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2 years later.


"Alice, please get me some dry toast. Please, I beg you for toast and tea." I gave her the best puppy dogs' eyes I could manage.

"Fine!" She turned and headed out of the bathroom area of the suite. "But only because you are so delicate right now, and Edward would kill me if I denied you this one request."

"Thank you Alice." I smiled and batted my lashes at her. I was nine weeks pregnant and the nausea was enough to make me want to lie in bed all day crying. The only thing I had been able to keep down was tea and dry toast. There could be nothing on the toast or I would vomit immediately. And I didn't want to be vomiting today.

Edward had asked me to marry him a year ago, and I of course screamed YES! We were so happy together and the thought of being his wife made my heart sing. We were planning on an elaborate wedding in Italy, mainly to please his family, but then I found out I was pregnant.

Seeing how I didn't want to look like I had smuggled a watermelon in under my gown we moved it up. That was fine by both Edward and me. Neither of us wanted the wedding in Italy, we both wanted a very simple wedding.

We found a small chapel that had an amazing view, and we both fell in love with it. I booked it immediately. Alice and I shopped for a dress that same day. She was furious that I was buying off the rack, but we didn't really have time for much else. I chose a simple ivory gown that was strapless and flowed as I walked. It was perfect.

Rose was my maid of honor, so I let her handle everything that had to do with those dresses and arrangements. She chose red dresses for her and Alice. They had spaghetti straps on them, and were made of satin. Of course both of them looked hot in them. Jasper and Emmett wore a regular tux with a red Gerber daisy pinned on.

"Ouch Rose!" I cried out. She was rolling my hair in hot rollers and just burned the shit out of me.

"Just shut it. Beauty can be painful. You better not have screwed up your toes either! Now sit still while I do my hair!" She glared at me for a moment but then a smile crossed her face. "You are getting married, and its not to the dog!"

I busted out laughing. I was not marrying Jake and that had to be one of the best things about today. As a matter of fact I hadn't heard from Jake in years and I was pretty damn pleased about it. His garage went under not long after we broke up, and he moved back to the reservation. His father found him a job working at a shop there in Forks. He was dating a girl on the reservation the last I heard.

"I know! I can't wait to walk down that aisle!" I squealed. I was normally not a girly girl, but hell this was my wedding and I was allowed to squeal.

"Here is your damn toast. You better make it through the ceremony without puking!" Alice handed me the cup and toast.

"The baby thanks you Auntie Alice." She always melted when I did that.

"Oh hush Swan! Quit manipulating me with that baby!" She crossed her arms. Then leaned in and hugged me. "We are going to be sisters and you are going to be a momma!"

The only person that was more excited than Alice was Esme. They both had already planned out a visitation schedule for the baby. They wanted it every second that Edward and I weren't holding the baby. This was going to be one spoiled grandchild.

"I almost forgot, this is for you," Alice went to her bag and pulled out a small box. It had a ribbon on it and a note.


I can't believe you are giving me the honor of being my wife. My wife and the mother of my child. I love you with all my heart, now and forever.



I opened the box and there inside was a necklace. On the necklace were baby shoe charm and a heart charm. One for Edward and one for the baby. My heart fluttered. He was always so romantic.

"Alright Bella, lets get these curlers out and the dress on. The ceremony is in twenty minutes." Rose began pulling out the curlers one by one while Alice touched up all the makeup she had put on me earlier.

Before I knew it I was standing with Charlie waiting for the music.

"I love you baby girl." He smiled at me.

"I love you too Daddy." I kissed his cheek.

"You are happy right? This isn't another Jake issue, right?" He looked seriously at me.

"Dad, of course not! I love Edward!" I couldn't believe he would ever say such a thing.

"I am just making sure baby girl." He smiled again and kissed my forehead. All the sudden my music started. "Time to go."

I took a deep breath, smiled and nodded to him. Time to get married.


I had been a nervous wreck all day waiting for this moment. I couldn't wait to see her walk down that aisle. I knew she'd be breath taking.

I had found the charms for the necklace last week and knew instantly that they were perfect for her. It would be a wonderful wedding present. She was going to be my wife, and soon we'd be welcoming the first of hopefully several children. My Bella was perfect, and I had no doubt that our children would be just as beautiful as her.

When she stepped in the chapel on Charlie's arm, I caught my breath. She was beyond breath taking, she was heart stopping. The dress hugged every curve that she had just right. Her hair was in loose curls laying softly on her shoulders. Never had she been more beautiful. I was sure that the glow was natural and due to our child growing in her stomach.

