Beating The Odds

Chapter 01: The Kiss

By: MikeJV37

First and foremost my disclaimer

This is the one and only time I will mention this so heads up

1) I DO NOT OWN NARUTO (no matter how much I wish I did)

2) In this fic there will be lemon scenes in future chapters that may offend some readers.

In had been a day like any other for him, scrounge for scraps, steal a piece of fruit from a stand and eat it before they caught him, spend most of the day hiding in alleys.... and three or four times a week get attacked and beaten unconscious by an angry mob and hope you wake up. It was sunset when they caught him and for the five year old blonde boy curled into a tight ball in the dark alley getting stomped bloody by adults who hated him for some reason he couldn't understand or figure out, it was just another day. He screamed, cried and begged for mercy, but as usual all that did was anger them more. He just couldn't figure out why they hated him or called him monster and demon. When the darkness overtook him this time, it was different. He knew he was unconscious, but was still awake and now seemed to be falling.... then suddenly found himself in a very dirty sewer with a couple inches of water. Naruto stood and looked around a minute before he realized he wasn't in pain. 'Am I dead.... did they kill me this time?' Naruto said then shuddered when an inhumanly deep laugh echoed through the sewer.

"Come to me boy, we must speak." A terrifying voice said.

The voice terrified him, but despite his fear he followed it down the long tunnel around the corner and down another long tunnel to a huge room, at the far side was the most massive cage door he'd ever seen, even the Main Gate of the village was tiny compared to it. "Wh,where am I and who are you?" Little Naruto said nervously but bravely. Just because he ran from the villagers didn't mean he was afraid of them, he just couldn't fight back, he was too small and weak.

A pair of huge red eyes appeared in the darkness of the cage. "We are inside your mind boy, and I am Kyuubi No Kitsune, greatest of all the tailed beasts and Lord of Hell!" Kyuubi roared powerfully. "And I am the reason they hate you.... but I'm also going to help you."

Naruto stood there filled with sadness and a quickly building rage he never felt before. He was about to scream at the unseen thing in the cage when it said it was going to help him.... that got his attention as only one person had ever helped him, the old man in the big tower. "If everyone hates me cause of you.... then why do you wanna help me?" Naruto said as he tried to look tough.

"For such a small kit you have big balls to stand up to me like that.... and you don't even really know who I am." Kyuubi said actually impressed. "You're too young to understand this now, but basically, if you die, I die, and I refuse to die sealed inside some undersized kit. So I'm going to give you power you never...."

"No Kyuubi!" A female voice interrupted. "I will not allow you to alter his fate to fit your evil desires."

Kyuubi flinched and looked past Naruto, who spun around when he heard her voice. "What are you doing here you bit...."

"SILENCE!" The woman yelled, which humbled Kyuubi. "Do not speak to me that way beast, even your power is nothing compared to mine." The woman said and walked gracefully to the stunned Naruto. She was six feet tall, had white hair past her waist and a silver kimono that showed a beautiful figure and large breasts. She smiled warmly at Naruto who relaxed and smiled back. "Naruto-kun, I wish I didn't have to do this, but Kyuubi is correct. Your fate has some how been changed and the people attacking you are going to kill you. This wasn't suppossed to happen. While I don't agree with his method, someone must intervene, I shall do so. One of your greatest abilities is your luck, but that seems to of been negated. I have many names, but many humans refer to me as Lady Luck, this is what you may call me. For your life to turn out as close to how it should I must give you a gift no mortal has ever had.... the Golden Kiss. You will not remember this for many years as anything more than a good feeling. You will have good luck beyond any mortal, I can't tell you any more I'm afraid, I must act now before it is too late." She said in a beautiful motherly voice, then kneeled down and kissed Naruto gently on the forehead before she vanished.

Kyuubi watched her and Naruto vanish, then started to laugh, this isn't what he'd planned, but if she did what he thought she just did this would be even more fun to watch than the slaughter of millions, and for him that was something special.

