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Chapter One: Welcome To Forks

Bella P.O.V.

It was raining.

I guess I had to get used to the fact that it rained in Forks pretty much all year. It sucked. I missed my home back in Phoenix, Arizona. It was warm, sunny, and most importantly, dry. There was nothing I could do now though, I was unpacked and ready to go for my senior year at Forks High School.

The windshield wipers on my 'new' truck couldn't keep up with the rain, making it hard for me to see clearly. I had gotten this truck from Charlie as a 'welcome home' present, though this wasn't really what I call home. I couldn't complain though, I had offered to live with my dad for the sake of my mother's new marriage. It wouldn't make sense for me to go back home after less than a week in Forks, plus it would really hurt Charlie's feelings. I hadn't spent any time with him since I was thirteen, four years ago. I could tell that he was lonely and having me back seemed to make him happier.

I managed to get a good parking spot when I pulled into the school's lot. I pulled my hood over my head and grabbed my bag. Opening the door, I winced as the cold raindrops hit my arm. This was definitely going to take some getting used to.

I locked and slammed the door shut, making a run for the brick building. As soon as I made it into the office, I pulled my hood down and shook out my hair and glared at the wetness outside.

"May I help you, dear?"

A middle-aged woman from behind the desk looked at me with a kind smile. I smiled and walked up to the desk. I'm here now, may as well make the best of it. "Yes, I'm Isabella Swan."

"Oh, right!" She typed something into the computer and smiled at me. "Welcome to Forks, hun. I'm just printing out your schedule for you." She pushed off from her desk and wheeled herself over to a filing cabinet, opening it up and grabbing a couple sheets of paper. After closing it, she wheeled herself back to the desk. "You'll need to get each of your teachers to sign this," she told me as she handed me the papers. She reached over and grabbed a piece of paper fresh from the printer and handed it to me.

"Your first class is in the building across the lot," she said, pointing. The building she was pointing to was barely visible because of the rain. "From there your teachers can help you out."

"Thank you." She smiled at me and I put the papers into my backpack; I didn't want them to get wet. I pulled my hood over my head and ran out of the building. The rain was falling harder, and it actually hurt a tiny bit to be pelted with it as I ran. The wind had picked up too, knocking my hood down as I entered the building.

Freezing cold, I gathered my hair together and started wringing out as much water as possible. I was soaked and didn't have another jacket or anything to change into. Mental note, bring a change of clothes. I thought to myself.

I went over to the bench that was off to the side and put my backpack down. Little water droplets splattered onto to wooden bench as I bent over my backpack to grab the schedule.

I looked up as I zipped my backpack and found myself staring into the most gorgeous green eyes I had ever seen. I flushed immediately and looked down. The owner of the eyes was extremely handsome, tall with tousled reddish brown hair. He wasn't alone, either. Around him were four others, each of them exceedingly beautiful, and each of them very different. There was a tiny little girl who reminded me of a pixie, a very tall blonde who looked like she could have just walked right off a runway, she was standing next to a very handsome curly haired blonde, and in the back was a very tall, very big, black haired man.

And they were all staring at me.

I bit my lip and looked at my schedule. My class was just down the hall and, luckily, I didn't have to pass the group of breathtaking strangers. Knowing my luck, I would probably slip and fall flat on my face if I walked by them and I didn't need that happening to me on my first day.

I hitched my backpack up onto my shoulder and began walking to my class, refusing to look at the group even though I really wanted to. As I walked into my class I heard them start talking in low voices. Talking about me, no doubt.

The class was empty, so I went to a desk near the back and put my drenched backpack on the floor beside it. My wet jeans were beginning to get uncomfortable, I could feel them rubbing annoyingly against my legs.

"Excuse me." I jumped, having been preoccupied adjusting my jeans. Embarrassed, I looked up and saw one of the females of the group I had been ogling staring at me, an amused smile on her lips. "You're new here, aren't you?"

"Yeah," I replied.

"Welcome to Forks High then, I'm Alice Brandon." The girl, Alice, skipped up to me and held out her hand. I shook it, giving a hesitant smile. Alice was short, she came up to about my shoulders, yet there was something about her that made you notice her. She seemed to radiate happiness, and the way she bounced on the balls of her feet gave the impression that she was happy to introduce herself.

"I'm Bella Swan."

"Swan?" Alice cocked her head to the side. "Are you related to Charlie Swan?"

"Yeah, he's my dad." I nodded and was surprised to see Alice start laughing. "What?"

