Broken Hearts

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Summary: After destroying the Original Silent, Atsuki is ordered to leave Kisaragi City. Atsuki for the first time disobeys FORT's orders and stays to finish his school year at Kisaragi High School. FORT does not take this well and order members to take him back by force. Atsuki is already having a hard enough time trying to get FORT to leave him alone, but when Akira suddenly breaks up with Mika out of the blue, his friendship with his friends seem to be falling apart. It doesn't help that there is a kidnapper on the loose. When Shinji is abducted by the kidnapper and is forced to do unforgivable acts to save Atsuki, he finds himself losing to Silent. With the drama going on, will FORT leave Atsuki alone for him to find out his feelings for a certain material artist, patch up his friendship with Mika and save Shinji from this sadistic kidnapper?

Pairing: Akira/Atsuki/Hibiki, Ryo/Shinji, Rui/Mika, One-sided Akira/Mika, Atsuki/Yayoi, Atsuki/Nola, and Atsuki/Rui and many others.

Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Friendship and Suspense

Rated: M (for Mature)

Warning: Yaoi (boy/boy), Yuri (girl/girl) unintentional OOC, dark themes (rape, graphic violence and child abuse), swearing, spoilers for those who haven't beaten the game (someone spoiled it for me) and little fluff.

Okay. I got Lux Pain and I'm half-way through the game (EPISODE 14). I memorized everyone's personality EXCEPT Kiryu because I'm on the chapter where he is introduced but I can already tell of his personality by him mocking Atsuki and Shinji but being nice to Ryo. So, don't expect that much OOC because I finally found a way to portray Atsuki. Sure he might act OOC at first but I'll explain at the end of the chapter. This is multiple chapters but its not going to be long. Probably the same length as Grey Reflections and Dark Memories.

Chapter 1: Disobedience

Atsuki Saijo closed his eyes and glanced outside. It was another beautiful day in Kisaragi City but he wouldn't be able to enjoy the sunshine with his friends. No, today was the day he was supposed to leave Kisaragi City and go somewhere else to investigate Silent in that country. Normally, he would be satisfied with the results of his success in a city and leave without question. This time was different though. He felt like that if he left Kisaragi City, he would lose something dear to him that he'll never get back.

Atsuki had an idea what that feeling was.

The feeling of being loved by others.

It was easy for him at the beginning to obtain this love from other people. However, as he spent time with them more, he didn't realize he was succumbing to them as much as they did to him. By the time the School Festival hit, it was too late for his heart. He had given it up to his closest friends.

That was his biggest mistake though because he knew that he had to leave them...and today was the day.

The usual phone call from Nola Dobereiner, who was a member of FORT and his guide throughout the whole mission, finally came. She spoke the words he didn't want to hear.

"Are you ready to leave Saijo?"

The old Atsuki would have replied with a confident yet stoic 'yes' answer. However, he did not respond to her this time.


"Nola...I got a question?" he began. Atsuki had no idea what he was doing nor what he was saying, yet he continued speaking. "Do I really have to go?"

He could hear Nola sigh on the other line, "Yes Saijo. The Silent in this area is gone for good. However there are still other Original Silents in other countries. You are the perfect candidate for eliminating these Silents at a fast pace. Why did you ask?"

Atsuki frowned. The mission was very important. If he did not take the mission, then people around the world would suffer the same fate as him and become a victim of Silent. The gray haired teen did not want that to happen, but still...

"Saijo, is there something wrong?"

"Nola...could you please...tell FORT that I can't do the mission..."

He said something that he shouldn't have had. He knew it because there was this wrong pause on the other line.

"What are you talking about Saijo?" the blonde asked seemingly losing her temper, "You know more than anyone that the mission is first! Why are telling me this?"

"Because I..."

Atsuki froze when he felt a dark Shinen approaching him from behind. He knew for a fact that it was none other than Liu Yee. He had a tendency to come out of nowhere and then lecture him about the mission before disappearing.

"Saijo, are you ready to go?" he asked in a rather grumpy tone.

