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"What do you mean by how?!" The teacher demanded irritably, tapping his feet against the wooden floorboards in pure frustration as he glared at the new student in front of him with his beady.

Two entire weeks has passed.

Two weeks of tedious, monotonous lessons.

"I meant what I just said." The woman in front of him stated with an apathetic expression plastered across her face.

"How?" Rayne purposefully exaggerated the 'how' by dragging it out as if trying to teach a child how to speak it.

A vein popped up in his forehead as his glare intensified, he folded his arms in front of his chest as a few other students glanced back curiously at a fuming teacher and the new girl who seemed to be without a care in the world and whispered quietly to each other.

Rayne stared up at him expectantly, she too folding her arms in front of her chest in what seemed like imitation of his movement.

"You don't know how to use kido?" A burly eyebrow rose.

"Right on the first guess! Well done, sensei!" Rayne congratulated him in a bored tone as she clapped mockingly.

"Do you want a cookie?" An delicate eyebrow arched in amusement as he turned red in the face either from anger or something else she did not know.

"Maybe you shouldn't try to anger him so much…" A voice suggested as the teacher took deep calming breaths.

'He was the one who yelled at me with no apparent reason in the first place.' Rayne retorted childishly.

"How can you not know how to use kido?"

She rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Well obviously sensei." Her voice was polite but mock carried under her tone as she said the word 'sensei'.

"I," Rayne jabbed a thumb at herself, "had just started classes, so it should be very apparent to anyone that I would not know how t use kido." She stuck her chin up.

"Or is it just that sensei isn't able to comprehend it?" Pearl grey eyes burned with furious determination.

Determination to Crush. Him. Down.

The teacher inhaled deeply.

"That's nothing to be proud of! You've already entered late, it was because of a special request from Soutaichou himself that we let you enter at this stage!" Rayne leant backwards from her bellowing teacher, attempting to avoid the spit that flew out of his mouth.

"Oi! Are you listening to me?!" He yelled as he watched her scratch the inside of her ear with her pinkie.

"Huh?" The woman looked up from flicking her pinkie, an expression of pure boredom plastered onto her face.

"Oh, yeah. I'm listening." She waved a slender hand in his face, gesturing for him to continue.

A single butterfly fluttered around his nearly bald head, Rayne's stormy grey eyes followed it with a glint of interest before it flapped away onto its pale yellow wings. A massive vein popped up in his temple as she resumed her investigation on her nails.

"You are NOT listening at all!" Rayne sighed and looked up at him.

"I'm listening so hurry up and explain." The teacher sighed as well and started to explain.

"To use kido, you must first be able to focus your reiatsu." Rayne nodded to show that she was indeed listening as she stifled a yawn.

"Then you must say the incantation and then the name of the spell. You understand?" The teacher asked, watching her nod slowly.

'Heh...focus my reiatsu…' The corner of her lips twitched in memory. 'That won't be too hard…'

Rayne hitched a thoughtful look onto her face to convince her teacher that she understood.

"Okay, I understand now." Rayne finally said cheerfully, making her teacher quirk an eyebrow at her.

'I guess all I have to do is focus my reiatsu and say the spell…sounds simple enough…' In her mind a voice yawned.

She smirked, imaging a pale, handsome man sitting on the peak of the ruins of an ancient castle yawning and wiping away a tear with a gloved hand that formed as he yawned again.

"Fine, go and have a try."

"Hai!" Rayne saluted with a dazzling smile before spinning around on her heel and walking towards the front.

'Are you that bored? Arashiei.' Rayne asked.

'Hmm…?' Arashiei yawned yet again, smothering it again as the chains wrapped around his hands clinked together.

'Indeed I am.' The teacher behind her frowned at her in distaste.

'Dirty scum from Rukongai…I don't understand why Soutaichou himself requested that she entered…' Suddenly a light bulb lit up in his head, an evil smile found its way onto his pudgy face as his eyes glinted.

"Everyone!" He clapped his hands, Rayne paused and glanced back at him, noticing his smirk.

"Rayne san has offered to demonstrate her excellent skills on kido for us." He grinned with satisfaction.

For she was sure to fail and humiliate herself.

'Arashiei…did you hear what he just said?' A dark chuckle echoed in her mind in reply.

'Yes I have…This should be interesting…' Another laugh, his deep gentle voice weaving with the metallic clinking of chains, creating a harmony.

A smirk tugged her lips up as the students glanced at each other in confusion, they had heard their teacher's and her conversation just then.

"Good luck, Rayne san." Some of the other students wished her luck as they walked past her and sat down behind her.

"I'll try my best." Rayne smiled, her inner self laughed manically with a fire raging surrounding her.

