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Summary: After finally rejecting Hibiki's affection toward him, Atsuki finally infiltrates ANGELIC LAYER. He finally has the lead that can get the place sued and everyone involved in the kidnapping arrested, however a small screw up could have Atsuki facing the same fate as all the kidnapped victims. Will anyone be able to save him?

Pairing: Akira/Atsuki, Liu Yee/Hibiki, OC/Shinji and Tentacle/Atsuki (YES!)

Genre: Angst, Suspense, Action/Adventure, Drama and Romance

Warning: Graphic violence, swearing, tentacle rape (YAY), character death, some OOC, and yaoi

I'm going to have A LOT of fun in this chapter. Feel the wrath of a horny fan girl! Enjoy!

Chapter 12: S

"Hibiki," Atsuki began as he firmly pushed the other off of him. "I'm sorry, but I love Akira."

Those words smashed Hibiki's words to pieces. He knew the probability of Atsuki returning his feelings were extremely low and because of Akira, his odds would continue to go down, but yesterday, he knew that Akira truly beaten him. He didn't want to admit it because with no one to pursue, he would be all alone again.

Hibiki knew his mind barrier was down and Atsuki was reading his mind. It pained him to see the telepath reading his mind but he just didn't have the will to block him out.

Atsuki felt terrible reading the other telepath's mind. While Hibiki had tried to read his mind on multiple occasions, it felt wrong to pry into his mind and see what he was thinking. All that was going through Hibiki's mind was loneliness and despair.

We are so similar after all. Atsuki told himself as his eyes went back to black. "Hibiki, listen to me."

Hibiki didn't respond. Atsuki feared that if the cyan haired teen kept at it, then he might get infected with Silent again, and unlike his other friends, he wasn't as sane as them.

"I'm sorry I can't return your feelings, but you can't keep going on like this." Atsuki took a huge breathe before he began lecturing his friend. "I know what it feels like to be alone in the world, but after my mission here in Kisaragi, I realized that I was never alone. I finally had something I lost many years ago. I have friends now. I have a family...and I have Akira. What I'm trying to say is that there is one person out there that will accept you for who you are and love you all the same...your soulmate..." Atsuki paused for a second. Calling Akira his soulmate was a little too much, but he couldn't help himself. "And when that person in your life finally comes, the hole in your heart will disappear for good. Mine disappeared when I first met everyone here though, and..."

Hibiki wanted to smirk and laugh. Today was truly the day that Atsuki had spoken so much and it felt comforting to have consoling words told to you. Still, a part of him just wanted to break down at the moment, but he had his pride. He wouldn't cry especially not in front of Atsuki.

"It's useless Atsuki-chan," Hibiki told him, his voice cracking slightly. "I had a failed romance every time. First Ryo and then you. I'm just lover's fool."

"That's not true Hibiki!" Atsuki shouted surprising the other. "Ryo might not return your feelings but he holds you as one of the most important people in his life...and as for me..." Atsuki let out a wee smile. "If it wasn't Akira that won my heart then maybe...just maybe I might have..."

"You're too kind..." Hibiki mumbled.


"You're too kind...almost to the point of a saint's kindness..."

Hibiki's eyes widened when he made this revelation. Maybe the reason behind kidnapping only people with the letter S in their name was because they had a saint like quality of some sort.

No...that's impossible. Atsuki-chan is the only person I know who has such warmth.


Hibiki managed to smile and not just the mischievous grin, but a true smile. "I'll leave you to your duties, but just promise that you'll come back alive."

"You don't have to worry about that!"

With that said, Atsuki slowly walked away from the docks of the Seagull. Hibiki waited until the gray haired teen was out of sight before he sat on the docks, crying. He could only hope that no one would come out of the Seagull building and see him sobbing because it truly was embarrassing for him, but he needed to unleash his sorrow now if he wanted to move on in life.

Atsuki felt bad for leaving Hibiki alone, but he knew Hibiki would be fine. All of his friends were strong. They all wouldn't break easily from something as small as a rejection. He couldn't say the same for himself. He asked himself what would his reaction be if Akira were to break up with him. That thought hurt...

The telepath found himself at ANGELIC LAYER. For some strange reason, the department store was closed early but that wouldn't stop Atsuki. The telepath quickly read the R. Shinen and sure enough, there wasn't enough security to go around for such a huge store. Not like there were things worth stealing.

The door was automatic, but it wouldn't open to Atsuki.

It seems like telepaths can't enter unless they conceal their powers. Atsuki thought to himself. If I were to do that, I would be leaving myself wide open for an attack...

There was no other option, so Atsuki had to conceal his powers temporary for the door to open up automatically.

Despite the fact the department store was closed, Atsuki could still feel peoples' presence in the area.

It's coming from the third floor.

Quietly, he made his way up the escalator which was turned off by the way. If it was on, things could go even smoother but all was good because he was use to sneaking around. He had to sneak into important buildings in previous missions to lure the Silent infectee out so Liu Yee could kill him.

Once Atsuki reached the third floor, he heard two voices. One was the porn shop owner who gave him a hard time and the other was a new voice he hadn't heard of. Quickly, he hid behind a stack of porn videos and listened.

"God Kyo, how could you be so stupid?!" one of the voices shouted. "Why did you put a video of my pet in the store?"

"It sounded good at the time to...put it in and make money?"

"You fucktard! You realize what will happen if some undercover agent gets that video? We'll be screwed over before the plan is complete!"


"Eden calm down. I know you're upset about that kid going to try and take that Naruse kid from you but you don't need to take your anger out on your partner."


The one called Eden seemed to have simmer down quickly.

"Kyo, do you notice something?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I feel like someone is watching us."

Atsuki felt his breathing come to a stop. Damn, he might have noticed me!

"Impossible. The store is closed. Who could waltz in here at this time?"

