Beating The Odds

Chapter 28: How to Cook a Snake Mistress

By: MikeJV37


===Nov 15, 10:56 AM, Spring Country, Imperial Spring Hotel, Room 18===

"We're sure Shikara-chan, we want you to join us, you aren't his secretary anymore and stop thinking they'll come for you because of what you know. I told you, I'm a very good friend of the Hokage, she'll have you legally registered and cleared as a high level civilian employee in a week, with a job at the Tower and an apartment. Now you're going to join us for a day of pampering and that's final... now lean down here so I can give you a kiss." Naruto said.

"Okay, and I guess a little kiss won't hurt... just a quick one... you are cute, but I know what the hitai-ite means so don't think because you're going to see me nude means you can touch me, okay." Shikara said and leaned down.

Naruto smiled and nodded. "I'm a gentleman, ask them. I won't do anything you don't want me to."

"What about Yugito? I know she's a prisoner, but she's done everything she's been told without question since I joined you at the Tower. As a favor to me, please... let her enjoy the day too since she'll never have this chance again." Shikara said.

Naruto looked at Hinata, Tenten and Anko, the girls reluctantly nodded, Anko had calmed down but still wanted to beat Yugito senseless, despite knowing what he had planned for her, they all knew that Shikara thought Yugito was going to be imprisoned the rest of her life or executed. "What do you say Anko-sensei, does Yugito deserve to join us?"

"Well... you did spay the bitch making her harmless... and she has been a good little slave... doesn't mean I forgive her though, so don't think for an instant I'd hesitate to kill you... worthless cunt." Anko said, the last part coldly as she looked at Yugito kneeling nearby.

Yugito nodded, she knew her place. Anko had very clearly stated how she felt about her, and told her, in very graphic detail how she'd die if Anko even suspected she might of thought about betraying them. NEVER in her life had she heard such a horrible death was even possible, and it terrified her to her core. That was the moment she knew Nibi was her ONLY advantage over Anko, and that was gone now, along with her chakra.

"Fine, she can join us, but she's bottom bitch in this pack, even under Shikara, she tells you to lick her pussy until she passes out from pleasure, with the whole town watching, you better dive between her legs, understood?" Anko said coolly.

"Hai, Anko-san." Yugito said.

Shikara blushed bright red.

Hinata and Tenten giggled.

"Then its settled, lead the way Anko-sensei, since you've been here before." Naruto said and gave her a quick 'don't push it' look.

"I can put aside my feelings while we're here, I don't want to spoil the fun... so don't give me a reason Yugito... chan." Anko said half forcing out the chan.

Yugito cautiously stood, glanced around briefly then smiled. "Thank you, I promise you won't regret giving me this honor before we get to Konoha. I'll remember this how ever long I have left."

"Come on you blond pussy, just relax and enjoy yourself." Anko said then lead them out and down the hall.

===20 Minutes Later, Hotel Outdoor Hot Spring 5===

"Oh Kami this feels wonderful... I wish we had this in Lightning Country." Shikara said, sitting in the hot water up to her neck.

Naruto nudged Anko then pointed.

Anko looked and almost laughed. "First time Yugito?"

Yugito was in up to her chin, but her head was half tilted back against the edge, eyes glazed over in pleasure. "Hmm?" She said softly, not really paying attention.

"It is... she's never been allowed any kind of pleasure even close to this." Shikara said.

"Never?" Hinata said.

"She was eating a fish when I found her... is that all she gets as a reward?" Naruto said.

"Hai... I've seen her record and heard them talk about her. Only the Raikage and her handlers aren't afraid of her, everyone else is. She's never been allowed to have a friend or even... a man. As bad as it sounds to say, she's never even been... raped, because of Nibi." Shikara said sadly.

Anko shut her eyes and sighed heavily. "Just what I needed... guilt." Anko said and looked at Naruto, the look on his face made her sigh. "How the Hell am I supposed to hate someone who's life was shittier than mine? Naruto, if I didn't love you so much you'd be begging me not to crush your balls right now."