'I'll make sure to add extra power into it.' Her lips tugged up into a wide grin.

'Umm…' Arashiei sweat dropped as he heard her thoughts.

'Make sure you don't release too much reiatsu, it would be troublesome if they found out...'

'Yeah, yeah. I know.' Arashiei sighed in relief as she stepped up and lifted a hand.


The distant familiar voice instructed, Rayne's eyes fluttered close slowly, her breaths deep and even.

"A circle, as dark as possible. I personally imagine the colour of the sky on a moonless night…"A light gentle laugh from the person instructing her.

Rayne drew a circle in her mind as he told her, drawing in a breath as she felt her reiatsu swell slightly like the tide of the sea.

"Then imagine yourself throwing your whole body towards its centre." Rayne breathed out, concentrating on controlling the amount of spiritual energy travelling to her hand, pale blue energy hovered steadily in front of her right palm.

'I guess I could add a bit more power…' Lips tugged up, eyes flashed open as her lips parted.

"Hadou no sanjyusan. Soukatsui." Voice laced with laziness, ink black hair whipping back as the electric blue expanse of energy shot towards the targets like blue fire.

A deafening bang echoed around the training grounds, dust and debris exploded and in a wave engulfed them in dust. Rayne closed her eyes and lowered her hand as the dust swept over her like a mini tsunami. Violent coughing exploded behind as the dust finally cleared, revealing where the target had been a mere second ago.

The teacher's mouth fell open in shock at the sight before him. The target was had been wiped out of existence, the other targets beside the one Rayne aimed at were scorched and snapped. His bulging eyes travelled to the crumbling wall behind the target, pieces of the wall fell onto the ground.

The corner of Rayne's lips tugged up in satisfaction as she appraised and admired her handiwork.

'Now then…' She spun around, her fake façade immediately pulled on like switching one mask for another.

"I'm so sorry! Sensei!" Rayne exclaimed in horror, a slender hand covering her mouth as if in alarm.

"I didn't mean to break the wall as well." Her act was believable, only glinting grey eyes that sparkled with mischief and laughter gave her away.

She swallowed the laughter that threatened to bubbled up her throat and burst from her lips at the gaping mouth and saucer like eyes of her hated teacher. Rayne brushed a hand through her messy mane of black hair, brushing the silky strands back into place. Pale pink lips tugged up into a haughty smirk.

'How was that, you fat pig!' Rayne's inner cheered, punching the air with a clenched fist making her partner sweat drop yet again as she continued to whoop in victory.

"S-Sugoi! Rayne san!" Her eyes widened in surprise at the sudden shout.

'Huh?' She was suddenly was swamped with a swarm of people.

"That was sooooo cool!" A sweat drop appeared on the back of her head.

"How did you do that?!" She was being pushed and shoved at all sides.

"Hey! Rayne san, can you teach me kido?!" A deep voice scoff echoed in her mind, making her narrow her eyes.

'Arashiei!' Rayne growled in frustration.

'Isn't this great?' Arashiei shrugged his shoulders and brushed a hand through his messy silver hair.

'You're popular.'

He flicked the ends of the silver strands while making a pose and flashing arrogant smirk, blood crimson eyes half closed seductively as he flexed his wings powerfully. It was as he was a superstar poising for the cameras and the media while screaming fans fainted as he glanced nonchalantly over them.

'What are you doing?!' Rayne's brows furrowed as she fought off the crowd, she could see his superstar act in her mind.

'Imagining what I would do if I was popular…maybe you should try it…' Arashiei offered thoughtfully.

A muscle in her cheek twitched in irritation as her zanpakutou gave a wink and arrogant smirk before laughed annoyingly at her misfortune.

'Shut up and do something!' But on the outside, she was smiling uncertainly and trying to not get suffocated by the people around her.

'What can I do for you?' Arashiei questioned with a seductive smirk, acting as as she was a fan.

'You-!' Rayne was cut off as Arashiei deliberately hit one of the towering crystals with the chains that snaked around and dangled from his figure, drowning out her voice by the great ringing that was now spreading from crystal to crystal.

'Hey!' Her eyebrow twitched. 'That bastard…'

The shrill bell that signalled the end of the lesson rang, to other it may seem like a normal bell but to Rayne it was like a magnificent golden bell ringing from heaven.

'Yes! End of lesson!' Rayne smiled as she shouldered her way through the swarming mass around her.

"Sorry! Excuse me! End of lesson! Coming through! " She yelled before finally emerging from the people that threatened to smother her.

Skipping to the door like a child, tussled black hair swinging out behind her in like streaks of black ink drawn by the tips of a paintbrush.