"Stop talking."

Atsuki could hear Eden's footsteps come his way. His heart was beating way to fast and it was becoming difficult to breathe. If he was caught here, he was so screwed.

Don't come this way! Please not this way!

It seemed that God was favoring Atsuki today because there was this big crash coming from downstairs. It diverted their attention from Atsuki to the noise. Eden glanced at his partner before he irritably followed Kyo downstairs to check on the noise. Once they were on the second flood, Atsuki felt his knees giving up as he fell to the floor breathing heavily.

That was close! Atsuki told himself as he quickly regained his composure. I have no time to waste though. There is evidence that Shinji is being molested in one of these videos. I just have to find it. Atsuki frowned at the thought. But I don't want to go through that disgusting stuff!

The silver haired teen decided to take things up a notch. If what he thought was true about someone in this building being a telepath then he would be spotted instantly if he used that power, but suppose no one was a psychic like him. They wouldn't be able to know he was there if he used his powers to check the Residential Shinen.

Atsuki activated Lux Pain and checked the R. Shinen on the DVD. One of the Shinen would definitely be the one that revealed the DVD that recorded Shinji on it.

There it is!

Atsuki found the DVD in the middle of yaoi videos. It didn't have any unique covering but it came off the same aura as Shinji and the guys who recorded it.

Now we can save Shinji! Atsuki told himself as he mentally cheered. It was short lived when he heard one of the two guys heading back up the stairs. Atsuki looked around the area searching for a place to hide. Their was a door that read JANITOR'S OFFICE. It was his only hope of not getting caught. He quickly dove for the janitor's office and hid in the room.

"I don't see why Eden is so paranoid!"

It was the other guy Kyo was was talking to himself. "Getting worked up for a DVD that probably hasn't been sold to a customer yet and the noise downstairs which is that brat Sohma! There's no one in here that could steal evidence of the kidnappings in Kisaragi! We already got LME tied down and I doubt FORT will find us at all because all forces are being dispatched Wednesday night for good!"

How does he know?

Kyo checked around the area and walked passed the janitor's office. He didn't bother searching in their though. He yawned as he decided to head back downstairs and complain to his boss.

Atsuki shook his head in annoyance. They were probably guarding the entrance. At this rate, he might not be able to make it out without being detected.

If I want to make it through this, I would have to run to the police station. Atsuki told himself as he proceeded to leave. He stopped when he felt death Shinen in the room. The silver haired teen quickly searched for the light switch and turned on the light knowing that the dumb porn shop manager wasn't coming back up. Eyes widened in horror at what he saw.

There was blood everywhere. Dried up blood anyway, but it came from three lifeless bodies. All were murdered in a different way. One from a stab wound, one from a gun shot wound to the head and the last one obviously had her mind crushed. They all had a tag on their body though that had their names on it. They read Dolly Stelenza, Sue Rosaline and Setsuna Momiji.

Atsuki could have been used to seeing gruesome bodies like this, but they've been dead for a while. Almost three whole months. Flies and mice were swarming over the bodies and eating their flesh slowly. At that moment though, the telepath just wanted to get the hell out of this place since he confirmed that ANGELIC LAYER is where all the victims were kept and some even killed.

Fear overcame Atsuki and he knew he had to get it together before he screwed up, but the images wouldn't go away. Tonight, he would surely have nightmares.

Rushing to the first floor, he didn't seem to notice that someone had noticed him. Atsuki kept running for the door...that was until he slipped and fell through the floor on the first floor. The onyx eyed teen didn't get a chance to scream when he fell through.

"Oww..." he couldn't help letting out cry. He soon recovered and glanced around.

Where am I? Is this a hidden floor below the department store? Atsuki looked around. Sure enough, there were many doors below the department store and a staircase that lead deeper into the darkness of the underground. He heard moaning and screaming coming from one door. The voice was all too familiar. Sayuri is here! This means that all the victims are locked inside these rooms to get raped...this prostitution scheme stops now!

Atsuki saw the stairs and proceeded to leave.

"And where are you going, boy?"

The telepath froze. He was finally caught red handed. Slowly, he turned around to see the same blonde guy that was yelling at his comrade. He was smirking at him evilly and his eyes were as sinister as a snake. It reminded Atsuki of the look Graham Miller had.

"So LME couldn't do it on their own so they finally decided to bring FORT into this...and I tried so hard to get them to stay out of this."

"Who are you, and how do you know about FORT? Did you work for PHALANX?"

The blonde shook his head. "Now why would I work with a pathetic group like that?" He took a step closer to the telepath. Atsuki found himself backing up away from the stairs and away from his freedom.

"My name is Akeboshi Eden, and you Atsuki Saijo will wish you haven't stepped into my territory."

Atsuki was confused. He felt his entire body shivering. "How did you know my name?"

Eden continued to show his confident smirk. "Oh, that name slipped out when I was making a deal with my pet. What was his name, ah yes, Shinji Naruse."

"Shinji?! Where is he damn you?!"

"Oh he's just fine compared to the rest of the people here who have nearly lost their insanity which is fine by me. With your presence here though, it might cause a big problem for your friend."

"What do you mean?"

Atsuki felt the Shinen around him attacking his mind directly. Edward and Graham's mind controlling powers were completely different from this. He felt like he was going to lose it all.

"There is this kid that wants to take my pet away from here. If he did that, then no one will be able to find him again. The only way I can keep him here is to get rid of you."

"Why me?"

"Because you mean a huge deal to FORT from the intelligence I gathered. I never knew Ray Platiere had a soft spot for kids but maybe that's why he decided to save your miserable life."


"That time when those Silent infectees killed your sister and brutally injured you, you just wanted to lay there and die next to your sister didn't you, but you couldn't because Platiere took pity on you and decided to save your sorry ass."


