm always running and trying not to get caught because I feel like something important to me is going to get or getting hurt bad."

"And idea what that or who that is?"

"No…but I don't think it's anyone here. I would know the voice if it was one of us, right?" Shu pondered the possibilities. The little band he had gathered consisted of Kluke, Bouquet, Marumaro, Noi, Saria, and Andoropov.

"Probably. But if it wasn't one of us…who was it? And why would that person be so important to you?"

Silence ensued.

At breakfast, everyone detected the change in Shu's personality. Instead of being loud and energetic, he was somewhat…muted. Bouquet and Saria fought over him worriedly, arguing over who had the right to nurse their leader back to health. Marumaro and Noi watched quietly as the two girls screamed in high-pitched voices at each other, fueled by their worry and respective feelings for him. Andoropov silently helped Kluke clear away the dishes, both noting that normally voracious Shu had eaten almost nothing at all. But all of them were jolted of their worries when the sound of police sirens rang loud and clear in front of their small hangout.

"Blue Dragon, you are under arrest." The gang collectively groaned and snatched their respective weapons from a decrepit rack that had been meant to be replaced but the gang was short on money as it could only spend on victuals and means of protection. The wooden thing was falling apart and now creaked every time it was touched.

Andoropov wondered what they had done this time as the gang had been exempt from much activity these days and had really just stayed at the rusting basement of an old, former wealthy company. The metal now just despondently provided no purpose other than the sole mission of being a roof and plumbing.

Shu clenched his teeth together as he prepared to defend his friends, pushing the troubling nightmare to the back of his mind. The Shadows' Power (the actual name of the gang; Shu was actually the Blue Dragon but somehow most people called the little group Blue Dragon instead) wasn't a pack of hoodlums like other gangs and didn't do most of the other things other gangs did like steal, hurt, graffiti, murder, etc. They were just a group of friends who now stopped murders from happening, much like the police, much like Keita. Keita, who had been Shu's best friend but left because he couldn't stand to watch another death like Yamaki's take place. Keita, who used to be so full of laughter and fun when Yamaki, Shu, and the one in question shared leadership of the group, which had not become Shadows' Power yet. But Yamaki had died that night and that was the reason Keita no longer hung out with Shu, the reason he joined the police. He had wanted to bring those people to justice so he come somewhat come to terms with Yamaki's death.

But Shu had set up the Shadows' Power for the very same reason. Knowing sometimes the police couldn't do the whole job, Shu had set the little gang up to protect people from the same fate and avenge Yamaki. Eyes hardening in suspicion, Shu was the first, as always, to appear in front of the police.

"What's wrong, police chief Keita? Something happened that makes us the prime suspect?" Shu kept his tone a bit light, even as he settled into a fighting stance.

"You're under arrest, Shu. Armed robbery and murder at the Grand Kingdom Bank. There's even footage taken by the Independent Corps themselves." The unwavering policeman, the leader of the group gathered there, raised his gun at his former best friend.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. When did that happen and why the hell am I supposed to take responsibility for something I didn't do? The Grand Kingdom Bank and the Independent Corps? Those two are always plotting something and Keita, you know they rig things." Shu retorted angrily, unwilling to become the scapegoat.

"Orders are orders, Shu." The police chief's orange eyes flickered to his uniform, where a silver badge shone hesitatingly in the few beams of the restless sunlight that managed to filter through all the buildings. Shu's eyes softened. Keita was doing all this for Yamaki, anyway. The police chief, evidently also remembering the green-eyed male who had died almost exactly this date last year, tightened his grip on his weapon so much his hands trembled profusely and little beads of sweat slipped boldly down the gun's handle.

"Come on, Shu." Keita's voice had heightened several degrees.

"Keita…" Yamaki and Keita had been very close, to the point of being blood brothers or somehow even more. Shu had always felt like somewhat of a third wheel when the three best friends hung out, but hadn't minded since there was always Kluke, Marumaro, and the others.

"Shu, come on, please." Keita's grip and voice hadn't changed back to its normal grip and tone yet. Shu searched the orange eyes of the police chief and found them pleading, begging silently for him to relent and hand himself over.

"Is there going to be a trial?" He found himself asking—what had he to fear? He hadn't done anything, anyway. So why would he mind going to trial? He watched his former best friend's forehead un-crease itself as the other's hands relaxed their vice-like hold on his gun. When Keita spoke, Shu noticed that his voice had gone back to its usual low tone.

"Of course, of course. We'll arrange for one of the best lawyers in the field."

"Shu, no!" Shu turned to his friends and grinned his usual carefree grin.

"Hey, we know that I never did what they said I did. I'm not afraid of going to trial, especially if I get a great lawyer. Don't worry, guys, I'll be back before you know it." Shu's friends quieted and let the police take him away, expressions of anger, worry, and fear still evident on their faces.


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