Title: Grand in Demeanor Author: Sami Pairing/Characters: Boyd, Topher, Adelle Rating: G Warnings: drugs Spoilers: Episode 7, Echoes Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Mutant Enemy, Boston Diva, and Fox Word Count: 203 Summary: Everyone's on tripping, frying, and all wacky on drugs.
Notes: This is for the something new challenge at [lj]dollhousefics and I've never written Boyd before so I thought I'd give it a go with writing his POV during a scene in the kickass episode, "Echoes." Hulu it, kids.

Boyd pressed down on the piano keys and oceans of sound replied in a ancient song that he had been playing since 1965. He sensed the danger, the crisis, the bumblebee trapped inside the window all around him. Enjoyable noise was the only way.

Echoes of Echo tumbled through his mind, but he trusted her. It occurred to him then that he hadn't taught Echo to play the piano. She'd probably like it. She was always flipping up the radio whenever they rode to or from the Dollhouse.

"Did you get that, Topher?" Boyd asked when he picked up the phone again. "Write that down. Tell Adelle, that the Dollhouse needs a baby grand piano. Preferably green with detachable mittens."

"Baby piano. Grand in demeanor. What'dya think, boss lady?" Topher asked, his voice muffled by the silence between his words. "She wants some Doritos mostly, but she thinks baby pianos would be lovely at twilight."

"Excellent." Boyd looked over at the window. "You two might want to make a pillow fort."

There was a pause dominated by buzzing of a bee which Boyd tried to memorize. It seemed important somehow. Echoes of echos tumbled like tumbleweeds in the desert of his existence.