"I know. So what do you say girls, do it now?" Naruto said.

"What are you talking about?" Shikara said, confused.

Naruto crossed the Spring to Shikara. "Remember that little warm feeling you got when I kissed you earlier?" Naruto said and saw her nod with a slight blush. He smiled then leaned up and kissed her on the lips, using Lady Luck's power this time. "That."

"Oh Kami... that was... Mm." Shikara said dreamily.

"Well girls?' Naruto said.

"Now." Hinata said.

"Now." Tenten said.

"Considering what you did to her for me... I guess if you let me have her to play with a couple nights... I can call us even... but only for you Naruto-kun, then I get twenty-four hours alone with the white snake in the Mountains." Anko said then smiled pervertedly.

"You know you'll owe her big for this... but I can arrange it. Deal." Naruto said.

"Don't ask Shikara, its private." Anko said.

"Yugito... sit up." Naruto said.

Yugito opened her eyes, raised her head then sat up, the water at the top of her large breasts. "You wanted me Naruto-sama."

"Were you listening?" Naruto said.

"No... only for my name, what my superiors discuss is not my concern." Yugito said.

Naruto sighed. "I have three questions for you, answer honestly and you'll get a special reward. First, height, weight, measurements and if you know it, bra cup size."

Yugito nodded, she didn't understand why this information was important, but if he wanted it she'd tell him. "I'm five feet ten inches tall, I weigh about one hundred forty pounds, I have a forty-six inch bust, twenty-four inch waist and thirty-six inch hips, and I believe I'd wear a double F cup bra."

Naruto nodded. "Thank you. Second question... when we met, after I balded your pussy, your reaction had more than shock at what you lost, so tell me how you felt about your hair."

"I believe I got it from Nibi... but my hair, on my head and especially on my womanhood, is... was, a mark of honor and pride for me, it was the only thing my former owners allowed me to have as a woman. I believe it was because they feared Nibi and didn't want to risk losing control of her again. As a child after I'd learned of Nibi they cut my hair short... and I killed the man that did it. They never cut it again. When you balded my womanhood you took my honor and pride as a woman and kunoichi... as I did to Anko-san in our fight... I deserve to be stripped of my honor for letting my emotions control me, I shouldn't of let Anko-san provoke me into doing what I did. As a Jonin I should be beyond such things." Yugito said and hung her head in shame.

"Final question. If I restored your chakra and link to Nibi and gave you the choice of going back to serve the Raikage as his tool, or come with us to Konoha and spend the rest of your life as my personal whore, what would you chose?" Naruto said.

"I'd serve you Naruto-sama, being your whore is still better than what I had before." Yugito said without hesitation.

"Great, another emotional kick in my cunt... thanks Naruto-kun." Anko said dryly.

"Any time Anko-chan." Naruto said with a smirk.

Hinata and Tenten giggled, Shikara was just confused at this odd relationship they seemed to have..

Naruto moved closer and gently put his hands on Yugito's cheeks. "Thank you Yugito... here's your reward." Naruto said and saw her very subtly flinch as if he was going to snap her neck, he saw the spark of fear and acceptance of death in her eyes... then passionately kissed her on the lips with Lady Luck's full power.

Yugito tensed up a moment when she was kissed, as it was a new experience, and maybe he wanted to kiss her as he did it... then she felt something fill her entire being, then felt her chakra and link to Nibi come back, and saw in her mind as Nibi rolled onto her back and... well, purred in total contentment, then that same feeling washed all her pain away, everything she'd ever suffered at her former owners hands, all the emotional pain and connections she had... vanished, and was replaced by this connection to Naruto that felt like love, friendship and gratitude, as best she could tell anyway, and she had this new urge to want to please him, not for him, but because she wanted to, but she also knew she didn't have to. Then he broke this kiss and she whimpered and sank into the hot water with an ear-to-ear cat-like grin.