"My cousin is going to love you," she said, laughing. "Your dad is always busting him and his friends for parties and speeding."

I laughed, not sure what to say. I wondered if Charlie being my dad would put a strain on me making friends here. It wouldn't be very fun going to parties if they knew Chief Swan's daughter was going to be there. Who would want to be friends with the daughter of the cop who busts you all the time?

Alice stopped laughing and looked at me, raising her eyebrows. "Please tell me you have a spare change of clothes."

I looked down to my old hoodie and jeans, both still noticeably wet. "I don't, actually," I told her sheepishly.

Alice gasped dramatically, and at first I thought she was just joking around. When I looked up at her face though, I saw genuine horror in her expression. "Pushing aside the fact that what you're wearing is totally unacceptable, you'll get sick if you wear that!"

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" I asked, feeling a bit insulted. Fashion wasn't exactly what I was going for when I saw how much it was raining this morning, but come on. You don't openly insult what a person is wearing!

"Those jeans are so last year!" Alice moaned. A group of girls walked into the classroom as Alice pulled out her cell and quickly dialed a number. The girls stared at me, not bothering to hide their curiosity. They grabbed desks a couple rows in front of me and sat down, occasionally looking back at Alice and me. "Rose, do you have a spare change of clothes with you?"

I felt my jaw drop as Alice began twittering away on the phone. "Alice no, you don't have to-" I began but stopped as she raised her hand.

"No, it isn't for me, it's for a friend." I shut my mouth as she said that, feeling oddly touched. We had just met and she already considered me a friend? "Thanks, Rosie." Alice snapped the phone shut and grinned at me. "My friend Rosalie always has a spare change of clothes with her and you're about her size."

"I… thank you," I said.

"It's no problem," Alice said, waving it off. "Rose will meet us outside the class. She has first period in the same building."

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. I wanted to know. No normal person would offer a change of clothes to someone they just met.

"You're going to get sick," she explained shrugging. Alice began to walk to the front of the room and motioned for me to follow. "Besides, we're going to be good friends. I can tell." She sent me a knowing grin and headed out of the class. We waited maybe a minute or two and then heard heels clicking down the hallway towards us.

"Here." A stunningly beautiful blonde walked up to Alice, holding a plastic bag. I recognized her from the group I saw earlier. She held it out for Alice to grab, then looked at me, her eyes coolly taking in my appearance.

"Thanks, Rosie," Alice said, taking the bag from her. "This is Bella Swan. Bella, Rosalie Hale."

"Thanks for letting me use your clothes," I said. I felt the need to express my gratitude. Rosalie looked like she could be a runway model in a fashion magazine or an actress.

"Yeah." She gave me another once over before turning to Alice. "I want my clothes dry cleaned when she's done with them."

I stared after Rosalie as she walked off, the sway in her hips making some male students stop and stare as she passed. Okay, it was safe to assume she didn't like me that much. I didn't know why, I hadn't done anything to her. At least, I hope I hadn't.

"Don't mind Rosie," Alice muttered, handing me the bag. "She can be a bit of a bitch at times, she doesn't take well to new people."

"It's okay."

"The bathroom is over there," she said nodding over to where a door with a stick girl on it. "I'll watch our stuff in the class."

I nodded and went into the bathroom, locking myself in the handicapped stall. Hanging the bag on the hook on the back of the door, I unzipped my hoodie and placed it on the ledge. I grabbed the t-shirt first from the bag, a low cut, spaghetti strapped, light green tank. I groaned. I didn't like wearing tank tops in school, it made me feel so… exposed.

It was better than my shirt though, I hated the feel of wet material. I pulled my sweater off and put on Rosalie's shirt. To my surprise, the tank top was actually a little big on me. My surprise quickly wore off, of course it would be too big. I might be female but I didn't fail to notice how …well equipped Rosalie was.

I pulled my jeans off and grabbed the pair of designer jeans that were in the bag. I couldn't help the small little grin as I buttoned up the jeans. They were loose on me, I felt a little smug. I'm skinnier than the supermodel. As soon as I thought that, I felt guilty for thinking it.

I sighed and reached into the bag. Inside, it held an expensive looking belt that would hold up the jeans nicely and also had a nice little jacket to go along with it.

I stuffed my clothes into the bag and hurried back to the class. Alice squealed when she saw me, clapping her hands excitedly. "That looks great on you, Bella!" she said. She took the bag from my hands and put it under her desk. "I'll get these washed for you."

