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Chapter One

Brooke stood there, just staring at the door, unable to move, even to the couch, she barely even noticed the tears streaming down her cheeks, as they rolled off her face, and hit her arms that were folded lightly across her cheeks, and then fell silently to the floor. Suddenly, she jumped, hearing music begin to play. It was her phone, which she had sitting on the island in the kitchen, the ringer as loud as it would go. That wasn't normal for Brooke, she usually had it on vibrate or low. If anyone were to ask, she'd of course say it was because she was waiting for a call for Sam, but she had really been waiting to see if Julian would call. Before he had come over, there were two very different parts of her arguing inside her head, one just wanting to hear his voice, talk to him, work it out, and if he didn't call, she would call him, but the other side of her brain, the more practical side, was nervous about talking to him. She had a feeling that something was coming, something bad. She just knew that the sooner she talked to him, the sooner she'd be unhappy.

The phone rang again, and though that first ring was what had pulled her out of her numb state, it was also the thing that had brought her into thoughts she didn't really want to visit right now, thoughts of him. This second ring did more than the first, which had just activated her mind; this second one activated her body. She slowly walked over to her cell phone, and saw it was Peyton. Again, an argument went on inside her mind. She wanted to talk to her best friend, to be comforted, to tell her what happened, but truly, what she really wanted was to just curl up on her bed, and finally let her emotions have their way with her. She couldn't, and didn't even want to talk to anyone right now; she just wanted to be alone. Well, that wasn't entirely true. There was one person who could make her pain disappear; the one who had caused it.

As she opened her phone and pressed the ignore button, she shook her head. No. He hadn't caused her pain, not really. She brought this on herself, being so closed off. She had basically ended the relationship; the movie cancellation had just really given them both a reason. If she had only told the truth! As she thought this, she sighed. She didn't even know the truth anymore.

She walked into her room and got ready for bed, though she knew she wouldn't get any sleep that night. While doing this, she slowly let the pain that was growing stronger and stronger, just waiting to be let out in loud, broken sobs, consume her. First, it was pleasant. Well, as pleasant as pain can be. At first, she remembered the good times with Julian. It was nice to remember these, but also painful. Things had been so simple such a short time ago. Then they all suddenly changed with three little words that had been spoken by him in her kitchen just a week ago, that she had not spoken back. Thinking of that day, that was when the pain started to get worse. As the silent tears obtained a volume, she just fell into her bed, not even going under the covers. She felt cold anyway, so what would blankets do?

The memories would float from present to recent-past, and back again. Though she had only had maybe about two hours away from him, though because of the pain of loss, it seemed like days, she missed him already. She turned now on her bed to face the side he usually slept on when he stayed the night, as she was remembering the first time he had spent the night, and she had opened her eyes that morning, only to be staring in his. When she opened her eyes now, however, she wasn't greeted with that same fuzzy feeling inside, as she was that day. She was only filled with more emptiness. This only brought on another round of hysterics, and she knew she couldn't fight them back, she couldn't even try.

The night soon turned to day, the dark to light. It had only been eight hours, yet it seemed like much, much more to Brooke. It felt like days, no weeks, no months. Hell, it felt like years! She turned to face her alarm clock, but couldn't understand what it said. She realized this was because there were still tears in her eyes, clouding her vision. She was shocked when she saw it was only six in the morning. This was not the only time the alarm clock had shocked her though. When the tears had stopped the rare time, or slowed down enough in the night for her vision to be even the least bit clear, she slowly moved over to see the time. She couldn't believe that it was moving so slowly, when the pain made it seem like much more had gone by. She wondered what had woke her up. Well, not woken her up, exactly, seeing how she had never gone to sleep. But what had distracted her and her pain enough for her to actually think straight for at least a moment. This was when she heard her phone ringing from the bedside table on the other side of her bed; on Julian's side. She couldn't believe she hadn't changed it to vibrate. Well, yeah, she kind of could. She was a little distracted last night to remember to do that. As she stared at her phone, stared past the empty sheets beside her that, just last week, had someone lying in them, and began to wonder who called. She could've easily just reached over and grabbed the phone; that's what any normal person would do. But Brooke just seemed scared. She had no idea why, it was just sheets. But it was like when someone dies, and you just can't bear to go into their room, especially the day after it happens. She knew no one had died. Not literally anyway. But in truth, it was like someone had died. A part of Brooke died as Julian walked out the door. Or maybe he just took that part with him. Either one, she wanted it back. She didn't seem whole without that part of herself, she didn't seem happy. And she didn't think she ever could again.

She sighed as she stretched, knowing that she would have to get up sooner or later, so she might as well now. She walked into the bathroom and was shocked, but not so much, at her appearance in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, her cheeks were all red, and her eyes were red and puffy. She couldn't remember a time when she had looked so sad.

After she had fixed herself up as much as she could, and had gotten dressed for the day; she was planning to put up the numbness again and just pretend it was any other normal day, she walked around the bed, and reached for her phone. She had two missed calls. Peyton had called again, and Sam had too. Hmm, that was weird. Shouldn't Sam be in the house, still sleeping?

Brooke walked out of her room, shutting the door behind her, she wanted to stay out of that room for a little while, and walked across the hall to Sam's room. She knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again. No answer. Once more, twice, no answer. Brooke really hoped Sam hadn't gone back to her old ways and had snuck out. She opened the door, and Sam's bed was already made, but the window was shut, which wasn't the case if she had snuck out. Brooke knew Sam had come in last night though, so did that mean she was up already? She walked into the kitchen, needing something to eat, though she didn't feel hungry at all.

She looked around, in the kitchen, and then took a peak in the living room, but Sam wasn't in either. She was both annoyed and relieved. Annoyed because she had no idea where Sam was, and this wasn't like Sam, but relieved because she didn't have to start putting up her false, happy pretence yet.

She decided to just make herself a coffee, to wake herself up. As she dragged her feet along the floor of her house, she suddenly noticed a bright, neon paper stuck to the fridge; one of Sam's papers. She picked up her feet and grabbed the note off the fridge. It was from Sam, of course. It read:

Hey Brooke, if you're reading this, that means you woke up before I got back. Don't worry, I didn't run away or anything. I just went to the café to get something to eat and meet with someone I need to see. If you're not there when I get back, I love you ,I hope you're okay and I'll see you later. Just remember, everything happens for a reason.


Brooke smiled as she read the note. Sam had come in the night before and Brooke had told her what happened, in so many words. She had also apologized for blaming her for stealing, which Julian had actually been the problem solver in that situation. He was so good with Sam, and she trusted him. She had actually told Julian about the mishap before Brooke. In fact, she didn't even tell Brooke, Julian did. It was nice to see how close they had gotten, but it also tightened her stomach to see that she was a big part of the reason why Sam was going to lose someone else she had gotten so close to. Someone she loved. Brooke sighed. Even Sam can love him.

She read the note again, trying to get her mind off of that situation, and was happy to see that she was spending time with her friends. Brooke could only guess that she was spending time with Jack, after their long-needed reunion last night, but little did Brooke know that Sam was really having a meeting with someone else, someone that Brooke couldn't get off her mind …

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