When we found out she was pregnant we both freaked out at first. We weren't ready to be pregnant. Hell, we hadn't finished planning the wedding. But after a day I realized that I didn't care about a huge wedding, and we were only doing to please Esme anyways. I told Bella that I wanted to marry her immediately and she threw her arms around my neck. The kiss that she gave me sent an electric shock all the way to my toes.

I smirked as I remembered tossing her on the bed and making love to her for hours after that. Every time we made love it was like the first time all over again. I planned on making love to her for the rest of my life.

Finally they reached the alter and Charlie handed her hand to me.

"You hurt her, I will kill you." He said in his stern father voice. I heard Bella giggle lightly. I knew he wasn't kidding.

"Of course sir. I would never." I nodded to him and he took his seat next to Rene.

I took both her hands in mine and smiled at her. Her smile melted my heart.

"Hello Ms. Soon to be Cullen." I smirked at her.

"Hello Mr. Cullen." She chewed her bottom lip. I knew that standing in front of all these people was driving her nuts. Her nerves had to be going nuts. On top of that she had horrible all day sickness, so this was going to be trying for her.

"Let's get started…" The priest began.


The wedding was over, and we had survived the reception. Rose caught the bouquet and winked at Emmett. He just laughed and shrugged in typical Emmett fashion.

Jasper refused to even try for the garter belt because he said there was no way he was putting it on his sister. In the end one of my uncles caught it. He very much enjoyed putting it on Roses leg; high on her leg. But Rose was a great sport about it and even grabbed his face to plant a kiss on him. My aunt laughed until she nearly peed herself.

Our first dance was actually a recording of a song I had composed for Bella. She said she'd have it no other way. We ran out of the reception hall while being pelted with rice. Whoever came up with that tradition was obviously single.

I looked at my wife, asleep, in the back on the limo. I leaned in and kissed her cheek. She was exhausted between the day and being pregnant. I was so lucky to have her.

"Mmmm....are we there yet?" She questioned.

"Almost, the hotel is a few blocks down." I put her hand in mine. "Then you can sleep in the morning before we head to the airport."

"Still not going to tell me where we are headed huh?" She smiled at me.

The honeymoon was all mine, and I wasn't telling her a damn thing. She was just going to have to wait. I had booked a villa on a private island for two weeks. No one would bother us, except for one hour a day to clean. That was it.

The limo pulled in and the bellhops came out to get our bags. Jasper had already checked us in and gave me the keys so there was no stopping. When she stepped out of the limo I scooped her into my arms and carried her inside.

"Edward, I'm pregnant, not dying." She protested.

"Humor me." I winked at her.

We got in the elevator and I still refused to put her down. It wasn't until we were in our room that I put her down, directly on our king size bed.

"Now, you lay here while I get you a bath started. I am also going to call room service for some toast and tea for you." I kissed her again and slipped out.


Two hours later, we had shared a bath and both got something in our stomachs. We were laying in bed staring at one another.

"I can't believe that today really happened! I am really your wife." She smiled at me.

"Yes you are. I am so pleased that you decided to stick with me." I nuzzled her neck.

"Where else would I go?" She giggled. I leaned in and kissed her passionately.

"I don't know, but I know that if you weren't here I'd wouldn't be this happy." Slowly I pulled her nightgown up over her head and began to kiss down her collarbone. "Ms. Cullen would you do me the honor of letting me make love to you tonight?"

"Umm…that sounds like a wonderful idea. And believe me, the honor would be all mine." She ran her hands through my hair.

I ran my tongue down her shoulders to right between her breasts. I teased her for a moment before taking her left nipple in my mouth and suckling gently. I remembered she had complained that her breasts were tender. She jumped.

"No baby. Please don't. I am sorry, but I can't take it." She breathed out.

"Not a problem, I have plenty of other things to work with." I kissed her from head to toe and everything in between. I brought her to release with my tongue once before taking my own boxers off.

"Are you ready for me Mrs. Cullen?" I whispered in her ear.

"Always, Mr. Cullen, always." She whispered back.

I entered her slowly and held her to my body as I did so. I wanted to feel her skin against mine as I made love to her. I kept up a gentle pace knowing that anything more could cause her to have a moment of sickness. When I finally felt the tightening in my stomach, I cried out to her.

"Please, baby, please cum with me." I struggled to hold on until she released. Suddenly I felt her milky me.

"Edward!" She called out.

I grunted in satisfaction as I released into my beautiful new bride. I collapsed next to her and panted until I could get my breath under control again. When I was able to breath right again, I pulled her to me. She snuggled into my chest and sighed.

"I love you Edward." She kissed my chest.

"I love you too Bella, forever and Always." I closed my eyes and slept my first night with my forever love.