"No, it's okay." I took the bag back and put it in my backpack before Alice could do anything. I hadn't gotten my locker yet, it was in the main building and this was just a side building. There was no way I was going out in this rain just to put something in my locker. I could wait until later.

The teacher walked in and put his briefcase on the desk. I sighed, reaching into my binder and pulling out the sheet of paper I needed my teachers to sign. "I'll be back," I muttered to Alice and walked up to the teacher. "Excuse me…"

He looked up and smiled at me. "Isabella Swan?"

"It's Bella, actually," I said. I held out the paper to him. "I was told you had to sign this."

He took the paper and signed it, then handed it back to me. "Since we just started this term two weeks ago, there really is nothing you have to catch up on. There's a few little question and answer assignments here and there, but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle."

I thanked him and turned to go back to my desk. The two girls who were staring at me before I left to get changed were joined by a couple more and they all just stared at me as I walked by. I saw Alice roll her eyes behind them and I grinned. "You'd think they never saw a pretty girl before," she said to me.

I felt myself blush at the comment. Me? Pretty? Well, sure, I wasn't bad looking, but I didn't really consider myself that pretty either. I was just… normal. "Yeah," I mumbled, laughing awkwardly.

Thankfully the bell rang, turning Alice's attention away from me. She opened up her binder and pulled out a neon pink pen. As the others began to file into the classroom, their eyes were drawn over to where I was sitting. I hated that about first days, people always stared at the new kid like she was some sort of creature on display.

"Alright, alright settle down," the teacher said. "It's obvious we have a new student. This is Isabella Swan and she just moved here from Phoenix, Arizona. Do you want to add anything, Isabella?"

Everyone turned to look back at me. I felt my face heat up from the unwanted attention and shifted in my desk. "Um, it's just 'Bella'."

Class started after that. It went fairly well, I guess. Occasionally someone would look back and stare at me, but other than that I wasn't really acknowledged. Alice gave me the notes the class had taken so far and said she'd photocopy the question sheets for me as well.

"So what class do you have next?" Alice asked as the bell rang.

I pulled out my time table. "I have… calculus."

Alice scrunched up her little nose. "Ew, math is gross," she said, making a disgusted noise. She took my schedule from me and looked it over. "You're in the same class as Jasper though! I'll introduce you to him once we get to the main building. It doesn't look like we have any other classes together until last period."

"Well at least we have another class together," I said, taking the paper back. "And who's Jasper?"

"Jasper's my boyfriend," Alice explained, giving a small sigh.

"Awww." I teased, nudging Alice with my elbow.

"Yeah," she grinned. "He's also Rosalie's twin brother."

I remembered Rosalie's blonde, breathtaking looks and how she acted towards me. "Is he also… like her?" I asked.

"No," Alice laughed. She whipped out her umbrella and held it out to me. I opened it and held it up as we walked out of the building. The rain had let up a bit and was now a light drizzle. "He and Rose are pretty much exact opposites. Rose is more concerned about herself while Jasper is more in tune with everyone around him."

Alice led the way into the main building, squeaking as we entered, and then ran to the same tall, blonde haired guy with curly hair I saw earlier. I knew right away that he was Jasper. He looked a lot like Rosalie, plus, he was super gorgeous. His eyes were such a unique color of light blue, and as he was grinning at Alice, I noticed a tiny little dimple on his left cheek. I began to wonder if everyone Alice associated with was that good looking.

I shook the umbrella out and closed it, keeping my head down as Alice leaned up to give Jasper a kiss. I felt embarrassed whenever a couple displayed their affection towards each other, it made me feel uncomfortable. "Jazz, this is Bella Swan. She just moved here."

Jasper looked at me for a moment before grinning and holding out his hand. "It's nice to meet you, Bella," he said as I shook his hand.

"Bella is Chief Swan's daughter," Alice said, grinning.

Jasper's eyebrows shot up as he smirked. "Really now, Eddie will love that."

"That's what I said." Alice laughed.

I stared between them, totally lost. Alice must have seen my confused look. "My cousin Edward is always getting caught by your dad at parties. It's kind of funny really."

"Don't worry about it," Jasper told me. "He'll think it'll be pretty funny, too."

I blinked. How did he know I was worrying that he'd have a grudge against me? "How-?"

"I told you he was more in tune with the people around him," Alice explained, linking her arm with his. "Bella's in your class next, so be nice." She leaned up on her tip-toes and pecked him on the cheek.

"I always am," Jasper replied, grinning.