Shikara watched, in stunned shock. "What the hell did you do to her?" She said blankly.

"I took away her pain." Naruto said and saw her nipples get hard just below the surface. "Would you like a kiss Shikara-chan?"

Shikara nodded blankly and without even thinking moved close to him and let him not only kiss her, but squeeze her breasts while he did it. She had no idea why, but even before he kissed her she knew if anything did happen he'd be good to her, something about him was just... she couldn't explain it.

Naruto broke the kiss and released Shikara moments before Yugito rose up out of the water, smiling. "Anko-san, I just found something out about myself, and with Naruto-sama's permission I'd like to give you a special reward I hope will prove my loyalty and restore both our honor as kunoichi. As you may have guessed, as the weapon of the Raikage I was denied any form of physical pleasure, and once old enough, sexual pleasure, which may of been a mistake by my previous owners considering what Nibi just told me... it seems that all Jinchuuriki are... sexually gifted, a gift from the bijuu who are very sexual by nature." Yugito said, sighed, then stood and sat on the side of the Spring, her legs wide.

All the women gasped, Naruto raised his eyebrows.

"I want you to do anything you wish to my... pussy, specifically my clit... tear it out if you wish, Nibi tells me she'll grow it back by tomorrow morning and will prevent me from bleeding to death no matter what you do to me." Yugito said sincerely.

Anko had seen a lot of things in her life, and she'd sexually destroyed more women, civilian and kunoichi, than she could remember, but she'd never had a woman offer her womanhood to her to do with as she wished, without beating her down first... and on top of that, Yugito's was bigger than hers and she'd been enhanced by Hinata's jutsu! "I don't know if I should be pissed off, jealous or aroused... but damn that's a big fucking clit! Looks like... a foot long, and thick too. What do you say Naruto, she offered, and you know if she'll heal like she said she will."

Naruto, Hinata and Tenten were impressed too, thou not as much as Shikara, the biggest they'd ever seen was sitting there smiling.

"It's not something I'd want to experience... but she told the truth, Nibi can re-grow it, it's just another organ as far as her regeneration is concerned, even with all the nerves. Anko, if you accept, even before I do my part, this makes you and her even, understood?" Naruto said, giving Anko an intense, but brief glare at the last word.

Anko knew that look, he'd fuck her up bad if she tried to do anything further to Yugito. "As long as I get my part, I can forgive her after this. She balded me, you balded her, sounds like we both suffered the same. I accept Yugito, but I am going to hurt you... bad, I'm a torture and Interrogation specialist, and women have many, sensitive, body parts." Anko said and smiled sadistically.

"Understood, do you want to hear me scream, or hold it in?" Yugito said calmly.

"Oh definitely scream... but not here, I'll save the pain for later when I can seal the room, for now I'm going to put my anger aside... and enjoy that big clit of yours... then after I break you later, you'll get the full treatment, and you will return the favor or I'll be very upset and take it as an attack on my honor as a woman and a kunoichi." Anko said.

"Understood, and I'll do my best to please you in every way." Yugito said.

"What do you say Shikara, you want some female oral action?" Anko said, smirking.

"I, uh... well... I guess that'd be okay, it has been years since I last..." Shikara said and blushed.

"Well that won't do... Tenten." Anko interrupted.

Shikara was stunned a moment, she was expecting Anko or even Yugito, but before she could say anything she saw the young brunette dive under the water, a moment later felt a tongue between her legs... and moaned in pleasure, her head going back to rest on the side of the Spring.

Naruto saw the look on Hinata's face, it was subtle but he knew it. "Don't worry Hinata-chan, in just over a month that'll be you... and then some." Naruto said and smiled big.

Hinata blushed, smiled, moved close and kissed him. "I know Naruto-kun... have you been fitted yet? And what about the Honeymoon, and..." Hinata said, getting overexcited and nervous.

