Title: Beautiful Entrapment Author: Sami Rating: PG Pairing: Ivy/Adelle Summary: Ivy keeps many secrets.
Spoiler: Vague spoilers for the series. Ivy is Topher's assistant.
Notes: Inspired by the April inspiration at Tabula Rasa. All rights reserved to Boston Diva, Mutant Enemy, and Fox. This is a quick and random drabble that bounced into my head while I was making Tabula Rasa.

Ivy nuzzles against Adelle's naked chest. She knows that there is more to the Dollhouse than just satisfying rich perverts and the ambiguous promises made by Adelle during her recruitment. So now Ivy waits,learning, as much as she can from Topher about imprinting because she knows that she could replace him. She watches and listens and keeps her mouth shut as much as any of the Dolls because she knows the ways out of the Dollhouse aren't pretty.

Adelle kisses the side of her neck, warm and affectionate in a way that made a girl forget about her neglectful secretive ways, but she knows in the morning, it will be business as usual. Ivy runs her hand down her lover's side and prays that when the time comes that she can surpass Topher. Ivy knows the alternative.