Alice let go of his arm and skipped past me. "I'll see you at lunch Bella. I have stuff to do at break in another building."

"Is she always so happy?" I asked Jasper after Alice disappeared around the corner.

"Yeah, she is." Jasper chuckled. We walked into class and grabbed seats at the back. I pulled out my paper and went up to the front, getting the teacher to sign it. She went into a whole speech about me when class started, threatening others to be nice. I felt mildly uncomfortable at that part, feeling my face heat up Jasper snickered quietly to himself.

After class, Jasper told me he was going to go find Alice. I nodded and pulled out the paper that had my locker number on it from my backpack. I found my locker just down the hall at the end of a clump of lockers. I pulled out the bag of clothes from my backpack and hung it on the hook.

"Isabella?" I looked up to see a tall blonde guy leaning casually on the locker next to mine.

"It's Bella," I said automatically.

"Oh. Sorry," He said, his cheeks turning a light pink. "I'm, uh, in your calculus class. My name's Mike. Mike Newton."

"Yeah, I think I remember you," I said, giving him a small smile. I slammed my locker shut and looked around the hall. I didn't know which way it was to my next class.

"So yeah, I just figured that you might need someone to help you get around," Mike continued, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Mike, who's this?" A short brunette walked up to Mike, standing close to him. She looked at me with an appraising look and shifted closer to Mike, placing her arm on his shoulder. Crap, this girl must be his girlfriend. Another girl with blonde hair and green, almost fishy eyes walked up and placed herself beside the brunette.

"Jessica!" Mike jumped. "This is Bella Swan. She just moved here from Arizona."

"Oh." Jessica smiled at me and I could immediately tell it was forced. "Welcome, Bella."

"So what class do you have next?" Mike asked.


"Hey, me too!" Mike exclaimed. Jessica shot a glare at him. "I'll show you where it is, Mr. Banner will want to give you your homework right away."

Mike grabbed my arm and pulled me down the hall. "So, you liking Forks?"

"It's okay," I said, looking over my shoulder. Jessica was saying something to the other girl and glaring at me. I pulled my arm away from his grip.

"The cafeteria is over there," he said, pointing to a set of double doors as we passed them. "Did you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch?"

I tried not to make a face. Mike seemed like a nice guy but he seemed a bit too clingy. "Sorry, I already made plans with some other people at lunch."

"Oh." He looked disappointed for a moment. "Well, that's okay. You can sit with us tomorrow. Mr. Banner, this here's Bella."

Mike sat on a table in the middle of the room while Mr. Banner gave me the homework I needed to do. The bell rang just as he signed the paper and people started coming into the class. I was beginning to recognize some of the faces, and even remembered Angela Weber, who was also in my calculus class.

"Bella, you can sit by Edward," Mr. Banner told me as the second bell rang.

I turned around and felt the air whoosh out of me when I saw the dazzling green eyes I had made contact with this morning. I felt my pulse start to race as I made my way to the table, placing my backpack down and taking a seat.

"Hello," I said quietly.

He just nodded at me and looked at Mr. Banner as he began the lesson. I frowned, that was quite rude. He caught me staring at him and I felt my face heat up. I turned away from him and concentrated on the lesson. Mr. Banner placed two petri dishes and a microscope in front of us, giving Edward a pointed look.

Giving a sigh, Edward pushed the petri dish towards me. "Ladies first," he said softly. I looked at him, really looked at him for the first time. His stylish messy copper hair seemed more disheveled then when I saw him this morning, though it still looked good. He was pale, really pale, and there were dark circles underneath his eyes and he looked like he needed a good night's sleep. He was the best looking man I had ever seen in my life.

"Thanks," I muttered, taking the dish and placing it on the microscope slide. I looked, wrote down the answer, then slid the microscope towards him. He seemed almost lifeless as he looked into the microscope. "Are you okay?"

Edward looked up from the microscope, looking shocked. He controlled his features quickly and forced a smile. "Yeah."

"You look so tired," I stated. "Maybe you should go home after class."

"I'm fine," he snapped. I jumped, startled by his tone. In my peripheral vision I saw Mike give Edward a harsh glare.

"I'm sorry," I said, taking the microscope he pushed back to me.

We didn't talk to each other after that. The tension between us was thick afterwards, the silence making me feel uncomfortable and antsy.

The bell rang and Edward darted up from his seat, slamming the assignment on Mr. Banner's desk as he hurried out of the class. I took my time, putting my binder into my backpack and waiting for the class to clear out.

