Cheaters Chapter One

"Jake! Jake are you home?" I yelled into the seemingly empty apartment.

He must have gone somewhere with Quil. His car was outside so he had to be off with one of the boys.

I finished putting up the groceries that I had brought home and headed to take a shower. As I approached my bedroom door, I heard it. I heard THEM.

At first I was in total denial. I tried to tell myself it was the TV or neighbors even. But I knew that once I opened that damn door it was over. My world was about to change, and everything that I had known before was going to be over. But I did it anyways.

I opened the door and gasped at the sight in front of me. There on the bed laid Jacob. He was naked and groaning. On top of him was a long legged strawberry blonde. He was fucking that bitch in our bed. They were so taken in their moment that they didn't even notice me.

Well, they didn't notice me until I threw my sneaker at her head. It hit her upside the back of the head and she fell forward. This interruption caused Jake to look at me. His eyes grew wide as he stared at me standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

"Bella…." He started to say. I cut him off quickly.

"Shut the fuck up Jake. Just shut the fuck up now." I turned around and left them there. I had nothing to say to that cheating bastard.

I drove around Seattle aimlessly for hours. I don't even know how long I drove. My phone rang constantly. I didn't answer it because I knew it was Jake trying to get me to talk to him. I had nothing left to say to him.

I needed somewhere to go for the night. I would eventually find my own apartment, but that would take some time to do. I made enough money at the library to supplement Jakes paycheck, but not enough for me to live anywhere decent on my own.

I didn't want to go to a hotel for the night, but it was looking like it might be my only option. Then one name crossed my mind, and I quickly dialed her number.



"Here Bells, these pants might be long on you, but they should be fine." Rose handed me a pair of pajama pants.

"Thanks Rose. Thanks for everything." I hugged her tightly and took the pants.

"No thanks needed. You have been my best friend since we were kids; I wouldn't ever leave you out in the cold."

"Thank God someone cares about me…" I muttered.

"Oh Jake cares, he is just stupid. Change and we will talk. Alice is out in the living room getting our supplies together." She smirked and walked out of the room.

Rose was never a hundred percent sold on my relationship with Jake; I knew that she was secretly doing a happy dance that it was over. She'd never say anything like that in front of me because she loves me, but I knew that she was doing flips on the inside.

Over the past two years Jake has become a wedge in my friendship with Rose. I never wanted it that way, and tried my damnest to stop it. But she didn't like him, and he certainly didn't like her. They fought like cats and dogs. She told me several times that she thought he was a bastard, but I just waved her off. Damn her for being right.

I made my way out to the living room where I found Alice and Rose both waiting for me. They had pints of ice cream, spoons, and bottles of wine coolers waiting. I knew how these nights go. I have done them with Rose before when we lost boyfriends. We were going to indulge ourselves with crap and talk about how stupid boys are.

Alice was bouncing on the couch when I made my way out there. This was my first time meeting Alice. I knew that Rose had been dating her brother for a few months, and she hit it off with Alice too. So now they were sharing an apartment while going to school. They had a third roommate, Jessica, but she moved out after a huge argument. Apparently Jessica had the hots for Alice's brother and tried to seduce him. That was the last thing Jessica did before she was tossed out on her ass.

"So, before we begin the boy bashing, Alice tell me about you." I grabbed a pint of chocolate ice cream and spoon.

"Oh! Let's see where to begin…" she tapped her chin. "I am twenty two years old. I am dating Roses brother Jasper. We've been together for about a year. I am also studying fashion design here at UW."

"Sounds like the basics." I giggled.

"Now, spill it Swan, what the fuck happened!" Rose snatched another pint of ice cream for herself and dug into it with her spoon.

"Rose, it was like a freaking nightmare!" I took a bite of the ice cream. "I got home from the store, and I saw his car out front. When I got upstairs all the lights were off, I assumed he went off with one of the boys, so I just went about my business. I put away the food and even pulled out some chicken for dinner. I went to the bedroom to get my clothes for a shower and that's when I heard them." I could feel my eyes narrow. "That bitch was seriously riding him, right there in my fucking bed!"