"Calm down Hinata-chan, all taken care of." Naruto interrupted. "You're cute when you get all excited though."

"Sorry, I did it again." Hinata said, embarrassed.

Her fingers expertly, and lightly, gliding up and down Yugito's hard clit, Anko turned her head and smiled at them. "Relax Hinata, you know every kunoichi in Konoha from Clan Head wives to ANBU would beat Naruto bloody if he messed up your special day... and there's no way the Naruto I know would dare do that to you."

"It's my wedding too ya know... but she's right Hinata-chan, Tsunade and the others have it planned, all you have to do it be your beautiful self." Naruto said. "Hey Anko, they have massages here don't they?"

"The best, go to the desk we passed, tell 'em you want a massage and ask for Kumiko, she's the best. You'll melt like butter." Anko said and saw Naruto's face. "Go on brat... and tell her you want special number seven, when she asks you who told you that, give her my name." Anko said.

"Thanks Anko, come on Hinata-chan." Naruto said, then he got out and left, followed by Hinata.

Anko watched them enter the locker room, then smiled deviously. "Have fun."

===3:03 PM, Room 18===

"I have to come here next time I get a few days off, bring mom, your massage sounded heavenly Hinata-chan." Tenten said.

"Oh it was, every part of me is..." Hinata stopped and looked at the door when it opened rather forcefully and Naruto came in, his face an odd mixture of contentment and anger.

"Did you enjoy the massage Naruto?" Anko said from the bed where she was sitting with Hinata and Tenten, smirking.

Naruto shut the door firmly, walked out into the open part of the room. "Anko Ka..."

Anko sprang from the bed at blinding speed and clamped her right hand over his mouth. "Please don't use my middle name, I'm begging you... Naruto-sama." Anko said as submissively as she could.

Hinata and Tenten looked at each other stunned, then at Anko. "Your middle name?" They said together.

Anko nodded to them. "Please, before you emotionally castrate me, just tell me one thing... did you enjoy yourself?" Anko said then cautiously removed her hand from his mouth.

Naruto took a deep breath and let it out slowly and stood there a full minute before he looked at her face. "Yes."

"You didn't break any promises and you're relaxed, right?" Anko said nervously.

"No I didn't, and yes I am." Naruto said calmly.

"Tell me you didn't enjoy her special gift... and you can do anything you want to me, end my career, my sex life, say the word and I'll leave Konoha." Anko said sincerely.

Naruto looked at her and held out his right hand. "Lucky kunai."

Anko paled, nodded sadly, took it out, kissed it, put it in his hand and closed her eyes. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun." She whispered then waited to feel it... and for several minutes she just stood there, genuinely afraid to open her eyes, a rare feeling for her, but even worse was the feeling of disappointment she felt for herself. Then a feeling hit her stomach and pussy, but it wasn't pain... it took her about 5 seconds to recognize it, the instant she did she opened her eyes hoping she was right about what she'd see.

"Hello Anko-chan." Hinata said with a smile, behind her was Naruto... with a smile on his face.

"Not that I'm complaining, but... did you just punk me Naruto, or am I in trouble?" Anko said.

"Oh you're in trouble... what you did was sneaky, and to answer your question I did enjoy her special gift... and she loved mine. I know what Hinata did for you, and that's what she did just now. As I recall your sexual limit is about five hours..." Naruto said.

Anko's eyes got big as saucers. "Please tell me you aren't going to..." Anko said nervously.

"Leave you in Hinata's technique until Nine tonight, yes I am." Naruto interrupted.

"And my lucky kunai?" Anko said as she felt her arousal getting to a noticeable level.

"When we get back to Konoha, you're going to max out your Shadow Clones and I'm going to kill them with it in, fun ways, so you'll get the pain and memories. I think that, with this, should teach you a good lesson... but you know me Anko, when its over you'll be better, I'll give this back to you, and I think you know what other reward you'll get from Hinata's technique." Naruto said.