"What was going on with you and Cullen?" Mike asked.

"No idea," I replied, placing my assignment on Mr. Banner's desk. "I just said that he really looked tired."

Mike chuckled, "Wrong move, Arizona."

I sighed and bit my lip. I hope I didn't offend him too much; how was I supposed to know he would get so angry with my simple suggestion?

Alice began waving as Mike and I entered the cafeteria. I said goodbye to him and made my way over to her table. Jasper was sitting beside Alice, munching on a pizza bun while Rosalie sat on his other side, snuggled up to the big guy I had seen with Edward's group this morning, he looked even bigger up close. I stopped short when I saw Edward sitting beside the big guy, staring at his plate.

I was forced to sit between Alice and Edward, hanging my backpack on the back of my chair. "Bella," Alice said, "this is Emmett McCarty. He's Rosie's boyfriend." The big guy grinned at me, using two fingers in a mock salute. "And this is Edward Cullen, my cous-"

"We're lab partners, Alice," Edward said.

"Oh." Alice shared a look with Jasper. She turned to me and gave me a smile. "Want to come with me to get food?"

"Yeah, sure." I followed Alice to where the food was being served, and grabbed a tray.

"I'm sorry about Edward," Alice apologized, ordering some fries.

"It's okay," I told her, grabbing a plastic wrapped bowl of fruit and putting it on my tray. "I did kind of say something in bio that seemed to make him angry."

"What did you say?" Alice asked.

"Well, I told him that he looked really tired and suggested that he should go home after class." I grimaced, it did sound quite rude when I thought about it.

"Ah," she said, nodding. "Don't worry about it, Bella. Edward… he's going through a tough time right now. Any little thing will set him off."

We paid for our food and headed back to the table. I wanted to know what was going on with Edward, but it didn't seem right to ask. I just met them today, I didn't want them to think I was a snoop. "Thanks again for letting me borrow your clothes," I said to Rosalie as we sat down.

She gave a small shrug and took a bite of her salad. I felt myself liking her less and less. It was hard to believe that Jasper, who was so nice and kind, could be related to an ice queen like her.

"Ignore her," Alice whispered to me. I looked at Rosalie to see if she heard but Emmett was occupying her attention by telling her what happened to him in English. "She's just pissy that you look better in that outfit then she does."

I felt my face heat up at Alice's comment and stared down at my bowl of fruit, trying to hide my blush.


I managed to finish most of my history homework when I got home from school and still had time to start dinner before my dad got home. As I was grabbing the plates, I heard my dad's cruiser come to a stop in the driveway along with another vehicle. Curious, I went to the window and saw my dad helping Billy –he sold my dad my truck- into his wheelchair while Billy's son Jacob held a case of beer.

"Hey Bells," Dad greeted as he wheeled Billy into the house.

"Hey." I grinned at Billy and Jacob, "Hey you two."

"How's the truck doing, Bella?" Jacob asked, placing the beer on the counter.

"It's doing great," I said, scooping potatoes onto the plate. "Have you guys eaten yet?"


I served the food to everyone and sat down at the small kitchen table, ready to dig in. I hadn't realized how hungry I was.

"So," Dad said after a moment, "how was your first day of school?"

"Pretty good," I replied, "I made a couple friends."

"Who?" Jacob asked.

"Alice Brandon, Jasper Hale, Emmett…uh…" I trailed off, trying to remember his last name. Jacob snorted into his food. "What?"

"You know how to pick your friends, Bella."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, feeling a bit irritated at his answer. Billy and Dad stopped eating to stare at us.

"Nothing," Jacob said innocently. "We just don't get along."

"Don't think anything of it," Billy told me, breaking the tension between Jacob and I. "The Q.O.D. don't get along with anyone."

"The Q.O.D?" I asked as Dad groaned.

"It stands for Quileute Ocean Dogs," Billy explained. "It's the name Jacob and his friends call their little group."

"Dad," Jacob groaned.

"Group?" I grinned, smirking at Jacob. "Like in a gang?" I teased.

"I would hardly call it a gang." Billy scoffed, "Sam's got a good head on him and he keeps them in line."

"So did you meet anyone else?" Dad asked, giving a quick glance towards Billy.

"I met Mike Newton," I said slowly, "He's in a couple of my classes." Jacob rolled his eyes dramatically and I groaned, "You don't like anyone, do you?" I grinned at him to let him know I wasn't being serious.

Jacob grinned back at me, "Not true, I like you perfectly fine."