Both Alice and Rose gasped. "Oh shit…." Rose mumbled.

"Oh shit is right. They didn't even realize that I was there at first. So I threw my sneaker at her head. I threw it so hard that when it hit her, she fell forward." I saw as both of them smiled.

"Bella, that fucking dog doesn't deserve you. He never has." Rose growled.

"I know Rose. I should have listened to you a long time ago. I was just blinded by love or something as equally as stupid." I dug my spoon deeper into the ice cream.

"No, you weren't blind. You are just too fucking nice for your own good."

"Rose, I really love Jake. I don't know how to get passed this." The tears started to take over. "This is such bullshit! Why would he do something like that to me?"

Rose wrapped her arms around me. She held me like that for what seemed to be an eternity. She let go because my phone started to ring. I didn't have to look at the caller ID to know who was calling me at 1am. Jake.

"I got this…" Rose snatched the phone off the table, and before I could stop her she answered the call.

"Jacob?" She sneered. "Yeah, Bells is with me you bastard."

"Fuck you, you did this. I hope your little slut likes your dick enough to stick with you, because I can promise you that you won't be with Bells ever again."

I could hear him yelling at her. I couldn't understand the words, but I could still hear his voice.

"Guess what dog! No one cares about your sorry ass excuses. You fucked up, just like I knew you would. Now she is gone from you forever! Beat that bitch!" Rose snapped the phone shut.

I could see Alice's mouth hanging open. I chuckled and shook my head. Obviously she had never been witness to Rose's full wrath.

"What's wrong Alice? Never seen her go after someone like that before?" I snickered.

"I've seen her worked up and all, but not like that. When Jessica was coming onto my brother and all, Rose was pissed but she didn't speak to her like that!"

This revelation surprised me. I would think that if someone was trying hit on her boyfriend, Rose would try to kill them.

"You mean that she didn't do that when Jessica was going after Emmett?"

"Emmett? Jessica never went after Emmett." She looked confused.

"I thought Jessica was sent packing after some incident with your brother."

"Oh!" I could see the confusion clear up. "That wasn't about Emmett. That was about my other brother Edward!"

"My bad, I always assumed that it was about Emmett." I felt like a moron. Of course the only reason Jessica was still walking on this Earth was because it wasn't about Emmett. "Tell me about how you and Rose met."

I broke into the wine coolers now. I drank half of my first one in one gulp.

"I met Jasper at a coffee shop. We started meeting their regularly for awhile. We both were just testing the waters so to say. We wanted to get to know each other better. Then once we officially started dating he insisted that I meet his twin. After one conversation with Rose, we have been best of friends since then. I moved in here a few months ago. I wanted to get out of my dorm and she wanted another roommate, so here I am! I introduced her to Emmett a few weeks after meeting her and those two have been together constantly since then." She squealed.

I was actually sad by this story. Rose was my best friend, not hers. I was supposed to be sharing this damn apartment with Rose, not Alice. I had not even met Emmett because I had been too damn busy dealing Jacob. Damn Jacob. I screwed everything up because of that damn dog. Alice took notice of my sad face.

"I think you and I will be the best of friends too! I can just feel it." She wore a genuine smile, so I smiled back at her. "So how long have you and Jacob been together?"

"Two years. Two years down the drain in twenty minutes. I hope that bastard got blue balls." I finished my drink.

Rose choked on her drink. "That's fantastic Bells. Only you would have that thought."

I shrugged.

"So where are you going to live now?" Rose pressed.

"I haven't figured it all out. My paycheck isn't going to cover much…."

"Then you can have that empty room!" Alice squealed.

"Oh no Alice, that wasn't my intention by coming here…." I tried to protest.

"Shut up Swan. Welcome to your new apartment. Rent is due on the first." Rose smirked at me. "And tomorrow we will go visit the mutt to get the rest of your stuff."

I busted out laughing. We all did. For the next three hours we ate ice cream, drank, and whined about stupid boys. I was thrilled to be done with Jake. I missed my friend.