Abruptly, she twirled around.

A pink tongue stuck out and a single finger reached up to pull down the bottom of her eye.

She pulled a face at her teacher.

Rayne waved cheerily, spun through the door and vanished from view, leaving a dumbstruck teacher and a stampede of students.


Light laughter echoed throughout the corridor, Rayne clutched at her stomach as she recalled the stupefied expression plastered onto her teacher's pudgy face. Rayne listened into her inner world, the resounding sound had already faded and Arashei was smart enough to avoid conversation with her. She rounded a corner, still snickering softly to herself.


Rayne stumbled backwards, clutching her nose.

"What the…" She squatted down in a rather unladylike way.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…" She lifted her hand away, prodding at her nose tenderly, sighing in relief when she discovered nothing out of place.

"I don't remember a wall bring here…" Her words trailed off as her eyes lifted slightly, landing on a pair of feet clad in white socks and sandals.

"Ah!" Rayne realised her mistake and sprang to her feet immediately and bowed in apology.

"I'm sorry! I wasn't really looking where I was going just then!" She scratched the back of her head before raising her eyes another fraction, gulping when she observed a white haori.

"Nah, it's alright. Relax, it's nothin' serious." Rayne froze as the familiar voice rang in her mind.

'This voice…don't tell me it's him…' She glanced up and confirmed her suspicions, her eyes slid to one side, avoiding his eyes nervously.

'It is…' Rayne inner self cried a waterfall of tears, making Arashiei sigh and clap a hand over his face in exasperation.


She sailed backwards, slamming into something along her voyage through the air.

Rayne's senses faintly picked up a cry of surprise as she slammed into the ground, her lips tugged down into a frown, there seemed to be something soft beneath her that had cushioned her fall. She pushed herself on trembling arms, head pounding agonisingly as she opened her eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat.

A man was beneath her, his previously neat blonde hair was splayed out around his head like shimmering rays of sunlight, but it was littered with leaves and twigs. Her lips were only a mere centimetre away from his, strands of her onyx black hair brushing against his handsome face...


Her cheek twitched.


Rayne shook her head furiously.

She did not just think that.

Rayne nodded in her mind in conviction.

She did not just think that.

"I'm hallucinating…" She finally announced out loud, ignoring the stare she was receiving from him.

"Yes, that must be it…" Rayne mumbled incoherently to herself, before gazing down at him in confusion.

"Okay, it's not disappearing…"

A deep breath.

"Okay then, my fever seems to be worse than I thought…" Rayne concluded, not once acknowledging his existence as she stumbled away.

End flashback


He had not been concentrating on where he was going.

He was wandering through the seemingly identical hallways, past the whispering student who stared after him in awe. It was then when he had felt a sudden burst of spiritual energy.

Well, to be clear.

The reiatsu was a rather…


It belonged to the girl that he had took into Seireitei two weeks ago.

After a while of tracking, he had sensed the flickers of her reiatsu amongst many others.

But he didn't expect her to have been so near.

Even though he had seen her a second before she crashed into him.

He had not been able to react in time as a nervous lurch in his stomach made itself known at the sudden sight of her.

Her expression had been completely…different.

Compared to now.

Now, back to the present, Shinji sweat dropped as he watched a dark cloud shadowing her head.

'Did something happen to her?' His head tilted in confusion.

'I can't believe I said all that out aloud…' Rayne recalled the incient and shrivelled up like a bean in a dark corner of her mind.

Arashiei sweat dropped as he watched Rayne draw depressing circles with her finger on the ground, sighing continuously as she did.

The side of her mouth twitched as she snuck a glance at him from the corner of her eyes before looking away immediately.

Shinji was frowning slightly at her, confusion written clearly across his face at her peculiar actions of avoiding his gaze with what seemed like furious determination.

"The old man told me to come and get ya, got something to tell ya he said." Shinji stated as he turned around, making his haori flutter out behind him.

"H-Hai!" Rayne stumbled after him.

They walked out of the Shingami Academy with the 5th Division's captain strolling ahead and Rayne following closely behind.

'I heard quite a ruckus just then…' Brown eyes slid back towards the woman that trailed after him.

Rayne could hear the whispers that followed after them as they exited and headed towards the white buildings of Seireitei.

'Is he angry at me…?' Rayne glanced nervously at the big five printed across the back of his haori as they continued to walk in silence for some time.

They stepped through the open doors of the barracks of the 1st Division, their footsteps echoing lightly on the polished wooden floorboards.

'Hmmm…?' Shinji's brown eyes trailed backwards towards Rayne whose hands were fidgeting.

