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The carrion of dry blood and rotting flesh was overpowering, the only sounds were the frantic scurries of the rats and the constant dripping of the foul water.

The filthy teenage girl laid on the cold, grimy ground on the putrid cell, her tangled hair splayed out messily around her. Her chest rose and fell slightly at each rasping breath she took, her white yukata was shredded and hung limply from her starved figure.

Suddenly the girl's eyelids flashed open, revealing clear onyx grey eyes, they travelled around as she pushed herself up shaky arms. The chains from both her wrists, ankles and neck clinked hauntingly as she moved her numb leg out from underneath her and moved it around to rid the numbness. Her lips parted as she licked her lips to wipe off the dry blood that crusted on her lips.

'I'm the only one left…'

'There use to be 10 of us, but I guess I'm the last one...' Rayne remembered them dragged out one by one, screaming, kicking and scratching at the rough hands that dragged them to their deaths.

A dull throb made itself known in her arm, she winced as tentatively rolled the sleeve of her ripped yukata up and stared at the ugly red and swolled cut that ran along the back of her arm from her elbow to her wrist

"Tch." Her eyes narrowed as she heard footsteps approaching her cell, she flexed her fingers as she readied herself to pounce.

'They're coming…' Rayne slumped against the wall and closed her eyes, feigning sleep as a faint light appeared from under the door.

The door slammed open and light poured in, flooding the room in a wave of gold. Several people stepped in and walked towards her, others stayed at the door, their hands placed on the dull hilt of their pathetic swords.

'How ironic…isn't light supposed the symbol of hope? But to me… it is the symbol of despair.' Rayne thought bitterly as a foot nudged her cautiously in the leg, her head lolled to one side as she pretended to groan in pain.

"Get her out!" A rough voice commanded, Rayne's face remained blank as several hands fumbled around her chains.

There were several echoing clunks as the heavy chains dropped to the floor, the supressing feeling that shoved down on her lightened slightly as the reiatsu sealing chains fell away. But most of her spirit energy is still repressed by the metal bands that but harshly into her wrists, ankles and neck, making the skin raw and swollen.

'I will survive...I will survive to get out of here...'

Rayne felt someone haul her up by her arm and throw her over their shoulder. She nearly let out a hiss of agony as pain shot up her arm from the deep and long cut that had yet to heal from last times so called 'training sessions'.

Rayne cracked open her eyes a fraction and peered around while remaining convincingly limp and to the five guards that surrounded her, unconscious. She was jostled around uncomfortably on the person's hard shoulder, each step he took shot searing pain throughout her entire body, like a burning fire.

'It's now or never.' Rayne closed her eyes and thought to herself, her heart rate started to speed up, pumping adrenaline through her veins and speeding up the blood that ran slowly through them.

'I will become stronger...'

She swiftly lifted a hand and shoved her pointed hand into his back within a blink of an eye, killing him in an instant. Rayne flipped off from his shoulder, shoved his falling body aside and then lunged at the guard that was about to yell to warn the others.

'From now on...I shall no longer hope...'

Rayne's hand was pointed into the shape of an arrow, her emotionless eyes were hollow as she plunged through her hand through his beating heart, it was then when a panicked shout finally erupted from another guard.

'From now on...I shall no longer cry...'

Blood sprayed onto her sickly pale face as she drew her bloodied arm out and spun around, aiming a kick at the guard that charged at her with his katana raised high above his head. Her powerful kick sent the man through the wall beside her, her grimy hair whipped around her as she turned to face the two remaining guards.

'From now on...I shall trust only myself...'

Her eyes were pitch black and soulless, the guards backed away in fear as Rayne advanced purposefully. Suddenly she disappeared from their sight, the last thing the guards saw was the girl's pitch black eyes that were filled with crazed bloodlust.

'From now on...I shall wear a mask...'

Rayne looked back at the headless bodies, the expressions on their faces were shock mixed with fear. Her hands stained in their warm blood as she glanced around at the dimly lit corridors.

'From now on...I am alone...'

Her eyes roved over the dead bodies before she set off in a random direction, leaving behind blood splattered walls and motionless bodies.

'In order to endure cruelty...you must become cruel yourself...'

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