"You had the potential to becoming a Lux Pain user so he offered you a second chance of life in exchange for your freedom and emotions."


"You had no choice but to comply because he was your savior. An angel from heaven or a demon in disguise, you couldn't tell because you were too young then but now!"


"Oh, I seem to hit a nerve."

Atsuki realized that this Eden guy was a telepath and was reading his mind. Never once had someone was easily able to read his mind even with his guard up. He tried to move his arm but realize that it wouldn't move at all.

"It finally took affect. Lovely."

Atsuki wanted to ask, "What the hell did the bastard do to him" but he couldn't move any part of his body, not even his lips.

"I think you noticed it before when you first entered ANGELIC LAYER with your friends, but I developed a machine that drains a telepath's power. That way, no one can approach me without paying the price." Eden shook his head as he chuckled. "You noticed that the first time but you dare come back a second time and taste the machine's true power. I respect you for your stupidity and even respect you for being able to conceal your powers and still use a small portion of it on the top floor, but..."

Eden was already in front of the frozen telepath when he finished his sentence. "Your luck ends now."

Atsuki gasped when he felt his chin being lifted up. He tried to struggle against the pressure but his Shinen was too powerful.

No, I don't want to be in that situation again!

"I see you already belong to someone," Eden continued to taunt as he used his free hand to pull Atsuki toward him, "But will that person want you if you made love to another?"

Atsuki felt his body succumbing to the older male's touch. He closed his eyes thinking he failed, but all he could picture in his mind was Akira.

I can't give up here. If I do, then I've let everyone down...and I...

Eden was not suspecting a sucker (falcon) punch to the face. He was overwhelmed from the blow that he fell over.

"I will never give myself up to anyone except Akira!" Atsuki declared as he ran over Eden (stepping on his crotch in the process).

Eden was petrified but managed to get his phone out telling his men to capture Atsuki and get the evidence back.

Hibiki felt something hurt in his chest. He wondered if Atsuki was doing okay.

He hadn't moved from his spot mainly because he didn't want to return to an empty house for the night. He was hoping to return home with a prize but that wasn't going to happen. Now, all he could do was stare at the moving waters.

"Hibiki Kiryu I presume?"

Hibiki shot his head up. The voice was unrecognizable but it sent shivers down his spine. Slowly, he turned his head around to see three telepaths standing behind him. They obviously weren't from FORT because Atsuki made it clear that FORT would no longer go after him and it definitely wasn't PHALANX members because the instant Edward was murdered, PHALANX was disbanded.

"That's me," he said bravely.

The three men smirked. "You're coming with us."

"That's funny. I don't think you have the right to order me around."

The response was unexpected. Hibiki felt a powerful Shinen corrupt his mind preventing him from moving any part of his body.

What the hell?

"We will not take no for an answer. All telepaths are to be gathered at ANGELIC LAYER to stop an attack."

The cyan haired teen struggled to break free but couldn't.

Dammit, why don't I have the power to resist? Did I really lose most of my powers?

Two of the men forced him to stand. They laughed as they tied his hands behind his back.

"Hey, why do we have to get him again?" one of the guys asked. "He doesn't start with an S like that other telepath."

"The boss said that we should just take all of his pet's friends. It's not like LME or FORT can do anything about it."

"Still, he's kind of cute."

Hibiki forced himself not to open his mouth when he felt one of them grope his ass.

"Doesn't seem like a virgin ass. Don't tell me that this telepath is a whore!"

"Only one way to find out."

The cyan haired teen should had have a better reaction when he saw one of them scurry their hands underneath his shirt. He was so used to it when Edward molested him that it didn't affect him.

"He is a whore! He's not telling us to stop."

Your fucking powers prevents me from cursing you out, you bastards!

"It's not rape if he's enjoying himself. Can we have sex now?"

"Might as well. Our boss didn't give us a specific time when to be back and that we could toy with those we have to bring back."

Hibiki continued to glare at them as one of the guys unzipped his pants revealing a penis with pre-cum already on the tip of it.

"Be a good whore and suck," he ordered.

The cyan haired teen hid his hair underneath his eyes. He didn't expect anyone to save him. He expected to get out this his own. If he just hurried up and gave them what they wanted, they would weaken the barrier that was preventing him from moving and he would be able to crush their minds.

Still...Atsuki-chan made a point. I can't keep going on like this...

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up before I force up your throat!"


The evil telepath's weren't expecting the cyan haired teen to fight back. They drastically let down their guard when he was showing no resistance. It was too late to put up the Shinen barrier. He kicked the guy's most precious item causing him to fall on his back. He then head-butted the guy holding him down. The only problem now is getting the rope off his wrists so he could escape. There was one guy left and he seemed smart and less horny than the other two that were down temporary. The guy took a gun out and pointed it at the teen.

"You punk! You stop what you're doing and I won't kill you."

Hibiki smirked. "I would rather die then let you do whatever you wish to me."


The cyan haired boy closed his eyes expecting a bullet through his head. The gun was never fired though. Slowly he opened his eyes to see what was the delay.

"Not as strong as you were the last time we met now are we."

Hibiki recognized that voice and regretted not getting himself killed sooner.

"Why are you here?" he asked completely bothered by the new arrival of his rival.

Liu Yee was behind the third guy who was knocked to the ground unmoving. He had the gun in his hand.

"I felt a distorted Shinen coming from here. I thought it was Atsuki's but I guess I was wrong." Liu Yee smirked seeing Hibiki's humiliating figure. "Regardless, I still get to see quite a sight."

The cyan haired teen looked away not realizing that his cheeks were lighting up. "If you're here, please untie me..."

"Oh? You're asking help from the enemy again?"

"You bastard! I didn't ask you to help me!"

"Really then? I'll just leave and go search for Atsuki. I feel like he's the one who needs help."