'Is she scared of me?' He frowned to himself as he watched her storm coloured eyes flicker around, landing on everything.

Except him.

'No…I don't think so…' He shook his head internally.

'No sense of fear in her reiatsu…maybe she's nervous…?' He rubbed a thumb over his chin thoughtfully, earning himself a glance from her.

"Oh, that's right!" Shinji suddenly exclaimed while hitting a fist into his other palm.

Rayne jolted out of her mulling and looked at him, Shinji looked back and grinned goofily at her as he continued walking. Pearl grey eyes widened slightly in astonishment at his carefree attitude.

"I haven't introduced myself yet." He laughed and scratched the back of his head with a hand. "I'm Hirako Shinji. Captain of the 5th Squad."

Rayne gaped at his cheerfulness before snapping her mouth open and stammering out a reply. Her eyes glued to the wooden floorboards they were walking along.

"P-Please to meet you, Captain Hirako. My name is Rayne."

"Oh? So your name is Rayne." Shinji rubbed his chin thoughtfully and continued to lead her towards their destination.

She raised her eyes studied him with curiously, a genuine look of thoughtfulness found its way up onto her face.

'What…? He's…way different to how I thought he would be like…He seems...' The corner of her lips tugged up into a smile…

She halted in her tracks.

Grey eyes widening in surprise.


'…Am I smiling…like this…?'

A hand touched the side of her mouth that had upturned unceremoniously before covering a side of her face.

The sudden lurch in her chest nearly made her gasp.

It had stirred.

In the darkest depths and shadows of her soul.


Eyes darkened the slightest shade of grey, the sky that was brewing a storm.

"What's the matter? Rayne chan?" Shinji stopped and looked back questioningly at the woman who had frozen suddenly in her spot a distance away.

'Rayne chan?' His words carried over to her, going into one ear, through her brain and back out the other ear.

In an instant, her hand was lowered from her face and a well practised smile on her lips.

"Nothing….It's nothing, Hirako taichou." Rayne replied rather cheerfully, nothing gave her discomfort away except for…

Twitch. Twitch.

Twitch. Twitch. Twitch.

"Ehm…" A cough was heard in her mind.

"Hmmm?" Shinji's eyebrow rose as he noticed the jumping muscle at the corner of her upturned lips.

"Ya know that's not really convincing." He suddenly grinned, flashing his teeth as he walked back towards her.

"What is it?" Shinji looked down at her, grinning warmly.

'A reason! I need a reason!' Rayne chucked her reasons like paper sheets around her mind in panic, trying to search for a reasonable one.

'I can't just tell him I found it strange to be smiling for no reason!'

'Well, isn't this a good chance to apologise?' A sudden voice cut through her thoughts, making her pause as everything came to a halt around her.

Rayne sighed in her mind, she had completely forgotten about it as she had floundered around like a fish out of water, trying to think of an answer without thinking.

'Yes it is.' Rayne admitted, her partner's smirk faded as he turning serious.

'You felt that just then right.' Arashiei spoke as he stared at the sky that was a mixture of the colours of both dusk and dawn.

'Yeah…' Her voice too was serious.

'There's still enough time...' Arashiei paused before adding.

'Remember that I'm always here.' Arashiei reminded her.

'Yeah… Thanks…I'll remember…' Arashiei closed his eyes, lips curling up in a smirk as a cool wind breezed across from the ocean that seemed to stretch on endlessly.

"Actually…" Rayne bowed yet again.

"I wanted to apologise for what I said that time." Shinji rolled his eyes as he heard her words.

"I didn't mean to be rude-" Her voice was cut off by a somewhat exasperated voice.

"It's alright." Shinji shrugged and smiled comfortingly as the great door with a one printed onto it creaked open slowly.

"Don't worry about it." Rayne looked up, chocolate brown eyes met ash grey eyes.

The door that led into where the meeting was being held inched open slowly, ever so slowly.

"A cute young lady such as yourself should not apologise so much, it makes you..." The last of his words were never heard as a single sandaled foot flew from the opened door and embedded itself into his face.

"Dickhead Shinji!" Rayne stared in astound as a young girl with blonde pigtails back flipped in the air and landed lightly like an agile cat on her feet beside Rayne.

Several pairs of eyes followed the track of Shinji, from him flying through the air, crashing into the ground and then skidding to an ungraceful halt on the wooden floorboards in an unmoving heap.

"Umm…Captain Hirako…?" Rayne sweat dropped, not quite sure of what to do.

"If you had so much time flirting with this girl!! You could've moved fat your ass faster! Do you know how long I've been waiting?! Dickhead!" The girl yelled, a fang jutted out.