Atsuki said nothing. He glanced at the phone and then back at Liu Yee. He hung up on Nola but sill no words came out of his mouth. Liu Yee's patient was wearing thin.

"Answer me Saijo!"

Atsuki knew he should have said yes and just leave peacefully without anyone noticing but he couldn't do that. He couldn't even figure out why.


Liu Yee cocked an eyebrow, "What did you say?"

"I'm not ready to leave, and I don't plan to."

This took the Chinese man by surprise, "What do you mean?"

"I won't take the mission," Atsuki told him calmly, "I want to stay here in Kisaragi..."

"Absurd," Liu Yee said harshly, "the mission is top priority. What's a lower member like you telling me what to do?"

"I didn't say..."

"We're moving out."

Atsuki could feel the angry Shinen coming out of Liu Yee. The Chinese man was scary when he was angry and could do harm to people who didn't listen to him. Still, when Liu Yee seized his arm and tried to drag him out of the house, Atsuki let out a cry for help surprising Liu Yee again.

"Why are you screaming for? You know we have to leave."

"I won't leave! I won't!"

"Are you infected by Silent or something? You always leave with us no question asked. Did this place make you soft?"

Atsuki felt the angry Shinen becoming stronger. He struggled to pull away but he wasn't strong enough to pull away from the older man. The red Shinen mixed with black Shinen suddenly.

"Are you defying FORT's wishes after all they've done for you?!" he questioned finally losing his temper.


"You're such an inconsiderate brat."

With that said, Liu Yee pushed Atsuki to the ground and started to use his fists for the talking.

It's always like this. Atsuki thought to himself. When Liu's mad, he'll go into a fit of rage...but why is he attacking me of all people?

Atsuki could feel his bones cracking with every strike from his fist. He shut his eyes and moved to a self-defense position in order to prevent the damage from worsening but that only made Liu Yee hit him harder. Atsuki prayed that his legs wouldn't be wounded that badly. He was planning to attend school today so he had to be able to walk. Luckily his leg area was spared. The only major area hurt was his chest area.

"Are you going to come along now?" Liu Yee asked after calming down from the multiple punches.

Atsuki still refused to go with him back to FORT. Liu Yee groaned in frustration.

"I'll give you one hour," Liu Yee threatened, "If you're not ready by then, I'll drag you back to FORT by force."

Liu Yee intended to keep his promise. He stormed out of the apartment complex and slammed the door behind him. All was still until Atsuki got another call from Nola.

"Saijo, what happened? Did Liu do something to you?"

Atsuki laughed bitterly, "It's nothing I can't handle."


"I decided something Nola. I'm not going back to FORT until I find what I don't want to leave here. Please have FORT send someone else that isn't as stubborn as me for this mission."

"Saijo, this isn't like you. You would agree with us no question ask, so why..."

"They can't control my life anymore Nola...I'm sorry..."

Atsuki hung up the phone before Nola could ask anymore. He smiled faintly as he quickly got ready for school. If he was quick, then he could make it to class before Arthur found out he was missing.

The gray haired teen had no idea what he was doing, but one thing was for certain. He wasn't a cage bird.

Me: TBC with 1867 words.

Yohko: Why is Liu Yee so abusive?

Me: This is what I think. At the beginning of the game, Liu Yee bosses Atsuki around to no end. When you complete complicated missions like saving Arthur from Silent, Liu Yee continues to yell at Atsuki for not waiting for him and that he made a mistake. Later on, when he makes a mistake, he blames both Atsuki and Natsuki for it (when it was his and Natsuki's fault for screwing up). I'm surprised you can't read FORT member's minds because it would help understand what they're thinking.

Also, I think FORT tries to rule members of the organization. Natsuki at the beginning of the game complains about how she wants to get out of the stupid building but Ray or anyone else won't let her out even when she begs. I say Atsuki is in the same position because they only give him a few weeks at school and then he's supposed to leave. What about his education? I know he studies aboard, but Atsuki likes the school for crying out loud!

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