The Sweeper turned to leave only to stop when a rising dark Shinen started to appear behind the young telepath.


Hibiki froze when he felt himself being pulled back by the neck and having a gun forced against his back.

"If you move he dies!"

Liu Yee should have known that Hibiki didn't take out the two other guys on his own. If he did, it would have been much easier for him. He proceeded to eat the mind's of the two men.

"I guess you don't care about this whore's life!" the man shouted as he fired the gun.

Hibiki didn't realize that he screamed when the gun was fired. It didn't hit him though. Turns out, he fired the gun into the sky as a warning.

Liu Yee saw the look on the telepath's face. He looked liked a frightened child ready to break down at any minute. The Sweeper frowned. It was bad enough that Atsuki and Natsuki gave him that look at times but for his enemy to give him the look out of all people...

"That was only a warning. Now if you want this bitch to live, leave the gun on the ground and slowly walk away from it. Once your three feet away from the gun, I'll release him."

Liu Yee scowled. "Is that it?"

"Nope. You will stand there and let me kill you."

"You got some nerve."

"This kid's life is in the balance," said the other man who got up and took out a gun from his pocket as well as pulling his pants up. "Is your life more important than this kid's?"

The Chinese man growled when the first guy proved his point by aiming the gun at his back again.

"You know, the longer it takes for you to make your decision, we might just entertain ourselves."

Hibiki gasped when he felt his ass being groped again. Why was it when Liu Yee was in front of him, he acted more insecure? That time he was battling him in front of AMS Bank was a time he acted insecure especially when he started losing the battle against the Sweeper.

"Now make your decision!"

Liu Yee clenched his fist in anger. He didn't know why his Shinen was flaring up. Did Hibiki really have an affect on him?


He found himself obeying their commands. He placed the gun on the ground and slowly walked away from it.

"W-What the hell are you doing?!" Hibiki shouted. "If you listen to them, you'll just going to get killed!"

"Shut up!"

Hibiki gasped when he felt his ass being smacked, hard.

"Listen to us you brat and you might not have to witness your friend's death."

The two men were focused on the teen that they didn't notice Liu Yee was running toward them. When they did, it was too late. One of the guys dropped dead. The other guy witnessed this in time to be able to shoot Liu Yee. The Sweeper side stepped to avoid a fatal blow. However, the bullet manage to graze him slightly causing him to stop in his tracks.

"Damn..." he cursed again.

The man was pissed now. "You bastard! You're going to regret killing my comrade.

It all happened too fast. By the time Liu Yee crushed his mind the man had already thrown Hibiki into the ocean. Hands still tied behind his back, he had no way of swimming to the surface when thrown into the cold water. The deeper he fell into the water, the more his lungs gave up on him.

Am I going to die here? Hibiki asked himself as he felt his eyes getting heavier.

As he slipped into the darkness, he didn't notice a a body dive down to save him and pull him back to the surface.

Atsuki managed to exit ANGELIC LAYER but not without company following him. If the ash haired teen done this in the afternoon when people were still around, then he wouldn't have to worry about witnesses seeing the chase. It was almost 11:00 PM and most people were already at home. He would have to make a few short cuts if he wanted to get out of this chase unscratched.

"Atsuki Saijo!" one of them shouted. "Today is the day you die!"

The telepath cursed at himself for turning around. The one who called his name was that kid both men mentioned in their conversation. It was then did Atsuki realize that his appearance matched Richie's description.

So this is Pyro Sohma. He too is a telepath...but what are his powers?

He didn't need to ask that. His eyes widened when Pyro shot flames in his mouth.

You serious?! Atsuki asked himself as he dodged the flame (anime style). A nearby building caught on fire. The telepath realized that if Pyro continued being reckless, then ANGELIC LAYER might be caught sooner. Eden's men realized this and ordered Pyro to use his other power.

Five minutes of dodging the flames and watching buildings go up in flames, Atsuki made it to South End. Past the movie theater, he could take a short cut where he could where it would be in the area where most people would be hanging out as well as the easiest way to the police station. He looked at his coat and sighed when he saw that a small portion of it was burned to a crisp.

"You won't escape!" Pyro screamed as he used his secret weapon.

Atsuki's eyes widened in horror when he saw something come out from the back of the red head. It looked like octopus arms, but that was enough to get the ash haired teen to run faster than normal.

The arms had a will of it's own as they extended toward the telepath. Atsuki was just not fast enough because one of the arms wrapped around his leg. He fell to the dirt with a big thump.

"Caught you."

The telepath felt his body being dragged back to the owner of the octopus legs. He held on tightly to the tape. If he loosed this, then all of his hard work would have been for nothing.

"Not much of a tentacle fan are you?" Pyro questioned as he yanked the tentacles toward him along with Atsuki. "Now, I'll be taking that tape that has my Shinji on it."

One of the tentacles reached out to retrieve the tape. Atsuki wouldn't let go of it to Pyro's annoyance. With a snap of his fingers, he ordered the tentacles to tie each section of his body separately starting with his legs. Pretty soon, both legs were wrapped around tentacle arms as well as his arms. The tape fell from his hands as Pyro caught it.

"This is mine," Pyro said firmly as he looked at the position that the telepath was in before his face became dark. "You look awfully pale. Do you hate octopuses that much?"

Atsuki wouldn't answer because the answer was obvious.

"I think my little friends want to have a little fun with you before we kill you."

Atsuki started to shake.

This can't be happening!

The onyx eyed boy felt some acid leaking on his coat. He stared in horror as the acid melted his clothes away.

"Now the question is, what position do I want you in when I rape you."

Panic overtook him again. He just couldn't stay calm in this situation mainly because he was going to get raped by tentacles which he despised as much as porn!

"I got the perfect position!" Pyro declared.