'Scary…' Rayne stared wide eyed at the girl, her eyes landing on the lieutenant badge tied around her arm.

"Hiyori!" The blonde captain suddenly sprang to life and lunged at Hiyori.

Rayne edged away from Hiyori in time to avoid the two that fell to the ground, wrestling each other ungracefully.

"I was just about to say something cool to Rayne chan and you had to ruin it!!" Shinji shoved a hand into her face.

"As if a dickhead like you can ever be cool! Dickhead!!"

"What was that?!" The scuffle continued.

Rayne laughed nervously at the scene that unfolded in front of her, not quite sure of what to do in the situation presented to her.

"Enough you two!" A voice thundered, causing both of them to pause.

Rayne coughed, swallowing the laughter that threatened to burst out at the rather...should she say.

Amusing sight.

Hiyori had a fistful of Shinji's long blonde hair and his hand was slapped against her face in an attempt to shove her off.

"Soutaichou just said enough." A rough voice spoke, Rayne looked up seeing a captain with an afro.

A large hand reached out and grabbed the back collar of Hiyori's uniform, dragging her up and off Shinji who leapt up quickly and made a face at her. Tugging his mouth and eyes down with his fingers, his tongue hanging out as he made odd gagging noises.

Rayne covered her mouth as a laugh escaped her lips, she looked away, body shaking slightly as she struggled to suppress the laughter.

"That dickhead!!!" Hiyori yelled, struggling as Love dragged her into the room.

"Look! He's making that face again!!" She pointed at Shinji who continued to stick his tongue out at her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Love shoved the young girl back in line.

"Argh! His face pisses me off so much!!"

"That is enough!" Captain Yamamoto ordered, finality in his voice.

Shinji shrugged and stepped into the room, followed by Rayne whose eyes quickly analysed her surroundings.

"Now that everyone is here, I will start." His eyes opened, falling onto Rayne who stood in the centre of the room, in front of the Soutaichou and in between the line of captains.

Yet her posture was calm, her gaze met his unwavering before lowering politely.

"Rayne." He spoke.


"I have been informed by a teacher that you are causing some trouble at the academy." It was a statement.

At his words, her cheek twitched and her eyes narrowed.

'That fat pig…'

"But I have also heard that your skills greatly exceed other students and that you have demonstrated exceptional skill in most classes." At this Rayne looked up.

'What? But I held…back…' Her thoughts faded as she recalled the time when she knocked the most experienced student off his feet in a matter of a few second in kendo training.

"You didn't hold back that much." Arashiei commented rather helpfully.


Rayne's cheek twitched in annoyance as he continued to list the things she had done.

"Shut up."

The room was silent.

Yamamoto's eyebrows rose.


Rayne looked around.

The other captains stared at her oddly.

Her mouth dropped open.

Did she just say that out aloud?!

"I'm sorry!" Rayne near yelled, bowing yet again.

"I wasn't directing it to you sir." Rayne stumbled over her words.

"I was just talking to my zanpaktou, he was just telling me…" Her eyes slid to the katana at her side, the silver guard in the shape of a six cornered star glinted.

"Something…" Rayne ended lamely, fingers curling over the sheath, tightening as if trying to break it.

"Your zanpakutou?" Yamamoto questioned, eyes sliding towards her zanpakutou that was sheathed in a snow white sheath.

"Hai…" Rayne glared down at the blade.

'This is your fault…' She hissed in her mind.

"You said it out loud yourself…" Arashiei pointed out with a lazy flick of a slender finger.

"Oh?" The captain of the first division's voice was interested.

His eyes scanned the room, halting on a certain blonde and jazzy captain.

Shinji avoided his gaze purposefully, knowing something was coming up.

"Well, after hearing from the Academy. I have decided to transfer you into the 5th Squad."

"What?!" Both voices sounded.

Rayne and Shinji looked at each other.

Shinji opened his mouth.

"Before you start your childish complaints, Hirako. I am putting her into your division because you have the most time and therefore you can train her." The captain of the 1st Division explained.

Shinji snapped his mouth shut, it wasn't that he was about to complain to get a cute girl into his division. He was just shocked, after only two weeks, she was entering Seireitei as a shinigami.

'Train me?!' Rayne's mouth hung open as Yamamoto Soutaichou's words rang around her head.

"But sir! For me to join a division after only two weeks at the Academy, isn't that just-. " Rayne was cut off by his gaze.

"That is my final decision. Are there any objections?" His firm gaze swept across the room.

No one spoke.

"Then it's decided."

He thumped his cane against the floor.

A signal of finality to others.

To Rayne.

A signal of impending doom.

How was it?!

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