"Yeah…" I didn't know what to say to that so I just stuffed my mouth full of potatoes.

We lapsed into silence after that, the only sounds in the kitchen were the clinking of the cutlery and the heavy breathing of Billy. Once all of us were done, Jacob and I began with washing dishes while Dad and Billy went into the living room to watch the game.

"So…" Jacob said, grabbing the dish rag, "Yeah."

"Yeah…" I grabbed the rag from him and began to was some plates, "I didn't see you around the school today, you skipper."

Jacob chuckled, "I don't go to Forks High. I go to a school on the rez."

"That makes sense," I said, feeling stupid.

We finished the dishes just talking about random things, favorite colors, favorite animal, the type of things new acquaintances would usually talk about. Jacob went to go join Billy and Dad in the living room after we finished while I began to wipe down the kitchen counters. Sports never interested me, so I decided to clean up.

Eventually I had no choice but to go and join them in the living room. The game was nearly finished, and the last twenty of it felt like hours to me as I sat in the old chair Dad had placed off to the side of the couch.

Finally, the game ended (with Dad's team losing miserably) and Billy and Jacob left. Dad waved at them through the window and then turned to me, "Sorry about the extra company, Bells."

"It's alright," I said. "I enjoyed it."

Dad was quiet for a moment, staring intently at the floor. I knew something was up. "Do you think you'll be hanging out with Jacob?" he asked.

"Uh…" I stared at dad, not sure what he meant. "Do you mean as in friends?"

He nodded.

"Yeah, um, probably," I said, leaning against the counter. "Why?"

"I'm fine with you being friends with Jacob, but I don't want you hanging out with any other guys down at La Push," he said. "The Q.O.D. can be quite dangerous."

"I thought that was just the name Jake and his friends called themselves."

"Billy seems to think so," Dad said, grabbing a beer and taking a seat at the table. "He seems to turn a blind eye where Sam is involved. He's like the role model for the younger ones."

"But he's not?" I asked. I sat down at the kitchen table with him.

"He's a good kid. I hardly have any trouble with him," he began. "It's the other kids I worry about. They've gotten into trouble before and, well, I'd feel a lot safer if you didn't associate with them."

"What happened?"

Dad hesitated. "You said you met Alice Brandon today, right?" I nodded, very confused. "Did you happen to meet Edward Cullen?"

"Yeah, he's actually my lab partner for bio," I told him. "Wait a minute, I remember Alice and her boyfriend saying that you always bust him at parties. Is he one of the Q.O.D?"

Dad shook his head, "No. Edward hates the Q.O.D." He took a swing of his beer, "I actually don't mind Edward; he's going through a lot so I do tend to take it easy on him."

Now I was suspicious. Alice had the same thing to me as well at lunch. "What happened to him?"

"About a year ago, Edward was in a relationship with this girl, Tanya Denali."

"And she left him for a guy in the Q.O.D?" I guessed.

Dad shook his head, "Let me finish Bells."


"So Tanya and Edward are dating, and had been for over a year. One day, Tanya was driving to Edward's house when a car hit her and ended up driving her off the road and into a ditch."

I gasped, my hands covering my mouth. "That's horrible," I said. "She didn't make it, did she?"

Dad sighed."She hasn't passed away yet, but I figure it's only a matter of time."

"What do you mean?"

"She's been in critical condition since the accident. She was pronounced brain dead the day after the accident."

"Oh my God…" No wonder Edward seemed so lifeless. "Wait, you said the accident happened a year ago. If she's brain dead, why hasn't… well, why is she still on life support?"

"Tanya's parents refuse to accept the fact that she will never wake up," Dad said, shaking his head. "They keep pressuring Dr. Cullen, who just happens to be Edward's dad, to find a way to 'fix her.' So even though it happened over a year ago, because of Mrs. Denali's constant phone calls, Edward has to relieve it almost everyday."

I sat there for a while, feeling horrible now about making that sleep comment to Edward in biology. He must be plagued with nightmares. "So what does the Q.O.D. have to do with this?"

"Tanya's ex-boyfriend is suspected to be the one who ran her off the road. Edward is dead set on that theory, and even though it does seem very likely, there's no proof."

"And he's in the Q.O.D," I said.

Dad nodded, "Yeah. The game's about to start though." I nodded as he got up and walked into the living room.

I stared at the table for a while, my mind busy thinking of everything dad told me. I felt horrible about Tanya, and guilty for knowing Edward's secret. Running a hand through my hair, I went upstairs to shower and then went to bed.