Atsuki wanted to scream, but when he looked around, the four of Eden's men were surrounding the area in a square formation. The same powers that he felt was being used on him earlier was being used on him again.

"No one will hear you scream unless they're inside the barrier we're in, so can moan all you want because you're going to get fucked well."


Pyro laughed as he ordered the tentacles to start the show. Atsuki felt the tentacles positioning himself to where his ass was in the air. He closed his eyes when he felt the infiltration began. He felt the slimy legs trying to wiggle their way into his only hole but they were having a hard time. Two of the many tentacles wrapped around each of his nibbles and started pinching and pulling it. If Atsuki were to be honest, it hurt more than anything else.

"Come on! You know you want this slut! This is your opportunity to get fucked both ways!"

"I don't want this!" Atsuki cried out but quickly closed his mouth when one of the tentacles wanted oral sex with him.

Dammit it all! Why can't I do anything?!


Atsuki almost gasped when he felt another tentacle wrap around his dick and massage it.

Why am I so weak?...

Another tentacle pulled Atsuki's hair up and lifted his chin trying to force his mouth open.

Akira...please help me...

God must have given up on him because the slimy legs finally managed to slither into his hole and start thrusting away. If that wasn't enough, a second tentacle slid into the small hole and also thrusting. The onyx eyed teen cried out in pain as he got banged. He saw the look on Pyro's face. It was of pure sadism. He was enjoying himself.

"Your last moments of your life will be filled with pleasure, so just embrace your desire."

The telepath felt like he should give up and let him do what he wanted him to do, but...

Pyro was not expecting someone to disturb him. Yet, when someone threw a lit lighter on the tentacles, they caught on fire. Too bad Atsuki too caught on fire when it released him. He was rolling on the ground trying to get it out.

"Who dared put my babies on fire?!"

The four other telepaths gasped when they saw someone jump from the top of the movie theater and landed...quite nicely actually if you didn't notice his shaking legs when he landed.


Atsuki would have thanked his savior but the first thing he did was get up and punch his savior in the face when the fire was out.

"What the hell Akira?! Are you trying to burn me alive?!"

"S-Sorry Saijo. I didn't have a good hand. I was trying to aim at his face."

"-red vein- Do that again and it won't just be your face that will be burned!"

Akira wanted to take the ash haired teen seriously but glancing at his naked flesh (that had minor burns because of him), he couldn't help but blush and look away embarrassed before turning to his enemy.

"You got a lot of nerve trying to rape my boyfriend. I won't go easy on you just because you were Shinji's friend, Pyro."

Pyro laughed bitterly. "Oh, Mido-kun, I had no idea you swung that way. I guess when Nozaki is too much for you."

"Shut up!"

"And you even jumped off the roof like a superhero. I'm impressed."

Atsuki turned to the material artist. "How did you get on the roof?"

"...There was a huge ladder behind the building and I climbed it."

"Really Akira? Would Sakai really leave a huge ladder behind the movie theater?"

"I don't know but why are we getting off topic?"

"I was just wondering...since it seemed so unrealistic for you to just appear on the roof like a knight in shining armor."

Pyro started to laugh again. "If you're done squabbling, then I'll kill you now!"

Atsuki knew Akira was no match for the fire user. It was unheard of for a telepath to have powers that can manipulate substances. Whoever was foolish enough to give him powers was going to pay dearly.

"Akira, I can handle this. Just get out of here before you get killed-"

"Can't do that. There was this invisible barrier that prevented me from going to the front of the theater so that's why I took the upward approach," Akira explained. "So I'm stuck fighting with you."


"Don't worry. I'll protect you."

Reassuring words made the ash haired teen's heart skip a beat but in a situation like this, he had to tell Akira the danger he was getting in.

"How touching Mido-kun," Pyro mocked. "You'll die first!"

The material artist witnessed one of Pyro's powers but he wasn't expecting a flamethrower attack coming from his mouth. Both teens moved out of the way to avoid the flames. Akira considered the options of running forward and using hand to hand combat like he did Richie, but something told him that it was a terrible idea.

Atsuki tried to look for an opening. He managed to regain some of his mental strength back. Using Lux Pain, he quickly scanned Pyro for any opening. Despite his opponent being a telepath, he did a bad job trying to block Atsuki out. However, Pyro didn't need a mind block. He had his tentacles.

Pyro smirked as the tentacles rushed forward to the gray haired boy.

"Watch out!"

Akira's warning was too late. Atsuki felt the tentacles wrap around his body again and rise him into the air.

"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" Atsuki had to scream.

"Oh, I'm so serious," Pyro laughed as he faced the spiky haired teen. "You better hurry up and save him. I don't think my tentacles can hold onto their own excitement for long."

"You bastard!"

Akira wouldn't be able to burn the tentacles a second time. Atsuki would be screwed (literally) unless he took down the source quickly.

God, why didn't I think ahead?! Akira asked himself as he rushed forward.

Pyro's smile on his face became psychotic as Akira came closer ready to punch him.

"You fell for it."

Sure enough, he did. Akira thought all the tentacles were focusing on Atsuki, but one of them seized him from behind and wrapped around his body.

"Shit!" he cursed as he too was raised in the air but unlike Atsuki, he wasn't put in any sexual position.

"You are so simple minded," Pyro mocked as he turned his attention to Atsuki. "Now watch from there as I take your precious boyfriend for myself."

"You bastard! Touch him and I'll kill you!"

Pyro wouldn't take those threats seriously. He ordered the tentacles to lower Atsuki closer to the ground to the point where he could touch him. Atsuki's constant struggles were futile as he was brought to Pyro's face length.

"I can't wait to break you."

Akira's constant screaming of bloody murder were unheard. Atsuki felt like screaming himself but he couldn't. He felt two of the tentacles penetrate his hole again and felt the thrusting process start all over.