Anko nodded. "So you aren't mad at me?"

"Not how you think I am, but next time Anko, tell me what to expect... oh, Kumiko said hello and she expects you to return the favor next time you're in the area, or she'll, and I quote... wring out that cum dump you call a womb like a wet towel and wear your ovaries as earrings." Naruto said.

Anko nodded and smiled briefly. "Nine... can I touch myself?"

"No, not until Hinata releases you... and I hope your skirt is long enough to cover you while we're out having dinner then shopping and seeing the sights with Shikara and Yugito." Naruto said and smiled. .

Anko whimpered. "Hai, I'll pay for everything while we're here."

"That might get you a shorter sentence Anko-chan, now let's go get them... did you take Yugito's clit or just beat her?" Naruto said.

"I just beat her, the damage I did to her was bad, but she should be healed enough to join us." Anko said. "Naruto, if I give up that special time you promised me earlier, and spend that time as Yugito's bitch... would you give me a little mercy?"

"You'd do that?" Naruto said and saw her nod immediately. "I'll let you know after dinner... I assume you know the best restaurant in town?".

"Hai, I would and I do." Anko said then moaned softly and rolled her hips once.

"Lead the way, Anko-sensei." Naruto said.

===4:05 PM, Clothes Store===

Standing in the women's dressing room, out of sight, Anko lifted her skirt and looked at her hard clit stretching her panties to their limit, pointing at the ground just in front of her feet, and whimpered. She'd lowered the waist of her skirt to just above her now bald mound, which gave her coverage with 3-4 inches to spare, but she knew from the first time Hinata used this on her that by 6:00 she'd match Yugito in length, and by 8:00 she'd be 3, maybe 4 inches longer than her and ready to climb the walls in sexual frustration. She had the dancing and that night to relieve the tension and keep it under control, but not now. "I'd give anything for a kick in the cunt right now." Anko said to herself.

===5:06, Geyser Field===

"Wow, we don't have these in Konoha." Tenten said, impressed.

"I could cum like that right now if someone would Cuntbust me." Anko said quietly.

Naruto, Hinata and Tenten turned at looked at Anko.

"You that horny Anko-chan?" Naruto said quietly.

Anko nodded. "See that mother and daughter over there... I'd give them my life savings to stomp my cunt to bloody paste right here in front of everyone." Anko whispered.

Naruto glanced down, and saw a flash of the tip of Anko's clit. "Panties rip?" Naruto said and Anko nodded.

"Almost an hour ago. I can't hide it much longer... please Naruto-kun, give me two minutes alone... one will do, please... you know how I feel about you and what I did was a surprise but wasn't really mean, she's an old friend... I don't care what happens to me in Konoha, walk me through the village nude on a leash attached to my hard clit, but don't humiliate me as your Sensei here. Just let me take the edge off and... I'll stay in it until ten." Anko whispered.

Naruto looked at Hinata then Tenten then motioned them in close.

Anko watched a moment, focusing on the current geyser eruption that was drowning out their whispers.

"We'll go to dinner as soon as the tour is over, make it back to the room without losing control, with the terms you mentioned and I'll give you from six to six-thirty with the extension to ten. Make it to ten and I'll call us even. Deal?" Naruto whispered.

"Deal, and I swear on my clit I'll never do something like that again." Anko said.

"This was your first slip in a long time, but you're doing better than expected. Lets get Shikara and Yugito and go eat." Naruto whispered. He really was proud of her, and would tell her later, he just wanted to break her of her old bad habits, she was nearly there, and would be ready for her special gift when he married Hinata. He watched Anko turn and head for the entrance building. "Don't worry girls, when this is over we'll get a better Anko, just hang on a little longer, it'll be worth it for us and Anko-chan and she knows it." Naruto whispered.

Hinata and Tenten nodded.


End Chapter 28