----The Real World----

As they kicked Naruto in an effort to kill him and his demon before the ANBU showed up, three stories up in a window ledge above the two story building across the alley, the woman tripped, bumped the vase and sent it plummeting straight down where it shattered on the head on the mob's leader and knocked him cold. Thinking they'd been spotted by someone they scattered and left the man face down in the alley with a concussion and blood pouring from a wound on top his head.

Just after they scattered three ANBU appeared, the leader a tall thin man with spikey silver hair above his mask. The other was a more muscular man wih black hair, and a shorter woman with large but well proportioned breasts for her build, and long purple hair. "Venom, take that garbage to ANBU headquarters and tell Ibiki to have fun with him.... I'll take Naruto back to his apartment, have Hokage-sama's personal doctor meet us there, and stand guard until morning." The silver haired man said from behind his wolf mask.

The purple haired woman smiled sadistically behind her snake mask and threw the unconscious, bloody man over her shoulder. Though only temporary, she loved being an ANBU guard for this kid, it gave her a chance to hurt people legaly. She didn't really like the little blonde kid, but she'd seen how shitty his life was the last month she'd been assigned to guard him, but did have some respect for him because no matter what he never gave up.... she could relate to that, her life until recently had been just as shitty. "I can understand hating what's inside the kid, but even I'm not sadisric enough to kill a little kid for something he has no control over, and those fuckers at the hospial...." Venom said, her anger and voice raising with every word.

'Calm down Venom.... I know how you feel, but even we can't just kill people without good reason and you know it. We have a job to do.... dismissed." Wolf said.

Venom nodded and vanished.

"You know what will happen if she ever catches anyone attacking the kid.... I doubt even we'll be able to stop her from killing them." The big man in the Bear mask said seriously.

The thin man in the Wolf mash sighed, nodded, scooped up Naruto and vanished with Bear.

----Naruto's Mindscape----

'So the snake bitch has a soft spot for the kid.... I can use that. If Kami and her other Celestial bitches are watching over the kid they'll seal me away in the back of his mind if I try to influence him the wrong way and I won't even be able to talk to him. They want him to be a hero, fine.... but it'll be my way.' Kyuubi said and smiled broadly.

----Naruto, Age 6, 6:57 AM, The Academy----

Naruto walked down the hall of the Academy towards his first class. He didn't show it but he was really nervous, despite what the old man and his new friends at the raman stand said, being around all these people, and especially the ninja teachers made him nervous, he saw the all too familiar hate in every adults eyes he'd met so far, unlike with villagers, if they decided to kill him there was was nothing he could do.... even running wouldn't help him against them. He paused at the doorway and looked in at all the other kids. Most of them he'd seen around the village and recognized, especially the kids from the big clans. 'There's the fat kid with the chips, the lazy kid.... the bug kid seems ok, but creepy.... there's dog boy.... there mister important, pinkie nnd big mouth. I don't why they like him, just because he's from a big Clan and he's rich he thinks he's special.... big jerk." Naruto thought, then his scowl fell away when he aaw n girl with blue hair and white eyes looking at him, he didn't think anyone in there had seen him. She suddenly turned red and looked down at her desk. 'She's weird.... I wonder who she is, I think she's one of those eye people, but why haven't I ever seen her before. Oh well, I better get in there and get a seat, I promised grampa I'd try to behave.' Naruto thouhgt then walked in, crossed the room and got a seat right in the middle of everyone he recognized. 'This was lucky.... maybe I'll get to play cards with some of them later, good thing i brought the deck grampa bought me.' Naruto thought and smiled, he'd found out a couple months ago he was really lucky with cards, dice, any game he played or little bet he made, usually for ramen, he always won.... even against the old guy he called grampa. A minute or so later the bell rang and a guy with a big scar across his nose came in and smiled.

"I'm your teacher, you can call Iruka-sensei. Before we start let's see who's here." Iruka said, went to his desk, picked up the clipboard of names and a pencil. "Chouji Akimichi?"

*munch munch* "Here!"