"How does it feel to have something other than Mido-kun's cock inside of you?" Pyro asked as he slowly unzipped his zipper revealing his dick that already had some pre-cum on it. "Suck it."

Atsuki refused. If there was one thing he wouldn't allow, he wouldn't cheat on Akira. Pyro smirked seeing the resistance in those onyx eyes. It wouldn't be fun if the target was submissive.

"If you don't suck, I'll kill Mido-kun right now," Pyro threatened.


With a snap of his fingers, the tentacles that were wrapped around Akira tightened. The material artist let out a forced cry of pain as he continued to struggle to break free."

"S-Stop it!"

Pyro raised an eyebrow, "Will you be a bitch and give me a blow job?"

"Don't do it Atsuki..." Akira murmured as he felt his world darken. He couldn't faint now, not when the love of his life was in danger.

Akira...I'm sorry. Atsuki apologized and nodded his head slowly.

"That's a good bitch, now open wide."

Atsuki felt himself shivering as he slowly opened his mouth. Pyro's cock was shoved into his mouth forcefully.

"If you don't pleasure me enough, Mido-kun will still die!"

The telepath realized that no matter what happened, Akira might end up dead. Still, he had to try and save him. Slowly he began to work pleasuring the the red head.

It's gross...

"Hey Mido-kun! How does it feel to see the love of your life sucking another guy's cock?" Pyro questioned as he smiled in triumph.

Akira seem to be shaking but not from fear. He was shaking in fury. His eyes were focused on his enemy. "When I get out of this, you're going to hell..."

"What, I can't hear you! Oh this feels so good! God, I have to cum now!"

Atsuki felt something warm fall down his eyes as Pyro planted his seed in his mouth.

"You better swallow all of it," Pyro continued to threaten as he took his cock out of the telepath's mouth.

The onyx was forced to gulp down the sticky substance. It tasted bitter in his mouth.

"God, what do I want do to next? Oh, I'm going to make you cum."

Atsuki felt his entire body freeze when he felt a tentacle wrap around his length and stroke it again. Other tentacles touched his inner thigh and stomach. The telepath felt his body warming up from the slimy touches.

No! I can't seriously be enjoying this!

"Maybe I should place my dick in the hole too...hmm..."

Atsuki felt the seed of the tentacles be planted inside of him. They quickly withdrew from the hole before thrusting in again. Atsuki felt that same familiar pressure when he was Akira arising inside of him.

No...I don't want to cum to him! I didn't...even do it with Akira yet...

"Oh, looks like you're ready to cum. Are you ready for your climax?"

Akira...I'm so sorry...

Atsuki closed his eyes thinking it was all over, but it wasn't He felt the tentacles loosen around him. He dropped to the ground head first. Akira fell from the air soon after. Pyro's screaming was heard because someone was cutting of his tentacles.

"Who did that?!"



"Why can't you ever protect yourself Atsuki?"

Liu Yee?!

"You bastards! How did you get here?! The barrier."

Atsuki opened his eyes to see that he was in the arms of the cyan haired teen who was looking down on him with intense worry in his eyes. Akira was slowly standing. Liu Yee was standing in front of them. The four telepath's that put up the barrier were on the ground dead. It was obvious that Liu Yee crushed their minds.

"If you want to make your plans not obvious, you would learn to choose telepaths that can hide their powers instead of leaking it out to the point where even those with a little bit of power can sense them," Liu Yee taunted.

"...Hibiki...why are you here?" Atsuki asked weakly.

"They attacked me shortly after you left," Hibiki mumbled. "I thought I was a goner but your friend saved me. When I woke up, their was a scythe next to me...and I realized that when you fight Silent, you have to have some weapon that your mind chooses."

The scythe that Hibiki spoke of was in the other hand that wasn't carrying Atsuki. Atsuki wondered if he could make his bo-staff appear outside of fighting Silent. It would make thing a lot easier.

"I knew you were in danger so I told Liu Yee that you were at ANGELIC LAYER...but..." Hibiki sighed. "The place was packed with non-telepaths that were their to have sex with the kidnapped victims. It took a while to kick their ass but we figured out that you ran to South End...I'm glad we made it in time."

"...Thank you Hibiki..."

Atsuki felt his consciousness slipping. He could hear Akira and Hibiki call his name but he slipped into the darkness. He needed sleep because when he woke up...

"Hibiki, is he?"

"He's just asleep. He held on for your sake," Hibiki told the material artist.

"That's a relief."

"Anyway, we got to deal with this bastard," Hibiki added as he placed the silver haired teen down on the ground.

Akira firmly nodded his head as he glared in the direction of his target. "You don't have to tell me that."

Atsuki's protectors prepared to attack Pyro. The fire telepath was not amused. "Damn you! I'll kill you all!"

More tentacles grew behind him. They launched themselves at the three. Liu Yee turned to Hibiki.

"You handle those things."

Hibiki agreed as he got his scythe ready. Quickly, he jumped in the air and cut all the tentacles that were targeting them. Pyro screamed in pain with each one cut.

"Damn you!"

Pyro fired flames from his mouth. Liu Yee instantly jumped in the way and pushed Hibiki away from the flames surprisingly the cyan haired teen. Before he had a chance to fire again...

"You bastard! Take this!"

Pyro was caught off guard by the material artist. He was able to get past his attack because of Hibiki. So when he was punched in the jaw hard, you can imagine the look on his face. The impact was so strong that it sent him flying backwards.

"You son of a bitch!" Pyro cursed as he slowly stood up.

"That's for Saijo," Akira announced, "and there's more where that came from."


Before he could say anymore he felt something stab him in the back.

"I'll be taking that tape," Hibiki told him as he pulled the tip of the scythe out of him and jumped back to avoid getting attacked.

"Fuck you!"

Pyro felt something attack his mind. He glared in Liu Yee's direction who was in the middle of eating his mind.

"I will not lose to a bunch of nobodies!" Pyro screamed. His body began glowing a bright red color. He looked ready to explode. Akira's bushido instincts didn't have to tell him to get far away from him as soon as possible and protect Atsuki's body.

The flame telepath unleashed a shock wave of flames at his opposers. Akira quickly dived to protect Atsuki's body that was in the pathway of the flames barely managing to avoid the attack. Liu Yee too pushed him and Hibiki away from the flames. By the time the flames subsided, Pyro was nowhere to be found.

"Damn, he got away..." Liu Yee cursed as he released Hibiki from his grasp.

Atsuki slowly came to. He found himself in an unfamiliar room with normal silver pajamas. At first panic struck within him. Was he captured by Pyro? Was Akira killed? Did he...give himself up for someone else?

"You're awake. Thank goodness."


Out of all people, Atsuki least expected to see Hibiki who he just rejected.

"Where am I?"

"FORT came and picked us up..."

"I see..."

Hibiki said nothing. Atsuki was waiting for him to say something else but nothing came out.

"Hibiki, is Akira okay?"

Hibiki nodded his head. "His wounds are being treated, but FORT is surprised."


"He's a normal civilian yet he risked his life against someone with abnormal powers."

"I don't think it's abnormal powers. All members of LME have a certain type of power..."

"You have a point but still..." Atsuki felt the other telepath wrap his arms around the other. At first it stunned him but Hibiki was shivering. "Don't do that again."


"You almost got yourself and Akira killed. I..."

"...Were you really worried about us?"


Atsuki smiled. "Sorry for worrying you."

Hibiki quickly stopped the embrace and looked away embarrassed. "I wasn't worried. Akira and your group was worried. I learned that tentacles aren't your thing-"

"I hate octopuses..." Atsuki said flatly.

"I can tell...-sweatdrop-"

Atsuki finally remembered something important. "The tape!"

"Don't worry. I took it during the battle. I handed it the police chief. She's contacting your boss."


"I don't know the rest, but the police chief wants you to go and see her when you wake up...but I think you should check on Akira first."

Atsuki slowly got off the bed and nodded his head. "Thanks Hibiki. You're not just an okay person anymore."

Of course the cyan haired teen had no idea what the silver haired boy was talking about. Atsuki quickly sped out of the room and headed to the chief's office. He past by Liu Yee in the hall who was heading to the room where Hibiki was.

"Liu Yee, should you be walking around with those injuries?" Atsuki questioned.

"I'll be fine Atsuki. You should be the one that shouldn't strain yourself."

With that, the Sweeper went into the room. Atsuki shrugged his shoulders as he went to the chief's office first. In his mind, saving Shinji was more important than a perturbed boyfriend.

Hibiki sat in the chair wordlessly as Liu Yee entered the room. His entire body tensed when the Sweeper looked his way.

"How are your injuries?" Hibiki questioned.

"Not bad," Liu Yee replied, "just a few first degree burns here and there but I'll manage. The beat down I got from that old man was worse than this."

The younger boy glared at the older male. What he said just made it seem like his injuries was his fault.

"You should check up on your injuries," Liu Yee warned him, "people at school might questioned where you got those bruises."

Hibiki quickly lowered his sleeve. The purple bruises were still there. He knew he wouldn't be able to hide it completely because wrapping a bandage around it would only raise the suspicion. It would be bad enough if Honoka continued to ask a series of questions about the injuries.

"I'll be fine..." Hibiki mumbled.

"If you say so."

"...Why do you even care out my injuries?"

"I don't."

Hibiki didn't realize that he grasped his fists. Here he was showing slight concern for the older male and he didn't even give crap.

How does Atsuki-chan deal with him? Hibiki asked himself as he saw the older male proceeding to leave the room. He also stood up. "Wait!"

Liu Yee stopped but didn't bother to turn around.

"Why...why did you save me?"

No response.

"I could have handled everything by myself."

"That's not for you to decide."

"Bullshit! I can take care of myself! I've done it since my parents died! I don't need something to come into my life and take what I have away!"

Liu Yee turned around. He had a huge smirk on his face. "And what did you have that I was trying to take away."

Hibiki opened his mouth ready to shout "independence" but nothing came out.

"Are you speaking about independence?" Liu Yee said rather than asked. "Don't make me laugh. Ever since I've met you, you've been doing nothing but clinging to someone for support."

"That's not true!"

Liu Yee was enjoying seeing the kid in denial. The Chinese man may have lost his hold on the silver haired teen but this boy was just as easy to control.

"FORT members have data on you." Liu Yee continued. "Ever since your parents died, you were considering the option of dropping out of school. If it weren't for that counselor, you would have. You cling that friend of yours because you want to be important in someone's life and even though you two were close, you went to study aboard and left him."


"FORT may not have no data on you when you were studying aboard because of PHALANX but I have a hunch that your independence didn't last long because you were literally Edward's dog when I fought you."


"And then you have the nerve to cling to Atsuki because he's everything your not. I hate to admit but I'm glad that he chose that normal civilian over someone as unstable as you."


"It makes me wonder how long you will survive if you rely on someone too much."

Hibiki couldn't find the right words to say to fight back. All what the Sweeper said was true. He had been relying on too many people to hide his loneliness and they were all people he cared for except Edward.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"

Hibiki couldn't stop himself from trembling.

"I take that as a yes."

"Why...why do you have to act like a total asshole yet... You didn't answer my previous question. Why did you save me?"

"Your one of Atsuki's friends," Liu Yee said simply. "He wouldn't be too happy if another one of his friend's died."

"That's it..."

"What? You want me to say something like 'I care for you' or 'I felt the need to protect you'? Get real."

It hurts...it really hurts...

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be meeting with Atsuki."