"Shino Aburami?' Iruka said, then smirked subtly when Shino just raised a hand enough to see. 'Just like his dad.' Iruka thought.

Naruto listened and watched as names were called, he wanted to see who everyne was. Eventually everyone he recognized was named but one. "HERE!" Naruto yelled and waved his arm so everyone saw him. Most laughed, he could tell some thought he was an idiot, but he didn't care about that, or even that many of them looked at him like the adults did, but not with as much hate as they did. He looked at the last person and smiled at her.

"Ino Yamanaka?" Iruka said.

"Here next to Sasuke-kun!" Ino said sweetly.

Naruto felt the strong (for their age anyway) killer intent that filled the classromm when Ino said that, he looked around at all the angry girls and almost felt sorry for Ino.... almost, but not quite, then froze when he saw her. The girl he now knew as Hinata Hyuuga wasn't staring all big-eyed at Sasuke.... but at him! That is, until he saw her staring at him, turned bright red and face planted on her desk with a thud. He had to giggle a that, she was funny.... weird, but funny. He made a mental note to talk to her later, maybe she wanted to be friends and was just too shy. Grampa had given him a few 'talks' about people, so he had a tiny idea of why she acted like that.

In Naruto's mind, unheard by him, Kyuubi was laughing his furry butt off. He knew exactly why the girl looked at him like that. He could of introduced himself to Naruto and told him.... but where was the fun in that? That Sasuke kid.... Kyuubi had plans for him, if there was one thing he enjoyed it was knocking the arrogant off their throne and leaving them humiliated. He was glad he influenced Naruto enough to get him to practice throwing things, mostly rocks, but with his luck the kid never missed his target. He couldn't wait for the weapons.

----12:42 PM, 5th Period Weapon Class, Outdoor Target Range----

Naruto had watched everyone take their turn and throw the kunai, most were decent enough, but as he figured Sasuke was currently ranked top in the class with a near perfect score of Ninety-five, which made all the girls but Hinata fawn all over him, and he'd ignore them as usual. 'He could at least be nice to them.... jerk.' Naruto thought, then smiled a little bigger than he already was when his turn came. He stepped up to the table to pick up five of the ten kunai he had to throw.

"At least try to hit the target dobe.... if you can see over the table that is!" Sasuke said and laughed cruelly.

Naruto felt a familiar rush of energy through his body that always started in his stomach, which he figured was where everyone's chakra started when they used it. He was about to pick one up when an udea appeared in his mind. "Iruka-sensei, do we have to throw at the first targets, they're only thirty feet away.' Naruto said and looked depressed, like he was doing something too easy. "Can I throw at the second targets?"

Everyone got quiet and looked at the little blonde like he was crazy.

"Naruto, the other targets are sixty feet away and are for the advanced students, you can't reach them yet." Iruka said calmly.

"Yeah Dobe, I've been training since I was two and I can't hit those yet, so there's no way a runt like you could do it." Sasuke said and laughed with most of the other students.

Naruto quietly smacked his lips together as he always did, and smiled big as he set his hook. "Sure I can.... do it all the time."

Iruka raised his eyebrows slightly at this, he'd heard students boast before, but this time was diffrent somehow, he actually believed Naruto could do it. "Naruto, can you really hit those targets from here?" Iruka asked calm but very curious, no one had ever hit those targets on their first day, not even Itachi Uchiha.

"Of course I can Iruka-sensei!" Naruto said confidently.

"No chance dobe, you have a better chance of getting these girls to kiss you than hitting those targets." Sasuke said.

"Yeah!" All but one girl yelled confidently.

"Oh yeah, then how about we bet on it?" Naruto said seriously.

All the girls suddenly got quiet, they didn't like that look on the little blonde boy's face, it made them all nervous for some reason.

'What's the bet dobe?" Sasuke said as he got serious.

Iruka got the same odd feeling the girls had in his stomach, but he'd seen that look before in casino's, it was the look of someone that knew they were going to win no matter what. "Before I allow this, what are the terms of the bet?"

"He has to hit all ten targets for at least one point." Sasuke said.