Liu Yee slowly creaked open the door, but didn't expect it to be shut tight by the younger teen. He stared at the teen annoyed. "Now what?"

"Why are you doing this to me?!"


"Those telepaths at Seagull...saving me from drowning and becoming my shield against that fire telepath, are you doing this on purpose? Are you desperately rescuing so you can brag about it later?! Are you desperately trying to get me to repay you later, huh?! Answer me!"

The one who loses his temper in battle is the one that will always be defeated. Hibiki knew this because whenever he debated with Ryo, he would be the one winning because Ryo would be the one to get into the debating before him. Yet, when it came to this man, he couldn't help but lose his temper first.

I can't pay him back because I lost most of my powers...he'll force me to do shit that I don't want to do and then...it will start all over again...

"Why did you-"

"I don't know..."

That was Liu Yee's final answer. In reality, he had no idea why he decided to save him. If he just let those telepaths do what they wanted with him, no harm would be done. If he drowned or got burned alive, that would be one less threat to FORT. Yet, all of those times, he jumped in to help the kid without hesitating or thinking by that matter. It wasn't like him. He would never act so rashly, not even when Atsuki's life was in danger.

"What do you mean 'you don't know'?!" Hibiki yelled. "Why can't you just give a straight answer? Are you like this because you're a member of FORT or is it because you like seeing me like this! You can't even explained why you...you..."

Hibiki couldn't bring out the last word. Liu Yee obviously knew why the cyan haired teen was so distressed but the Sweeper was making things too difficult.

He found himself being pushed down on the bed with the older male on top of him. He stared up into his eyes completely speechless.

"I really don't know why I saved you," Liu Yee replied. "Maybe it's because you and Atsuki are similar. Too similar."

The cyan haired teen broke eye contact with the Sweeper. His cheeks were lighting up a bright pink color.

"I didn't give you a straight answer because I don't know the answer myself," Liu Yee admitted. "When this mission is over, I'll be able to tell you..."

This feeling in my chest...it's the same when I'm with Atsuki-chan...don't tell me that I...

Liu Yee got off of the baffled teen and left before Hibiki got a chance to call his name again.

Atsuki tried his best to drown Aya's lecture out, but he found it impossible. The police chief was worried sick about him.

"Are you listening to me Atsuki?"

"Yes I heard you. Please lower your voice. My head still hurts."

"If anything were to happen to you Chief Ray wouldn't be pleased."

"I know..."

He didn't know. Atsuki still thought that Ray was being a jerk especially during that phone call before Shinji was kidnapped.

"I still got us a lead."

"...FORT is grateful for that. Because of this tape, I was able to send the data to Nola. After she decensored everything we confirmed that ANGELIC LAYER is these kidnapper's base."

"There was a basement underneath the first floor."

"And that's where the victims are being held and mistreated."

Aya stood their silently as if she was thinking of what to say next.


"Nola said that Chief Ray will be stopping by tomorrow. Apparently, he got a hold of President Takarada and the two wanted a very important meeting here tomorrow."

"About what."

Aya inhaled before she spoke. "I think we'll planning to team up with LME to end this madness. Tomorrow night, ANGELIC LAYER will be no more."

Eden wasn't pleased when Pyro returned empty handed. Not only did he come back without the tape as well as the telepath but he has lost many of his men tonight because of this kid. If FORT was planning an attack, this would be a perfect time to strike when he had few men. His partner was complaining to him that their only hope now was to get all of their customers that bought their porn together to save themselves.

"You're a disgrace!" Ichiro shouted at the flame telepath. "You put us in hot water now!"

Pyro scoffed. "I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting to be interrupted by a normal civilian of all things."

"That's why you're despicable! You let a weak human with no powers beat you! Talk about pathetic!"

"Chill partner," Eden said softly before glaring at the flame telepath. "The deal is off, so don't even think about touching my pet."

Pyro gave them a death glare but said nothing.

"Boss, we must get or plan in action now!" one of Eden's servants shouted.

Eden nodded his head. Both he and Ichiro left the office expecting Pyro to leave shortly after. Once they were gone, Pyro went straight to the bedroom where Shinji was. The hacker was leaning against the door eavesdropping on the conversation.

"Good job Pyro," Shinji taunted, "Now we'll all be rescued in no time."

"Shut up!" Pyro spat automatically losing his temper.

The purple haired teen didn't expect his former friend to snap but he continued. "That's what you get for attacking Saijo! Mess with him and you get everyone around him involved."

"You'll regret those words..."

Shinji's eyes widened when he saw tentacles sprout behind the flame telepath's back. Weren't they sliced off in battle?

"Blondie is stupid if he thinks the deal is off. Deal or no deal, you're mine tonight!"

"You are a scum!"

"And what are you going to do about it?"

Shinji was trapped in the room. He watched helplessly as he was pushed on top of the bed. The tentacles quickly wrapped around his arms and legs preventing him from escaping. Slowly they removed his clothing.

"What's this? No struggling this time? You must be a masochist or a whore!"

Shinji said nothing. His eyes was hidden beneath his hair. Pyro laughed hysterically as he started the torture.

Laugh now Pyro but at the end of this, we'll see who has the last laugh...

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Akira = two swords (like Lloyd Irving)

Yayoi = healing stave

Ryo = spell book

Mika = axe (don't ask)

Rui = spell cards (used to banish demons)

Shinji = computer AI (LOL, he doesn't have a weapon so I'd have him as the support person)

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Richie = fist

Hanako = feet and knives (if she was still alive)

Mars = bow and arrow

Sora = spear (if he was still alive)

You get the point. I didn't explain well how Hibiki got his sycthe. I guess you could say the need for a weapon was very high and it was the first thing that came in Hibiki's consciousness. A similar thing will happen to Atsuki and possibly Rui because they are telepaths.

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