"If he doesn't?" Iruka asked.

Sasuke thought a moment then smiled cruelly. "For the next month he has to call me Sasuke-sama and do anything I tell him at the Academy."

"What do you say Naruto?" Iruka said.

"Deal! If I win you have to do that for me.... and if I get a bullseye on all ten every girl here has to kiss me!" Naruto exclaimed. He wasn't interested in girls that way yet, he just knew they didn't want to and that was a good enough to make them do it.

Every girl there went pale, several fainted.... including Hinata.

Iruka's eyebrows shot up at that. "Girls you don't have to...."

"We accept, my Sasuke-kun won't lose!" Ino said when her confidence came back.

Sasuke looked around and saw a small nod from all of them still conscious. They all annoyed him but they helped his image as the soon-to-be top student. "Deal." Sasuke said and walked over to Naruto.

Iruka stopped Sasuke and waited a moment while he had a few girls wake up the few that fainted. "Does everyone agree to the terms of the bet? As shinobi your word is everything, it will define how other shinobi treat you, and among your teammates if they can't trust you, then you won't live long. Everyone understand that?" Iruka said seriously, then saw everyone nod. "Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchicha, shake hands an make this a binding agreement." He watched them shake then step back.

Naruto looked at the big outdoor clock. "Since class will be over soon I'll do this fast." Naruto said with a big smile, scooped up five kunai in each hand by the handles, crossed his arms over his chest and with a grunt threw all ten at once, his arms snapped out to his sides.

Everyone went slack-jawed and bug-eyed when all ten kunai hit their targets dead center.

"So who's first?' Naruto asked as he licked his lips.

----Hokage Tower, 3:16 PM----

Sarutobi's pipe fell from his mouth to the desk when his jaw dropped from shock. 'HE DID WHAT?" Sarutobi yelled with Kage level power.

Iruka flinched. "It's true Hokage-sama, Naruto Uzumaki hit all ten targets dead center at the same time.... on his first throw. I've never seen anything like it, even from experienced ANBU, but...." Iruka said and hesitated.

Sarutobi caught that and composed himself. "But what Iruka?"

"It wasn't skill, he didn't even aim, he just threw them.... and I think I felt some of.... its chakra when he did, but I'm pretty sure all it did was enhance his strength so he could hit them, the rest was all Naruto. I watched him the rest of the day when I had him and notified his other teachers.... they all said the same thing, he has the most umbelievable luck we've ever seen, There's one more thing Hokage-sama.... its Mizuki, he wants a transfer to another department, he'll take anything as long as it's away from Naruto."

Sarutobi's right eyebrow raised slightly. "Why, what happened in his Taijutsu class?

'You know how proud he is.... well, by the time his class started word had spread all over the Academy. Mizuki got into an aregument with Naruto and they ended making a bet that Naruto couldn't hit him and no matter how good Naruto was at throwing things that wouldn't save him in a fight." Iruka said and swallowed nervusly. "Naruto has the worst, sloppiest Taijustu style I've ever seen in my life, it's like he taught himself. They went at it a minute, I will say this for Naruto, he has incredible reflexes, it's like he knew the attackes were coming... he got him."

"Misuki hit him?" Sarutobi said, slightly concerned.

Iruka shook his head. "I don't know how, but Naruto landed a kick and knocked him out cold."

Sarutobi was stunned. "Imposible.... wait, where did Naruto kick him that could knock Mizuki out?"

Iruka winced. "Naruto kicked him.... in the balls, he's at the hospital now. I don't know if he was seriously injured, but based on my experience, to knock out someone like Mizuki with a single kick requires incredible chakra to generate the force needed. It reminded me of stories you used to tell me about...."

"Tsunade." Sarutobi interrupted. "Thank you.... dismissed." Sarutobi said, waited for Iruka to leave, put a sound seal on the room and burst out laughing. He was one of the few people aware of how Mizuki really felt about Naruto, he saw him as Kyuubi reborn, not as a person that contained the Demon Lord.

End Chapter 1